” think that’s my play-off hopes gone – mostly because of Tetteh’s 3 match ban. You could see from the few touches he had, how much he is needed up front.”

“So frustrating, we looked the better team when Tetteh and Tufan came on. But Tetteh really pissed it all away along with any momentum we had by getting sent off. At least we went toe to toe with arguably the best team in the division at home for large periods.”

“We lost but i thought we played well overall
I bet they think that was a hard fought win
There is no doubt in my mind they will finish top two
They concede less than a goal a game average
Weve been promoted from this division three times
We know what it needs
Sheff u are the embodimemt of it”

“If we play like that we win most games”

“We’ll play worse and get 3 points, given we were against THE form team and probably one of the best in the league, if not THE best, there’s no shame in that. “

“Enjoyed the game despite getting beat. Thought first half they used the width well and had very good movement which caused us problems. We could easily have gone in two/ three down although Connelly had a great chance. Second half we more than matched them on open play but didn’t cause them enough problems in the final third.”

“Never like to lose but there’s no shame in tonight’s performance. We’re just lacking that bit of directness in sight of goal. Rush of blood by Tetteh, real shame because he made a huge difference going forward. SU really are a bunch of nasty ****s. I know a bit of aggression is a good thing, we had Connolly providing that in spades first half and getting away with it, but SU take it to a new level. I’m happy for us to be not like that.”

“To me that showed we’re not a million miles away. A few players clearly not quite up to it, but the foundations are there. Give Rosenior the freedom to build a squad in his vision and I feel we’re well positioned for a serious challenge next season. “

“Against one of the two teams running away with this league, at their place, we gave them a real game. And but for Tetteh’s stupidity, I think we come away with a point, they were seriously rattled and you could feel a goal coming.”

“At some point in the first half the commentator said their 2 full backs were bought from Derby for a combined £11 million. Thats just the full backs..”

“Well I thought we were very good. There will come a time when we have a playmaker and the goals will flow. Theres no way they coasted through this game and if Tetteh had used his head (might as well have) then we might just have got something as we had them under the cosh… “

“Just a whole load of **** all wasn’t it really. Apparently we had two shots on target but I don’t recall them. Dull dull City “

“At least we can take the positive that a team that looked ****ing bang-average at home are 2nd in the league. If we sort things out and get some consistency with results and performances, that could be us next season. “

“I thought we played really well. Just still missing that bit of quality in the final 3rd (final ball and finish). A draw would have been a fair result.”

“Gave it a real go in the 2nd half, I thought we might get back into it until Tetteh did his stupid act, no complaint other than that. I thought Jones has a very good game, I like Connolly, Longman did well when he came on, can take heart from the performance though against a good side.. “

“Apart from the first 20 mins, when we were really dodgy at the back, I thought we played really well. They looked really rattled up to Tetteh getting sent off. Conceding so early and yet having them on the back foot showed a lot of resilience against one of the top two.”

“We did ok. We lost but we showed some grit, this was always an unlikely win….onto the next…no harm done…”

“What do Slater and Docherty bring to a game? “

.”Slater most overrated played I’ve seen for us ever”

“Slater….. we were robbed of 50 grand. He’s absolute Kak”

“If Slater starts ahead of Tufan next game then Slater must have pictures of Rosy in a brothel wearing a nappy or some other weird ****.”

“McBurnie played Benji like a fiddle and that’s exactly what we’re missing (Connolly got under their skins a bit so maybe we’ll see more of that). “

“First and foremost I thought it was a very good game to watch, and a real derby game with all that goes with them. After a sluggish start, when we were caught on the hop for the goal, I thought we slowly grew into the game and 2nd half was the better team.
Such a shame Tetteh rose to McBirnie’s obvious ploy to unsettle him. They saw Tetteh was causing problems, and I am sure McBirnie was told to go and ruffle his feathers. Probably not to get him sent off, just to upset the rhythm of the game, as we were building pressure on them. However, Tetteh did the stupid thing and was goaded into reacting. He’s a big loss now for 3 games, he needs to learn quickly from this. Overall nothing to complain about the performance, we gave a very good team a real game, and on another day may well have got a point, and on balance, what we probably deserved last night. “

“This rubbish about the ball boys is so strange, we got the ball back quickly when we had throw ins today, so no idea what you’re on about. Every time they took us out they got booked so I’m quite happy we didn’t have 8 players on yellow cards by following suit.For all they ‘added up’ Sheff U clung onto an early goal at home against a side sat 16th, so can’t have helped them too much. “

“Some really decent comments on Sheffield United boards…. I didnt realise we had 52/53% possession… they were saying at season end they should sign Seri who was the outstanding player on the park.. “

“Losing to teams that are pushing for automatic promotion aren’t going to define our season “

“Disappointing loss in a shed”

“Oh well, it’s only a game. “

By Roy

7 thoughts on “View From Hull”
  1. Haha , you didn’t look like scoring all night we was playing the ball around and through you for fun dem blades were toying with you for 60 minutes and on another day we put 3/4 past you in the first half , you come back into the game in the last 15 mins that’s what teams do that are holding a lead park the bus let you play with the ball but do nothing with it you wouldn’t of scored if you had 12 men on and was still playing now but I do think you set up well I’ll be honest but don’t think you bothered us at all you should do ok in the season but I honestly don’t think we needed to change gear UTB

  2. The ‘Not the Top 20’ lads were weeing their pants predicting Estupinan to score at the Lane. I’ve got news for them, we could still be playing now and the Colombian wouldn’t have scored. His overall game is terrible, all he did is bump into Wes, which he should have been booked for.

  3. I was glad to hear the sound of completely broken glass cannons for once. Peace Over And Outwards 😀 UTB from a Huddersfield Blade. Professional Pacifism is Something to Be X I’ve learned this from Bramall Black Blade, Long May He Reign 😉 Working Class Heroes, EveryOne! U N I T E D !

  4. I prefer our shed to Hull’s generic concrete bowl every time. BDTBL is a proper ground with history and atmosphere.

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