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“Well we were warned by United fans on their message board.
Pretty much every team they come up against has their ‘worst game of the season’. Fact is Sheffield United are so organised they manage to have players up front when they attack and near enough everyone back when they defend.”

“They made us poor. Started the game excellently, didn’t give us any room or any time on the ball, threatened themselves whilst we offered nothing, and then we simply never recovered. We were rattled.
Someone quoted a post on their board saying ‘every team says they have their worst game against us’. You can see why today – and we did too. They made us poor and we had no answers.
Also easy to see why they sat deep second half. They did their homework and knew we’re poor in the final third and struggle to create.”

“We were poor but I’d not take credit away from them either. Said before and I’ll say again fantastically well organised side who work so hard at what they do and deserved a win tbh.”

“Beginning of the season this would have targeted as three points, but as it stands Sheffield United are the fifth best team in England, no shame in losing to them.”

“United were full of energy and were non-stop pressing – and being clever by taking advantage of when they’d lured the players down their end to then launch really fast attacks. We couldn’t match them at all in the first half. It did feel a bit like they’d done a lot of research on us and knew the way to play.”

“Sheffield were a unit with a gameplan that I envy in a way. Such togetherness and understanding. I hope we can mix our style with their spirit and cohesion.
Much-deserved victors.”

“I’m not sure they work harder or run more than the average PL team but their defensive organization is simply world class, maybe the best in Europe since no top teams play defensively these days. Combine it with the animals they have up front and they are a dirty challenge to anyone.
When they take the lead they won’t lose unless you have a midfield with Individuals that can score from distance or challenge multiple players and win set pieces or cause uncomfortable movements in their defensive positions. And we don’t have that.”

“I’ve got a lot of time for Sheffield United, mainly because they’re not MASSIVE.
But also, a decent manager who preseason was immediately dubbed by “pundits” as not good enough.”

“She’d U probably best promoted side in last 20 years, we weren’t at the races but sometimes you have to hold your hands up and say the other side are just better than you.”

“They were incredibly well organised and soaked it up all our pressure with ease. Rightly 5th for a reason and I’d say that 1-0 flattered us”.

“Even Liverpool struggled to break them down and only won by a late penalty. They deserve their 5th place in the league. Wilder has done a fantastic job with them.”

“Good team Sheff U. Did a number on us today.”

“One of the most hardest working teams I’ve seen never gave any of our players a moments peace”

“only 3 seasons ago there were a League One side
now half way through this season they are above Spurs,Arsenal & Man Utd
fair play”

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” It was crystal clear that Utd already rocked a jelly suspension pimped up ride from hell, and thus were more PL ready than Boris’ oven ready (never a palatable option) brexit.
Wilder is a wiley fox like manager, with a work ethic matched only by his manic charges. Indeed he made our own, our very own humble Potter look akin to that mis-guided fool of a farmer Bean, left turning to Bolger and Bean for tactical advice – alas; doomed from the start, of a stark and strangely familiar narrative.
Blades for Europe? – I think we might be seeing a lesser miracle, in the age of the undoing of the ‘big six.'”

“Sheffield United: well played. You make it hard for the opposition. Deserved to win.”

“They fully deserved it and are not massive.”

“We lost to the better team”

“they were magnificent yesterday, and really ought to have won by more than the single goal.”

“very easy to see why they are 5th in the league, exceptional defending.”

“I was impressed by them, a really well organised, hardworking, decent football team. Far, far better than the two teams they came up with and well deserving of their position ensconced in the top half of the table.”

“Their work rate is incredible and if you don’t match them at that you are going to struggle. Thought they were exceptional first half lot more cynical and niggly second half. You can see why they are doing well”

“Credit to Sheffield Utd, they defended superbly, kept their shape throughout and worked hard not to give us any time on the ball in danger areas. They got what they deserved. The table doesn’t lie, they are a decent side although too many of our players had off days today.”

“They generally play decent football but can also scrap in Game in needed. Defensively solid and a threat going forward. They played well today and have all season today was not a fluke and should be given credit when it’s due”

“Every Blades player had a precise role and they carried it out to the letter. Allied with an always pass forwards philosophy. Absolutely no interest in being possession kings. Exemplified by McBurnie and McGoldrick making Dunk look like Michael Keane. If they keep this up, Europa League deservedly beckons.”

“They’re clearly miles better than us this season. Giants in mind and body in defence and organisation, supremely confident that they’re better than our likes, even Championship George Baldock played like Andy Robertson, whilst the two Mc’s made Dunk and Webster look slow paced donkeys.”

