“Cheers Benie you are the best, you are the one who fights the most cheers cheers cheers Benie Benie thanks for everything, you have been great and strong cheers. Benie hey ho lets go, hey ho lets go. 3 incredibly good farewell anthems. Thanks for everything Benie! “

“Thanks for everything Benie and good luck out in Europe! BENIE TRAORE ALLEZ ALLEZ ALLEZ”

“What a player he has been”

“He came here as a promising young talent, broke his leg when he was going to get the chance, and leaves (probably) as the team’s most expensive sale. Bénie Traore, alé alé alé “

“Really wish him this and wish him the best wherever he goes. Will definitely follow”

“He has undoubtedly been the Allsvenskan’s best striker this year by far.”

“Benie adds much for us with his speed. Both offensively and defensively.

“Strengths: Blazing pace, ruthless finisher, dribbling, sneaky physical. Weaknesses: Struggles in reduced spaces where he can’t run/dribble. Physique”

“Feels like Benie should be able to bring in significantly more than 4mil gbp as well as he has been”

“Our record sale, but unfortunately still too little given the conditions”

“Martin Ericsson is demonstrably good at finding and buying players. But lousy at selling and getting paid. He should have taken a proper sales course. “

“Piss bad negotiations from Martin”

“A sickly bad deal for Hacken”

“well paid for a player who has shown himself for half a year…. even if he has done well. He suffered an injury in March last year. Broken leg if I remember correctly. Been gone 8 months.”

“I think it’s well paid for him, because of the injury he had recently and only six months he showed up “

“The competition is also not particularly tough in the Allsvenskan. Don’t get me wrong: I really like Benie, but you should probably have realistic expectations of the transfer fee”.

“It is a type of player that can be replaced, although I agree that he has been the best striker in the series this year, it is much easier to inject goals into the back of the net than any other team. “

“Benie is great, but in certain types of matches he tends to disappear.”

“A bad tendency in the attacking game is that Traoré and others, perhaps for shooting ego reasons, increasingly start to take their own finishes in half-goal situations in order to, as before, frighten with playing skill and courage by putting others in even better situations. It is a sign of weakness. “

“Think Benie will have a hard time in England and that he can be replaced.”

“Feels like a big step for him though he is undoubtedly good”

By Roy

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