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“We are favourites for a reason. Not many get past the usual back 3 wall. Pretty confident.”

“It’s all about perspective.
Sheffield United will have wanted us to win against Hull today so they didn’t have to play us in the semifinals.
We know we can beat them.
They think they can beat us.
It’ll be a juicy fixture.”

“There is nothing to fear here. We have an outstanding chance over 180 minutes to blunt the Blades and to slay our play-off demons in the process. I don’t believe they’re coming in with significantly greater momentum than us. Our 10-15 game form is more than solid.”

“We’ll smash em both legs.”

“it’s going to be a sad week for Sheffield a double wammy”

“I’m glad we’ve got these, Luton would have been a much more thorny opponent.”

“Really looking forward to this, the players rested and absolutely ready for action. Blunts will be the same, great test for both sides. For me the second leg at home could be vital given the excellent form Forest have at home. Taking the game to the blunts in the first half at rammal lane would make all the difference, and I fully expect it.”

“Draw at Bumhole Lane and a small win at the CG.
It won’t be pretty that’s for sure but we can win this over two legs.”

“We have to be confident now we know our best eleven (minus potentially Davis) will be playing. Very few teams have been able to break them down.
There’s every reason to be confident we’ll make the final at least. “

“Be a lot more pleasant day out at Wembley v Huddersfield or Luton anyway having comprehensively put the blades to the sword!!.”

“Having had a worse striker injury crisis than us it’s taken t’Blades a while to readjust They have finished the season well but their wins against QPR and Fulham, whilst convincing, where not as impressive as ours against the same opposition with what was at stake at the time of the respective fixtures.
This will be a battle. It will be tense. It will be tough. Bramall Lane will be noisy. I still carry those scars from the last ill fated playoff visit there but that was then and this is now. Now is not the time to embrace our inner Hughton and look for every reason NOT to believe. To convince ourselves that we’ll do “a Forest” because we had a tough 45 mins at Bournemouth and let in an injury time fluke at Hull. Now is the time to embrace everything our fantastic manager has installed in our club. To believe. To be positive. To all give absolutely everything for these final three (it will be three) games. To make it happen.
Even if we are slightly behind after the first leg I’d still be confident we could turn it around at home. If you thought the noise level against Liverpool were something… “

“Reckon home advantage for the second leg is a bonus. The first leg normally nit as pressured as the 2nd. I’d take a draw away all day, and then get a atmosphere going for at the city ground. They have some decent players if they can get them up for it which should not be hard bieng a play off match, plus Billy Sharp always a pain in our arse”

“I would back Forest over two legs against any team in the Championship — and I include Fulham and Bournemouth in that.
A big part of the reason for this confidence is that we have a reasonable sense of what’s the worst that is likely to happen in the away leg.
There are two ways for things to go to shit. One is that you just have one of those games where everything, from lousy refereeing decisions to the run of the ball, goes against you. The other is that you yourself play badly.
Both of those have happened in away games in recent weeks — against Luton and then in the second half against Bournemouth.
And in both of those games, we still only conceded one goal.
So it’s not unreasonable to think that even if we had a bad day on Saturday, we take a 1-0 deficit to the City Ground. I would give us a great chance of overturning that.
As it happens, I think we’ll do better than that. 1-1 would do us just fine and I think it’s what we’ll get.”

“Proper battle this one. Reckon we’ll draw 1-1 again, which I’d be relatively happy with.”

“Would snap your arm off for a draw right now.”

“A draw wouldn’t be a bad result but I’d love for us to scrape a win.
Both games with Sheffield United this season ended 1-1 with Forest going behind on each occasion and finding late goals.
That’s a good sign because it looks like they do concede quite a few goals in the last 15 minutes.”

“This for me was the worst possible outcome. The blades, again. I can still see myself head in hands when Daws got sent off.Then Des,s own goal. I hope they are made of sturdier stuff than me cus I am already resigned to misery.”

“So isn’t it time to bury the hatchet on that one? A fair amount of our players weren’t even in school when that happened so it was a while back now.
In fact, one of the players who was in the team that day, his son plays for us now.
Our team is much better now, they don’t have Colin who was a very good manager at the play offs…
We haven’t lost to them all season, indeed if you’d aggregated the league fixtures, the only one we have a losing record to is Luton (3-1 vs 0-1 with Scruddies so we’d actually win that)…
Also, Scruddies (who we weren’t gonna play in the semis) and Luton is a style we struggle against, if we play those it will be at Wembley, so no Kenilworth Road shitgrounding, and Sheff Utd will let us play more, which probably suits us better.
I don’t get why people are scared. We have IMO the best match up to get to the final, and as I said in the other thread earlier, the two anti-football sides will eliminate each other, so if we do make it, we only have to beat one of them to go up.”

“Whatever has happened in the previous 46 games will have no bearing on the playoffs. I don’t buy the everyone will be scared of playing us. This team is good enough to win the playoffs. Do they believe they can? I am sure they do. Whichever team holds their nerve and gets the odd bit of luck in the these extreme pressure matches will come out on top.”

“What are the chances that Sheff U get a dodgy offside call which goes in their favour and later it’s shown to be a wrong decision?
Give us VAR, I’m tired of all these duff decisions because you know that the ref is going to be a regular Prem official who relies on VAR to get it right.”

“given the Premier League stands to save £30m or so if SUFC go through, i wouldn’t put it past them to tell the ref to favour the Blades…”

“If we beat these over two legs then we will beat Luton or Hudz at Wembley no
problem-hoping for Luton at they won’t sell as many tickets.”

“Good to see Sheffield United have priced tickets for over 60’s old farts like me at £15.
We’ve got over 3,000 tickets as well.”

“Suggestion is that they’ve given us the upper tier? Fair play on the pricing as well, £20 for adults. Surprised pricing isn’t reciprocal for these games.”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Nottingham Forest”
  1. See you are already preparing excuses for your visit to Bramall Lane. Past games and history are irrelevant .It’s down to the best team on the day.

  2. Not sure who this bloke is trying to convince? His fellow supporters or himself? Doesn’t seem genuinely confident to me!

    1. Full of confidence these aren’t they. Have not beat us this season 2 late goals to salvage a point home and away Bournemouth put them in their place and United will today.

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