“I honestly believe we underestimated Sheff Utd today, and throughly got what we deserved absolutely nothing. Complacency was definitely there in abundance. They are fifth in the league for a reason, well organised. We had no answers to it!”

“Reminded me of THAT England vs Iceland game… they made us look poor and we were suckered into forgetting how we can pass.”

“Wilder did a job on us with the help of our team.”

“Chris Wilder is THE best English manager in the game. I’m excited to see what he does with a team of world class players, because he’s making a championship squad look brilliant.”

“It was a 1_0 thrashing. Beaten by a better team not better players”

“I was impressed by the work they did. But I do wonder whether they can carry on with that
level all season. I personally think they will stay up – but I don’t think it will be the easy ride
to safety/high spot in the league that they are currently predicting.”

“Credit to Sheff United – good hard working spirited team with limited natural talent, who made it extremely difficult for us.”

“They are very organised and cynical and can press or play on the break. Good side – but we chose today to have our biggest off day of the season”

“The angering thing is that they’re really not very good.”

“We were abysmal first half. Second half we lacked the guile to break down a massed Championship level defence.”

“feel drained after watching that. I’m not sure one single Sheffield United player would get in our team but they were one of the most organised gritty teams I’ve ever seen. They won every 50/50 and we could not work any space against them. I think they’ll do well this season but not sure they’d be able to keep it up for years at this level.”

“Credit to United but they played Championship style and tactics .”

“They reminded me of Wimbledon, lots of balls over the top and the most cynical team i have seen since we’ve been in the premier league. Its effective though so you cant blame them, completely knocked us out of our stride.”

“I’ve seen them a few times this season and every time they’ve turned the match into a slug which is understandable with the players they’ve got. They rightly get a lot of plaudits for how they are doing as they are getting the most out of a limited playing squad. They play effective football.”

“It’s not pretty to watch as they turn every match into a horrible battle but it is extremely effective. I can’t see them sustaining it for more than this season though.”

“Let’s not try and justify that performance by pretending SU are some World force in football. They all played teir roles well but we were shockingly sh*t”

“I didn’t think Sheff U were amazing – certainly not the fifth best team in the country- but they did a job on Potter and the boys.”

“Totally done by tinpot United. Depressing”

“Apart from their no 17 McGoldrick, who to me looked the best player on the pitch yesterday, we look to have a far better player base for becoming a top ten team than they do. Major upgrades needed obviously, but Potter has only been here five minutes, Wilder’s had three years to mould his team. I know which one I’d back over an equivalent term.”

“We were very poor. I don’t think they had to do much to win that game.”

“The fact that Chris Wilder can get results in the Premier League using the likes of Luke Freeman and David McGoldrick speaks very highly of him, but I just get the feeling that, when one or two teams work them out and give them a stuffing, others will quickly follow the example.”

“If it wasn’t for VAR, that could of been a lot worse. Plus Mcgoldrick is not a premier league striker, he is woeful.”

“Put McGoldrick in an attack-minded team, instead of one with eight defenders, and he might just flourish”

“They know how to feign injury to break up play…. Especially the guy in latter part of second half when we had gained a lot of momentum. Not sure if his name was Lazarus but he was dead one minute and then just got up and walked around as if nothing had happened. That bit was not good to watch and I think there were 3 other incidents like that.”

“I don’t think Sheffield United are a top 5 team, but with a very good manager in Chris Wilder I can understand why they are where they are. Good luck to them. Loudest away fans this season.”

“Their support was pretty amazing…. so loud”

“It was good, yeah, but you’d expect fans of any team with their away record to be pretty bouncing. They were quiet for quite long spells when we were pushing second half (albeit getting nowhere)”

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By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Brighton”
  1. Balanced views and I always like the having a bad day comments.
    That’s every team this season that’s played us having a bad day.
    Keep it up Blades in Wilder we trust.

  2. When will people and pundits understand that we were poor because Sheff United played a way that choked any potential for us out of the game. The style is fresh and effective, devastatingly simple in theory but difficult to master as a unit in practice; it relies on every single player knowing their role in the big picture and grafting 100% when it’s their turn. I don’t feel so bad because much bigger teams than us have been made to look bang ordinary. The sum is much greater than the individual parts.

  3. Good feed back fr Brighton fans apart from one disalusioned fan who called us tin pot coming from a team that very rarely gets in top half of table and a poor manager and know history

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