“Sheffield United showed their Premier League quality tonight but it’s nothing for Chesterfield fans to worry about.”

“Friendlies aren’t for the fans in my opinion, they are for the players to get up to speed, they don’t really prove to much on how a seasons going to pan out, know one ever got promoted or relegated winning friendlies. I would sooner have a couple of beers than watch them to be honest, an save the energy, tears an stress levels for when the season gets going.”

“Good work out, nothing more nothing less. Wholesale changes second half, development squad players getting a run out whilst they bring on million pound players. No comparison. Anyone who gets depressed by the result wants their head looking at.”

“I accept your point but still found it increasingly depressing with every second half minute, good for the finances but nothing else”

“humiliation on and off the field as expected”

“Total humiliation”

“Friendly or not depressing. We are miles off. If nothing else shows the size of the task. Embarrassing”

“Yep, that’s right we’ll be playing the premier standard of Sheffield United week in week out”

“One of their players cost more than our clubs worth, that should put some perspective on it.”

“The difference in these sides in comparison to where both were five years ago is frightening. Spireites were arguably a better team then. Blades a class above in every single area now. Easy in the end for United.”

“We need players to beat National League teams at the current time, not Premier League teams. I know it sticks in the throat that we were on a par with the Blunts 4 short years ago & now there is a massive gulf but it really is irrelevant to our current plight. Sheridan is putting together a team I think will challenge so throwing toys out of the pram after tonight really isn’t necessary. Like I say, it still rankles but let’s keep our eyes on what’s immediately in fro nt of us, The National League & winning it.”

“Is now a bad time to remind ourselves Wilder was seriously linked with our job?
But if memory serves our owner went for some Welsh bloke instead.”

“I’m all for taking the urine out of both Sheffield clubs when they’re scrapping with us in the upper echelons of L1
But show some grace, they have done remarkably well to reach the PL, on much much smaller budget than their rivals
Fair play to them, we could learn something from them, they’ve achieved due to work ethic, team spirit and stability”

“Don’t be surprised if United surprise a few during next season….Billy Sharp is a class goal scorer, he’ll still bang a few in next season.
Obviously making loads of substitutions doesn’t help the flow, so second half United were bound to take advantage…still positives to take from the game versus a premier league with a strong lineup”

“Seems main defensive tactic tonight was don’t mark Billy Sharp!”

“Let’s be honest, Billy Sharp is light years ahead of any of our defenders.”

“Defenders at our level wouldn’t stop Billy Sharp if he played with a ball and chain on his ankles – no comparison.”

“Defenders at our level would get outpaced by the ball n chain lol”

“I didn’t go tonight, but I can’t believe the fuss being made on here. Nobody in possession of their senses could have expected any other outcome when a NL team faces a Premier League team. A striker like Sharp is going to walk over a National League defence every time”

“if you think that a pre season game against a Premiership side proves anything, and you shout out things like ‘close them down’ or ‘play it out’ – you probably drink bath water. Don’t know what lowered the IQ more, the ‘meet me at Mcdonalds’ kids who’d never been to a game and left when we were losing to a Premiership team – or the dee daah bellends who raved whilst offering out fans in a pre season game ”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Chesterfield”
  1. Chesterfield are a small town club. Let’s hope you have a successful season. Anyone can support Man U or Arsenal, Liverpool or Chelsea but I admire the dedicated fans who turn up week in and week out to watch their teams perform in the lower leagues.

    From a Blade

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