“Bore fest thanks to Sheff U what’s the point”

“Sheffield did nothing in all honesty, a few decent crosses which came about from our mistakes, but most of rhe time as soon as they got the ball they just banged it long. Poor really. “

“Sheffield United were a disgrace for me.
No attempt to score at all.
Negative bollocks even when 1-0 down.
Can’t work out how they managed to get 0.”

“Sheffield united’s attitude this afternoon:
Championship again ole, ole.
Championship again ole, ole.
Championship again.
Championship again.
Championship again ole, ole.”

“The Blades had no cutting edge, stuck with prehistoric tactics even though they were losing.”

“Shef U seemed to settle for a 2-0 defeat.
constant long ball kicking as well from the goalie – just not going to work in modern premier league football with how skillful the defenders are. “

“Very good performance against a team that came to spoil rather than play. Total domination and a very comfortable win. Really didn’t have to break sweat.”

“I know sheff are shit but that was the first time weve really put the ball in the fridge. Passing and movement was so much better and it wasnt just for the sake of it, we still had intent. So much better the second half.”

“We toyed with them for much of the game but i thought Sheff Utd kept their shape pretty well. The few chances they had we soon nullified.
I was also pleased how Sheff Utd didn’t resort to spoiling tactics or resort to clumsy or nasty tackles so fair play to Chris Wilder for not trying to instill those tactics in order to stop us.”

“Very easy win.. Sheffield United didn’t really have the ability to try and go on the attack as we would have ripped them apart if they had opened up.
They worked hard but are very limited”

“hardly expecting sheff utd to come out and go toe to toe played to their strengths which is defending deep and hoping ..

“They were better than Palace in the first 70 mins and they should have scored just before half time.
They were well organised, but lacked quality.”

“TBF if they convert one of those chances in the first half, it’s likely a different game. Wilder set them up as well as they could IMO. If they tried to go toe-to-toe with us, they’d get wiped off the pitch.”

“Wilder has got them well organised and difficult to break down and it took two very good goals to get through their defence.”

“Credit to Sheffield United. They’re extremely well-drilled and made it hard work.”

“Decent performance against a well drilled, hard working defence. “

“I thought Archer looked good for them after coming on.”

“Not watched or heard it today, did the ref alllow them to clog with impunity whilst simultaneously carding any of our players who breathed on any of theirs?”

“For an away end that sold out that Sheffield United one has to be one of the worst I have ever seen at City”

“Behave, they got bopped around the park, can’t expect them to be bouncing around the away end”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Man City”
  1. 115 breaches of the rules and still won’t get punished then brag and slag a team that plays by the rules. Used to be such a great club and fans. On a level with man united now.

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