“I’d be more disappointed as a blunt tbh as although they got the win they had to play dirty against our pace and they wont get away with it in the Premiership.”

“I expect them too be back in the championship very soon”

“Thought the quality of Sheff Utd shone through not sure it’ll be enough in Prem mind but I hope it is for em , I hate Sheff Utd but love Wilder.”

“Actual scoreline 1-4. Realistic scoreline 1-2. They scored two goals following fouls on our players and the ref gave naff all.”

“Two second half goals from blatant offsides . We were in line ..linesman”

“I thought one was definitely offside and the other was debatable but it’s clutching at straws really. We were well beaten in the end.”

“not the result I was expecting”

“overall a promising performance against a strong side. “

“Thought we got hammered and there were few if any positives.”

“Today we got absolutely hammered”

“Well beaten”

“Sheff U dominated”

“Sheff Utd look well drilled.”

“thought they outplayed us. we had a good 15 mins second half and scored s well worked goal. blunts were a class above us. personally don’t think Fulham will be as strong / well organised as they’re in transition. “

“I’d say United are probably of the same quality as Fulham, so I’d prepare for an arseholing next week if today is anything to go by.”

“we’re playing Fulham next week. Rhey’re a top quality side who are as good as if not better than Sheff Utd.”

“callum robinson is a bit of a tit aint he. Celebrating like it matters.”

By Roy

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