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“all runs have to come to an end sometime and what a fitting end than that to be the Home of the reigning Champions.”

“About time we ground out a result like that. Dippers have been lauded for it all season. We’ll be branded as lucky.”

“Not our finest hour, but not our worst either.”

“Slow, sloppy, predictable, defence all over the shop but 3 points.”

“That was as bad as we have played all season”

“thank god for the referee’s intervention because we hadn’t created a sniff before that got handed to us.”

“We were utterly exceptional 2nd half.”

“Great win against a tough team”

“I understand why Sheffield United are in the position they are in the table and only lost one game away so far – they have incredible physicality”

“One of those games that if we were still looking like we had chance of winning the league you would say was one where we didn’t play our best but found a way to win, which is what champions do. Thought they defended fairly well, but the tweaks made a difference”

“Good win against a very decent Sheffield Utd side. Little lucky but I don’t care 3 points is all that matters”

“Tbf, Sheffield matched us well in the first half, after the change in shape they gave us little problems. 2 games in 2 days.
Not much to complain about really”

“Hats off to Sheffield United they are a really well organised side, Not looking forward to going to Bramell Lane.”

“Good result as we needed that but let’s be honest they cut through us at will at times. Luckily they didn’t have their one chance one goal boots on like a lot of our opponents this season.”

“Until we scored we didn’t trouble their keeper at all. After we scored they came out and our formation change allowed us to look more threatening but that was more down to them than us improving.”

“it’s a terrible decision (that our first goal stood) and if it happened against us this place would explode. I’ve been told by a million people that it didn’t quite touch the referee so that rule is invalid, although I would imagine all the former referees tomorrow and maybe even PGMOL will say it should have been a drop ball.”

“He clearly gets in the way and causes us to get the ball, it is very unlucky for Sheffield and they’ve got every right to be aggrieved but the rules are the rules and seemingly the rules say play on if he doesn’t touch it”

“It makes a change for one to help us by getting in the way, because week after week they get in the way of our passes and nothing happens, sometimes I wonder if they are doing it on purpose, so I’m pleased its worked in our favour for once”

“I actually think their disallowed goal should absolutely have stood — the referee didn’t really “do” anything to help us in that incident. The Sheffield player saw where the referee was before he played the pass and the Sheffield player behind him could only run through the back of the referee to get the ball — that is a mistake by the Sheffield player attempting the pass, not the referee’s fault.”

“their goal should have stood because the current threshold for VAR offside assessment is farcical from a purely technical standpoint (which I and others have expounded upon extensively previously), much less for the spirit of the game. I don’t care if it benefited us today, it’s hurt us and other teams far more, and it is absolutely inaccurate/inconsistent enforcement of the current rules”

“Shit ref not giving the foul on Kun but they then score a goal that should stand imo but yet again VAR ruins thegame for one set of fans and a game is changed because of it. Yes he was offside but with the eye, the law that says benefit of the doubt to the attacker its a good goal and one given in every season i have watched the game barr this one.”

“its wrong but nothing will change till next season at least…the rules around offside/the margins for decisions need to change.”

“As for their “goal”, if they’re going against us for that, I’ll take them when its someone else’s misfortune, that said Sergio was fouled so it should never have got there, he was pulled back by the arm, and then started wrestling (an error from him), but it still should have been an attacking free kick.”

“Our two are good. The one involving the ref — if he himself had deflected the ball into the path of an onrushing City player, that would be clearly an injustice. That’s not what happens. He doesn’t appear to touch it at all. The Sheffield United player goes through his legs to play it to De Bruyne. On the other hand, I will never change my opinion about ruling goals out because of half a foot, or half an armpit, or whatever. It was a superb pass. The goal should have stood. Fair result: 2-1. “

“VAR is still shite”

“In contrast to the Blades manager, Espirito for Wolves is pure class. Handles some tough questions with aplomb.”

“Annoying commentary on my stream constantly trying to big up Sheffield despite their lack of shots on target they were very unlucky etc.”

“Loads of coins thrown by their fans, I don’t know what they were so worked up by.”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Dem-Blades-Season-Ticket-Banner-Roy-on-Sale-now-2-644x225.png

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