“What an outstanding performance from the lads today – certainly the better team.. sadly just giving away 2 soft goals.
That referee was diabolical, potentially, if not the worst I have seen in years. Some of the decisions made were ridiculous. He had no control of the game, certainly towards the end. It’s just incredibly disappointing because we deserved them 3 points, we fought long and hard for them. Yes a point at Sheffield going into the game you’d be happy with.. but I feel robbed.
Well done the Pool and what a game that was to watch. The support was incredible from the fans compared to the silence of Sheffield.”

“No wonder Sheff Utd were top, they probably kicked the shit out of any team that dared scored a goal against them.
When will the authorities understand that events like today wouldn’t happen if their refereeing was competent?
Really proud of our lads today. That wasn’t easy and they stood up to the challenge. Even going 2-0 down away to top of the league would’ve been the end of most teams but we showed we’re no pushovers.”

“What a great performance by our lads. 9 v 12 with the corrupt referee losing us 2 points. He should never referee again.”

“But for the ref would of been a quite amazing win, a point under the circumstances away at top of the league with 9 men is still a stupendous effort from the lads “

“Worst refereeing decisions I’ve seen in years of football.
Disgusted with the refereeing of this game”

“Im not one for calling a ref but this ref seriously needs investigating, where the fuck 8 mins has comes from is beggars belief”

“Im absolutely fuming with this prick. He has ruined the game. I need to watch this back to see how many decisions this idiot has got wrong thats led us to lose this game. 8 minutes is bollocks. The penalty award is just laughable”

“Im not one for calling a ref but this ref seriously needs investigating, where the fuck 8 mins has comes from is beggars belief”

“Disgraceful ref needs investigating.”

“This is like something from an African league 2 YouTube funnies video. I cannot believe or take in what I’ve watched.
It’s categorically the worst refereeing performance I’ve ever witnessed.”

“I am still seething, so proud of the boys today”

“They would’ve been winnable had the ref today not caused half our team to be suspended. Not to mention the injuries no doubt picked up because he was too soft to punish the Sheff players conduct in front of the home crowd.”

“For their 3rd goal, Maxwell was clearly shoved to the ground and into the goal by McBurnie their No.9. Which made it very difficult for him to recover for the soft shot coming in. A clear foul that the lino should have flagged.
And when the shot came in there were at least 3, if not 4, SU players standing offside in front of our keeper.
Appleton should make it a big issue for this whole team of officials, not just the ref.”

“fair play to those who went giving them a rapturous send off. They absolutely gave everything and deserved 3 points. 9 players vs. 12.”

“Sadly when you get a ref like this you know it’s only going to go one way.Thought a couple of theirs were straight red not given.He would have played another 5 minutes if they hadn’t scored, and our fans keeping the ball would be his pathetic justification excuse.”

“We are already behind on budget and resource. We train hard all week only for it to be made impossible to win by 1 twat of a man with a whistle.
Not only will nothing be done about it but no doubt we will be fined thousands and Appleton given a touchline ban.”

“Unfortunately, this ref just wanted a Sheffield goal, however it was going to come.”

“My house was robbed last week in broad daylight, that refs performance was a significantly greater theft”

“Just read the Sheff Utd board and they are saying exactly the same….should have been a foul for McBurnie’s push. Makes it all the more frustrating and annoying….total incompetence from the officials but particular the ref.”

“Absolute ludicrous refereeing. He is certainly not fit to manage a game.”

“we should take action against this ref. cost us 2 points. also sheff united need to be looked at. dirtiest bastards in the league”

“There should be an anti-corruption investigation into David Webb, Sheffield Utd MOTM”

“The club have to raise hell about that ref’s performance. Shocking. Very much the 12th man for them.”

“He got both sending off right, the rest of his performance was at best incompetent and at worst bent. You could have taken a referee off Common Edge and he would have done a better job of that second half. “

“Shambolic refereeing, absolutely clueless, totally lost the control and did everything in his power to get Sheff Utd a point….other than not giving the clear handball against Connolly towards the end.”

“Well done lads…..Ref was totally incompetent though he did miss a blatant pen for them for handball so that’s something I suppose”

“The ref was clueless but we got away with the handball in injury time. We had 9 hero’s today.”

“There was more incidents and action in that game than there has been in prestons entire season!!”

“everyone ready 29 December return fixture”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Blackpool”
  1. Your saying the ref cost you the win? What a joke, Anel goal wasn’t offside macatee should have got a penalty instead he gave him a card for diving see it back, was definitely a penalty and 8 mins injury time it should have been a minimum of 12,

  2. Agreed the ref was incompetant , but for both sides , and as for fouling im afraid some of the Blackpool players took it a step further.

  3. I’m sorry but wtaf,we’ve all been guilty of looking through team coloured glasses when refs pass out decisions HOWEVER how Blackpools fans can say the ref was oir 12th man beggars belief ragged more than a couple of our players all over.Both of their”injured” players that NEEDED the physio/medics milked it to the max that on top of that there was the boringly repetitive time wasting( which seemingly is becomeing the norm)and they’re moaning about 8 fecking mins .obviously can’t have been to the game!!!!!

  4. Ref was awful for both teams two clear hand ball by Blackpool VAR would have given pen on both plus Macatee ,why would he dive when ball at his feet . And eight minutes was wrong eight subs four each side ref supposed to add 30 sec a sub so that’s 4 min there plus two red cards one penalty which Blackpool delayed .plus trainers on (Blackpool) 3 times . Then Blackpool fans keeping ball (twice) 8 minutes was a joke .So you only have your selves to blame your time wasting cost you

  5. Players in passed 3 matches clearly trying to damage our best players legs. Shirt pulling causing injuries, eg Sander Berge, even lliman Ndiaye has started to offer them his shirt instead of ripping them off his back!!! These so called officials need disciplinary and further training ( oh and specs!) also stop taking back handers!,, get back to proper football. Yellow cards for blatant diving and handballs without bias!!!!!!!! UTB!❤️⚔️❤️😘👍🏻🔥

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