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“They’re a good team, but that performance was an absolute embarrassment, and nobody comes out of it with any credit. The defence was good in the first half, but in absolute disarray in the second, the midfield was absolutely atrocious. I don’t know what Smith was even trying to get them to do. We spent huge periods just penned in our our half twatting it anywhere just to get rid of it. That’s just not good enough.”

“Knew this would be a tough game, but wow do we match up badly with Sheffield United, they eat soft teams like us alive”

“we should be doing what sheff Utd should be doing …. proper team!!!! Proper team spirit!!”

“Our lack of movement and pressing is a concern. Sheff Utd are the polar opposite of us”

” Sheff U are a v.decent side. However we made them look like Citeh!”

“We still look a mile off Sheff Utd tbh, and we’ve had plenty of time. However i don’t think they will be down there by the end of the season, so it’s the games ahead that really are MUST win. I’d love to show the commitment Sheff Utd do, and play the football they do too”

“First half we did alright but it was obvious sheffild utd would come out 100mph 2nd half after a rollocking and they did.”

“Simply couldn’t keep up with Sheffield’s tempo.”

“Sheff Utd resembled a team that are a firmly established Premier League team. I continue to be impressed by them”

“Sheffield United have spent a fraction of what we have over the years, and look how well they’re doing. Whether it’s the manager, players, tactics not working, I don’t know, but we’re in big trouble. Pi**ed off.”

“We’ve spent far more than Sheff Utd but they didn’t really need to get out of 2nd gear to win today”

“Sheffield United aren’t a great side, they’re organised but they were there for the taking today – the Villa that played Liverpool would have battered them – they’re getting results and well done to them, I like their manager and they’re living the dream.”

“It’s the manager, he don’t put up with any shit. That team is rubbish on paper, but they all do a job, the little flicks for the goals today, we looked at them like they were Barcelona.”

“Sheffield are made up of players that have played the majority of their careers in League 1 or the Championship and are 5th. We’ve spent a lot of money on players that are supposed to be good enough for this level and will most likely be 18th later today. This tells me our manager just doesn’t know how to get the best out of them.”

“On the short-term, it’s better to play the Sheff U hand (stick with same team, continuity, etc). However, on the medium/ long-term, they will need to spend to become established. The comparison to us is lame, and pointless. We had to spend. We had no choice. Context guys.”

“We were a joke all over the pitch today. Losing so comprehensively away at Sheffield United just isn’t good enough! I used to be so confident and I’m starting to worry”

“I think, if you watch Sheff Utd play and analyse what they do well, irrespective of their modest fee’s for their players……and then you watch us, for me there is a stark reminder of what we do wrong and they do right.”

“Nothing we should have feared about that sheff utd team. Difference was tactically and in attitude. Wilder brilliant. Not long left for smith i think”

“We should expect better, if the blades can do it with their team, who look no better man for man to me, then we should be able to.”

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“Sheffield United will be in the bottom 6 next season. There’s always one team who gets promoted and has an excellent first 6 months but then falls away over the next 18. Their players should not be that much better than ours, we let them win with our abject performance”

“Nobody can tell me that Fleck has more talent than some of our players but he works hard for 90 minutes”

“Pathetic, but how can we possibly expect to compete against 5th placed Sheffield United with their work ethic and will to win?”

“They’ve spent nothing and are streets ahead of us. We have wasted millions”


“First thing I’d do is ban gloves, 4 ? of them today complete fannies with gloves on, Wilder must have thought Christmas had come early.”

“Sheffield is a shithole”

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By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Aston Villa”
  1. Can’t believe Villa are in the shit they are in after spending big time.. Nearly halfway through the season and at wrong end of the table.. Surely the team will just click eventually.. And as for Sheffield being a shit hole as said by the last villa fan.. Have you not seen the state of Birmingham??

  2. I think dean smith nice bloke who loves villa but is way out of his depth in premier ship need a change in management know don’t wait if chairman supposed to be wanting big things go after pocha ex spurs boss

  3. Dean Smith is getting it wrong….we can’t play 433 ..we don’t have the players like Liverpool or leciester. We have 3 players wide on each wing nothing in the middle, teams come through us too easliy
    El Ghazi way out of his depth …

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