“He’ll be a fans favourite…thought he was superb in his first spell and his 2nd spell was more too do with pulis being so negative..hope he does well as he’s a great lad and can play as well as battle. “

“First half season we had him he was good. He wasn’t great last year but that was probably the Pulis effect rather than anything else because everyone was crap. He’s a decent player.”

“Very tidy. Hard worker. Looked limited in a Pulis team, because he hardly had an outlet. Doesn’t really lose the ball and won’t let you down, but there will be matches when you can’t even remember if he played.”

“Wouldn’t even want Besic on a free as things are. Why would we want another limited CM.”

“Limited by pulis. i saw this posted

with Besic:
PLY: 30 W:15 D:8 L:7 PTS: 53
Points per game: 1.76
Form: 81pts/4th place
Without Besic:
PLY: 16 W:5 D:5 L:6 PTS: 20
Points per game: 1.25
Form: 58pts/17th place”

“I wasn’t the biggest fan of besic. But the last thing i would call him is limited”

“Although Besic wasn’t brilliant last season, who was aside from Randolph and Wing? He was stuck in a Pulis team expecting to play forward when he hardly ever had anyone ahead of him. I don’t think he’d turn back inside every time given the opportunity. In his first half-season  with us, he was probably our best player after Traore and Bamford.”

“I wouldn’t wantBesic back unless it was on a free or very cheap. That said last season we played with no width generally whereas when he was on top of his game for us we at least had Traore as an outlet. Last season was difficult to judge a lot of our players due to the tactics and lack of width”

“Besic took too long to pass the ball in a Pulis team, absolutely didn’t suit our style of play. Good player for what he is and I think he’s capable of more than he shown last year”

“To be fair to besic he was top 5 in carrying the ball out of CM last season, so he was doing his best. “

“besic might work better in attacking team”

“Our best midfielder terms of technical ability”


“He did ok in his first loan spell at Boro, last year he was below average.”

“Besic for all his neat skills and  occasionally making driving forward runs with the ball , which until Wing came onto the scene perhaps made him stand out ,did also have two negative traits ,one was his holding onto the ball too long and running into blind alleys the other was that he often ran horizontally across centre thus cramping Clayton”

“He was good in his first 6 months for us but terrible most of this season. He holds onto the ball about 10 seconds longer than he should every single time he has it. Has a good game every 6 or 7 games. There’s a player in there somewhere though. Not good enough for a top end Championship club in my opinion”


“Maybe so but he was class in the Championship”

“1 decent game in 5”

“Not good enough for us last year so defo not good enough for The Prem.
Turning circle of a battleship and wants more touches than Jimmy Saville
He’ll get about as much game time for the Blades as Marvin Johnson did last year.”

“Oh dear… Sheff Utd in trouble already then… how much were they robbed ??”


“I think he would be better cover than Delph.”

“I think he is a championship player if I’m honest”

“He was the type of player who could man mark out top players and make their matches quite difficult. I was at the Bosnia-Argentina match and Messi was completely kept in check until a 90th minute winner (because he is Messi). Same with vs. Prime Bale with Wales.
Besic had pace, was comfortable on the ball, but he disrupted the other teams game plan. The biggest problem was he had a really serious injury and he never truly recovered.”

“I watched besic a few times for boro when they were on tv. He scored a few goals and got in the ball a lot but he didn’t set the world alight. He looked ok but nothing more. He will do a good job for somebody”

“He wasnt even a stand out player for Boro. He didnt see out the 90 mins very often and he even got dropped to the bench a couple of times.  He showed what he is about last year in preseason for me. Looked great against the crap teams early on in the schedule and then when the ante went up he looked worse and worse

“I feel like it was against Italy, but even this summer he had a match for Bosnia where he was completely amazing”

“hope he does well and they want to buy him”

“Annoying if he does really well in Prem and then leaves for nothing next season.”

“Think that’s his Everton career officially over. Shame it didn’t work out for him, has talent but scuppered by injury early doors and never really got back into the groove to stake a claim.”

“Great for him to get premiership game time!”

“He’s championship material at best.”

“He can play a bit, but he then tries to be a destroyer and he’s not resilient enough to do that (who is?). It’s cost him a lot of time out. Shame. There’s a player in there and we probably won’t get to see it now, but he’s a steal – if fit – for a newly promoted side. He’s got what it takes if he keeps his head on. “

“I think he is a very good player”

“This is what you get when you sign players from nothing clubs such as Ferencváros.”

“Proper bum this fella, and he had loads fooled with a few reckless challenges and a fist pump.
Ten touches when only two were needed every time he got the ball, and nothing to offer but workrate and the odd good tackle.”

“He’s done literally nothing since coming over here”

“He was good for a bit to be fair. At one point I thought we had a real gem on our hands, but for whatever reason it just never quite happened. He’s got a lot of ability though, his good games were as good as anything I’ve seen from an Everton midfielder.”

“Do one Mo”

By Roy

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