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“Hold ya nerve ffs Forest, do not revert to old Forest.”

“Just do and play as you have been since october and promotion is ours.”

“I’d be amazed if Forest don’t score. I’d be surprised if we don’t get 2. Can’t see them getting more than 1 so I reckon well be fine.”

“Heckingbottom seems to think we’ll be edgy at the CG and the pressure will be on us to defend our lead. What a thick Yorkshire pudding. We play without fear. I can see us scoring 3 in the Trent End second half.”

“Based on what we’ve seen in this season’s games with the Blunts, the sensible money will be on a Forest win.
If we are more clinical with our finishing, I wouldn’t be surprised if we knock 3 or 4 past them on Tuesday night.”

“I like the way SC gave their consolation goal the relative importance it deserved. Whilst it keeps the tie more alive, he knows that if we concentrate on our our game, we should win by a decent margin.
Remember that from a bumhole utd standpoint, they wanted to give it their A game in the first leg to take an advantage to the WFCG. They’re out of ideas, and know that it almost impossible for us to not generate 4 or 5 really decent openings and chances.
They’re praying that we have another off day in front of goal and they pinch a goal to take the tie to ET.
They (the puddings) manage 1ppg away from from home in both their last 4 and 8 matches of the regular season. Scoring only 1 goal per game.
I think they’re only option is to try to bully us into a red card and turn it into an emotional match.
I hope we’ll stay well clear of their antics.”

“If we learn how to deal with their set pieces, I can’t see then even scoring.”

“United were all but broken until we made a pigs ear of that late corner. Our back three are stronger than their patched up front line. Their defenders were dead on their feet trying to cope with our forwards. We are the better side and we’ll show it again Tuesday. “

“On Saturday we made the Blades actually look like the Blunts.
Their aging and sluggish midfield needs replacing, apart from that there Berge – he looks decent.
The City Ground will be packed, and loud will be the fans.”

“If Forest play their normal game they should come through the tie but a one goal lead opens the door to a referring mistake, a player slipping etc…
We just need to be in it in Tuesday. Treat it like the tie is even.”

“Spoke at length to some Sheff U lads last night, they’re well up for the game at ours after that late goal now
We’ll still do them. Gonna be a nervy first 20-30 min though.”

“The only chance I can see they have is sitting deep, not conceding and nicking one late, or through an error, or set piece. If they come out attacking we have too much pace and mobility for them. We should be ok but the crowd should turn up prepared for a hard battle and make themselves heard, even if they do level the tie. Nervous moaning will not help the players at all.”

“For tht 20 mnute spell early in the second half, they showed that they could dominate us, and it was only the lack of a recognised proper striker, and the quality of our defending, that rendered their dominance for that period unproductive.
Gibbs-White, Najinski and Berge are all decent players, but all 3 are midfielders who can get forward.
That is different to say Sharp and McBurnie who both know where the goal is, and where they can do the most damage.
It s not going to be easy on tuesday… but hopefully we can hold them at bay, and strike quick and cleanly on the counter attack.”

“We created so many amazing opportunities to go into the 2nd leg maybe 4-5 goals ahead. Even if the Blades were to pull a couple of lucky goals out the hat Tuesday night, we’d have given ourselves such a clear lead and would have eased the pressure.
As it stands, we still have that advantage yet Sheffield United will throw it all at us. It’s going to be one hell of a juicy fixture and on home soil too.
I’m preparing myself for one hell of a party.”

“Going to be a difficult game, I wouldn’t expect as dominant a performance as yesterday. They will chuck everything they have at us from the get go. We have to be more clinical with any chances we do get this time, we really should be out of sight after yesterday’s performance and I hope it doesn’t come back to haunt us.”

“I’m still amazed that a number of Forest “fans” think that a 2-1 win away from home is a bad result just because we conceded in injury time. The mind boggles!”

“Because 2-1 doesn’t feel as good as 2-0 when you’re only half way through, especially when they scored late.
Imagine that it is like them scoring just before half time in a normal match.
Whatever they were going to say changes because of the late goal and it means the side losing goes into the break with a bit more confidence.
I don’t see it as a big deal because only Liverpool has come to the ground and won in 2022, and that was 1-0, they need 2-0 to win still, and we don’t concede too many. But as we’ve seen in the playoffs before things can change quickly and the previous form doesn’t matter too much. I think this is why some people are a bit nervous.”

“Nervous now after that late goal,going to try and stay positive and say 2-1 home win.”

” think that late goal has made a difference to some fans confidence, at that may rub off on the pitch.”

“It’s ok to be nervous, we’ve seen at first hand what complacency can do and we’ve seen and know these guys are no mugs and should be taken seriously.”

“The late goal means thing aren’t so desperate for Utd. They don’t need to come out all guns blazing but they can’t sit back either. Same for us. I see a war of attrition and not many goals until one side is forced to gamble more.”

“My worry is Billy Sharp is fit – he always seems to find a way to score!”

“I rate Heckingbottom – he’s done a great job with his squad, but I do think player for player we are in better shape, not to mention they don’t have any strikers! I rate Cooper more, though”.

“Is it me or are 90% of the Sheffield Star’s relevant sporting headlines have the formula “Sheffield United’s [INSERT NAME HERE] issues warning to Nottingham Forest”?
Between the two games I think their entire squad and management have issued us with some wort of “warning”.”

“The only warning they need to issue is a flash flood warning, caused by the tears of 2000 Blades fans after the final whistle sounds.”

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