A selection of quotes and predictions about Sheffield United for the upcoming Premier League season.

“Sheffield United enter this season as rank outsiders, achieving survival would guarantee Wilder’s place as Manager of the Year, but with many sides in strong positions ahead of 2019/20, there may be no room for the Blades to cut out a place for themselves. Prediction: 20th”

Michael Potts, The Radio Times

“Wilder is underrated and the Blades will give it a go. But is the quality there?. Prediction: 19th”

Scott Minto, The Mirror

“There is always at least one prediction that goes against the grain and this is mine.Sheffield United are plenty of people’s tips to go down but I am going with the Chris Wilder factor and the stirring surroundings of Bramall Lane to keep the Blades in the Premier League. Prediction: 17th”

Phil McNulty, BBC Sport

“On paper, it looks a huge task for the Blades to survive. The bookies have them as 8/11 favourites to go straight back down. The signings they have made have improved the squad. Whether it’s enough only time knows. Much will rely on Mousset but, in the end, it could all be decided by trusted players like Sharpe and Henderson. If they do stay up it will be a minor miracle, Wilder has his work cut out.”

Simon Hahn, Itsroundanditswhite.co.uk

“When you are dragging in lads from South East Scandinavia you know you’re not preparing very well. To be fair they have smashed their transfer record three times but still when you are resting your hopes on Lys Mousset, it’s relegation I’m afraid”

The Irish Guy, HITC

“Don’t get too familar or attached to The Blades. Unlike House Bolton, their knives may not be that sharp. This could be a short stay in the top flight.  No reason to sugarcoat this: it’s not good. Oddsmakers peg them as the worst team in the Premier League. They’re the least likely to win the EPL, finish in the top 4 or top 6. Their squad is the least valuable in the Premier League. There’s a strong correlation between overall team value and eventual finish. Norwich City, who bought one player this summer, is valued more. This is going to be a brief stay in the Premier League unless their Saudi owners invest some money quickly. “

Chops, Highpresssoccer.com

“Sheffield United will probably start the season with one of the weaker squads, and most will consider them relegation favourites. On the other hand, their impressive team harmony, Chris Wilder’s managerial know-how and shrewd recruitment skills, one would back the Blades to survive their first Premier League season in 12 years.”

Andrew Zarb, timesofmalta.com

Sheffield United are going down. They’re not even taking the Premier League seriously. They’re still bigging up Billy Sharp, and as much as I love Billy Sharp; great record, absolute legend, local boy came good, third spell at the club, but he is League One.He’s not good enough for the Premier League and with the greatest of respect, it’s all sentimental bull that Sheffield United are hoping will take them through to 17th in the Premier League.”

Adrian Durham, Talksport

“it’ll be Norwich, Sheffield United and Bournemouth who face relegation to the Championship”

Michael Owen, The Express

“The Blades are back in the big time after two promotions in three seasons, but a thin squad without much Premier League experience will need the brilliant Chris Wilder to work wonders once again to ensure it’s a lengthy stay.” Prediction: 20th”

BT Sport

“Sheffield United would appear equipped to squeak out a 17th place finish. Considering the uncertainty around other teams in the Premier League and that the Blades have retooled without significant losses, I could see them rising to as high as a 16th place finish this season.”

Chuck Booth, Yahoo Sports

“16. Burnley 17. Southampton 18. Brighton 19. Norwich 20. Sheffield United”

Stan Collymore

“They stepped up to the second tier superbly, with several among the division’s outstanding players last season, but the gap to the highest level is bigger still. The skipper Sharp has the most league goals in the 21st century – 227 – but none have come in the top flight. Hopefully that will change.”
Richard Jolley, The National.ae

“Make no mistake, this team will relish the prospect of turning up and spoiling the party for anyone who underestimates them. (Chris Wilder’s) legendary status at Bramall Lane also helps in this regard with his job secure even in the event of relegation and the freedom attached to having nothing to lose will very much aid their approach. “

Oliver Walker, Statsbomb.com

“Sheffield United have been busy in the transfer market and they need to be. There’s a growing gap between the Championship and the Premier League and not everyone has as much money as Wolves. In Chris Wilder, they have a promising manager but those kind of bosses often get poached. United need to get off to a good start and their early fixture list isn’t that difficult. Even so, they will struggle to survive and an immediate return to the Championship looks on the cards.”

Steve Ashfield, Bettingreporther.com

“under Chris Wilder, they have achieved two promotions in three years. Emotion rips through this part of Yorkshire, but do they have the necessary quality to stay up?”

Ben Grounds, Eurosport

“I don’t think it’s a difficult decision (to choose them for relegation), if you’re gonna have youre centre backs turning up in oppositions box in The Premier League you’re gonna get annihilated. I would say there are three managers who are in danger, I think the obvious one is Chris Wilder at Sheffield United.Teams that come up, as soon as they realise they’re in big trouble the first thing they do is change the manger.”

Steve Nicol, ESPN

By Roy

2 thoughts on “The View From The Media”
  1. Absolutely didn’t expect anything else from the so called experts, just keyboard warriors with not much else to write, they probably don’t even know where Sheffield is , never mind Bramall Lane still being Three-sided ground and home of Yorkshire Cricket, Aw well bring it on , no fear

  2. Steve Nicol knows nowt about Sheffield United if he thinks Wilder would be sacked if we have a bad season. The fans and McCabe won’t forget what Chris has achieved for the club wether we go down or struggle he will still be our Manager next season as long as he wants to be.Lazy journalist are usually wrong he definitely is doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

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