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“Fair play to Sheffield United, big club, good manager, great style of play and a decent squad. They deserved the win today.”

“The players looked shell shocked by the mere fact that Sheff U upped the tempo. Came out expecting more of the first half and just got blown away.”

“Sheffield United will survive but we won’t.They tried but they aren’t good enough. Buendia, Pukki and Vrancic the pick, the rest were very so so.”

“Sheffield United just wanted it more today.”

“We all knew Sheffield United would come out all guns blazing second half, so why did our players look so caught out by it? that second half was embarrassing”

“I don’t want to hammer this team too much after the moments they’ve given me, but that second half display was absolutely appalling. Yes Sheff Utd pressés higher and played much better, but the way we made it so easy for them was shocking”

“Sheff Utd believed they would win, even when behind-we seem scared by the thought of winning, even when we’re ahead. Beyond disappointing”

“Only one team wanted that second-half, and they weren’t wearing yellow. It’s just too easy for teams to come to Carrow Road and get a result. Norwich have GOT to toughen up or this will get messy!”

“My son had it spot on, as we walked out he said “The difference is that Sheffield United are what I call a proper football team”
It can’t be all flashy stuff, if you are weak on the other side of the game you will get punished against the big boys and that is exactly what is happening.”

“Sheffield United actually bothered to invest in the squad and were able to bring 3 new signings off the bench to manage the game, while we were left with throwing a league one quality striker on to chase a goal.”

“All but one player on the Sheff Utd team was what we played last season.”

“It’s sad that Sheff Utd, the team that couldn’t keep pace with us last season, now look a much more Premier League outfit than we do. It’s the difference between spending a bit of cash on some signings to improve the squad, and spending next to nothing and accepting relegation from the first game onwards.”

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“it’s the difference between coming up as a Burnley style team or a Blackpool one!”

“Our style of play was always going to be more difficult in the prem.”

“First half we showed how shit Sheff United actually are! They turned the heat up second half and we didn’t have a clue what to do. They played 8 at the back with 2 strikers and somehow scored 2….. moral of the story, were shit and we’re going down? Need to invest”

“What makes it even more annoying is that Sheffield United are not particularly good. They don;t have better players than us they are just better drilled, dare I say it better coached and seem to have a hunger that our team has lost this season”

“Sheffield United weren’t even good and they’ve beaten us comfortably”

“Sheffield Utd, not great (but better than us)”

“Sheffield United and Southampton were nothing special but we are making it far too easy for teams to score against us”

“We should be beating teams like Sheffield United, Watford, Brighton, Southampton etc. It’s not good enough.”

“Sheff utd are dirty fuckers”

“a game which featured chants of “we want our football back” as VAR was involved throughout. Overall though, City wasted their good work through simple concessions and froze under pressure in the second half.”

“I think VAR was scratching for reasons why Sheff Utd’s 3rd should not stand. It took a long while!!”

“At least there is no VAR in the Championship”

“If VAR can tell if a players toenail is off side, the accuracy is that good. So, why can’t it see when freekicks and throw ins are being taken nowhere near where the freekick was given / or the ball went out?
Why can’t it see the ‘playacting’ like when the Sheffield keeper makes a save then rolls on the floor holding his head when there has been no contact make? A yellow card if ever there was one.”

“I’m seriously disillusioned with football.
All the playacting, the cheating and poor decisions have always frustrated me but now, with the use of technology, those in charge are making a day out at the footie a confusing, doubly frustrating and simply angry experience.”

“They’re not even the biggest club in their own city. Certainly doing very well at the moment though.”

“Their fans are a disgrace setting of flares in the ground picking fights outside”

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By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Norwich”
  1. Some good comments from your proper supporters who know about football. Unfortunately every club has its numpties who don’t. To say you should be beating teams like Sheff Utd Watford Southampton etc is utter nonsense. You came up from the Championship and invested nothing. And you can’t compete with the big boys. Got rolled over today get over it.

  2. Going to be a long hard season for Norwich… We looked garbabe today but came away with a win which shows how shit Norwich are.. Few Norwich supporters commenting we are a poor team which on today’s performance they would think that but I would rather the team play poorly and win than play excellent and lose..Cant believe this is the same Norwich team that pissed the Championship last season.. At least you will have the same team for it again.. Apart from Pukki who we will have off you for next season.. Delia has well and truly shafted you guys this season.. £150m retirement fund for her

  3. Good comments and i for one welcome these. Just one issue to correct we are the largest club in the City of Sheffield unless you are going back to 1960 which was the last time the other club averaged 30000. The city is now 60 : 40 split in favour of dem Blades

  4. Aaah diddooms canaries moaning about time wasting lol seem to think 2 seasons ago When you won 1.0 at bramall lane that’s all you was fucking doing and moaning about var to get a grip blades should have had a pen sunday to enjoy champs lads

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