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“More than we deserved… But we’ll take it.”

“Good point. Poor performance.”

“That was a fine display. At the end of the day we were lucky to get a point, Shef United were a well worked machine with so much discipline”

“lets be honest, we got away with a point.
In a nutshell we were pretty crap
Take it and be grateful”

“Lucky overall, disappointing that we couldn’t get any moves together going forward, but it is hard to play against the relentless pressing of United.”

“Not the prettiest of performances but a solid away draw with a goal from open play.”

“Very poor up front and it is so flipping frustrating that so many players struggle with the basics. Nevertheless that is a great point against a team in form.”

“Before that kicked off, a point would of been a decent return. We got that, but rode our luck in large periods of the game. Sheff Utd are no mugs – and they play decent football.”

“They’re a good side to watch”

“I think credit to Sheffield , they look alright, so drawing with them while a shame is fair enough”

“The biggest compliment I can give Sheffield United is that I am absolutrly delighted we didn’t lose to them in either league game. They play an attacking brand of football under a great manager in a brilliant atmosphere. Slightly jealous to be honest.”

“I noticed that when Sheff Utd players paseds the ball it went to one of their own players.”

“As points go, I think that’s better than any of the home draws we’ve managed so far this season. The time to beat Sheff Utd was the home match.
Just a shame we actually took a chance for once, looked like we had them where we wanted them and then threw it away with possibly the laziest penalty you’ll ever see conceded. Hughes has looked good in recent games but completely dropped a bollock there. Stupid to assume their man would stop chasing once he’d won the first ball so comfortably. A complete brain fart.”

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“An away point is decent enough, but my main concern is the same as after the Liverpool game. The opposition are irrelevant in our situation – we need points and today was a chance at 3. However, 1 is better than none of course.
Biggest issue with today is our continued complete inability to do the basics with any sort of competence. If we have a throw-in deep in our own half, we struggle every time to make use of possession and just seem keen to get it to halfway and lose the ball. Keeping the ball isn’t important to them. And set-pieces…my god we are beyond awful at them. Free-kicks, corners, throws – just terrible at them all. Success rate is very very near zero from key positions.”

“we received some good luck.
Not before time.”

“It wasn’t a great performance, but it’s very difficult to tell how much of that is us falling off, and how much of that is the way Sheffield Utd play and them forcing us into looking worse than the past couple of performances. What I do find funny, particularly in hindsight, is all the Sheff fans crying their tears about Deeney’s pre-match comments on their playing style: “Guess he hasn’t watched us in years”/’How dare he, we play decent football” etc etc. If that was ‘decent football’ by Sheffield standards, it’s even grimmer than I thought.”

“Amusing how often their 6 ft 2 Championship cloggers fell like dandelions in a breeze when our fancy dan winger was within 2 yards of them.”

“We were awful. Sheffield Utd were awful. The game was awful.”

“We were shit but their tactics are to hoof it to the channels, win second balls and then sling crosses into the box. There’s nothing pretty about either team”

“They got lucky, never hurt us all afternoon and that’s the worse we’ve played all season. Fact”

“off-day for us.”

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By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Watford”
  1. To be honest,from a Blades point of view we were very very far from our best. I’d have given credit to Pearson,the pig,and his organisation apart from one thing? And I’ve just read something absolute nonsense about our players falling to the ground!! C’mon ffs. Don’t want you to get relegated,seriously,but let’s be fair,you can see why we are points and points in front. And we have very few at home. Well done to those of you who could be arsed to make the journey,we took 3500 to Brighton on Saturday,4 days before Xmas.

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