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“One of the best games I’ve seen us play this season.”

“Death by 900-odd passes.”

“Not bad that exhibition match, when does the main, highlighted,match start?”

“Easy, easy, easy. ”

“I can live with this, I had to go looking for my heartbeat at halftime just not used to being so calm as this.”

“Controlled the game from start to finish. Sheff Utd had two up top, then everyone else behind them were organised in a bus position, albeit with some freedom to interchange positions.
An early goal from a mistake from the Sheff defender, and then we never looked back. We passed the ball around, always in control, and always probing. Sheff Utd never managed anything of note, and this was more to do with how we just kept the ball. “

“It wasn’t Sheffield playing badly, it was just our lads playing fantastic football and exerting total control. A record amount of passes on our side speaks for that.
Of course, it could have been six nil, which would have reflected the game far more accurately, but hey.”

“Game over from the 4th minute. They were in damage limitation mode from then on. “

“great performance, nothing even to debate, so dominant, so comfortable.”

“Nice, comfortable and boring, total dominance.”

“Professional performance against a team who were scared to play us.”

“We’re just impossible to play against, no matter how teams set up.”

“Proper dominant performance, passed Sheffield too death broke another record.”

“We’re Sheffield even on the pitch ? “

“Training session.”

“About the most comfortable Premier League game you’ll ever see. “

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“We turned up like we hadn’t kicked a ball in ages and looked fresh. They looked drained after 5 minutes and just wanted to go home”

“That was about 1000% more comfortable than I was expecting, which shows the quality of our team rather than showing up Sheff Utd, who we know are a good side. We utterly dominated them, probably the most commanding performance from us I’ve seen this season, and at no point was I worried it wouldn’t be our night.”

“Good team, good manager Sheffield”

“even when you watch us totally outplay them, you know why they are so high in the table. The last game when a side was battered by us and somehow still in the game was Leicester. “

“That was one of the easiest games of the season. I like Sheffield Utd and their manager but they didn’t want any part of us tonight. “

“Anyone see Wilder sit down at one point with his head in his hands?I laughed seeing it, then I felt totally sorry for him. “

“They are a great side for a promoted side and he seems a good bloke but we just sucked the life out of them”

“Wilder is the most classy manager in the league after Klopp. Respects quality when he sees it.”

“Deserves manager of the season if he gets top 8”

“Chris Wilder is a football genius. But to go with it he has humility and respect for a great football side when he sees one.”

“I have never praised an opposition manager but I have a lot of respect for Wilder and his achievements with very limited resources I like him as much as I dislike moaningho the real idiot”

“Huge respect to him and Sheffield, all the best for the rest of the season”

“New found respect to him and Sheffield. Hope they do well and finish in Europe.”

“Absolutely impressed by Sheffield United and what Chris Wilder got from his players. He gets them to play with the passion and pain at losing that he showed towards the end there. We don’t need to hear words of praise from him about our performance which may come anyway, because it was all about their defensive work and spirit. This guy is a worker of minor miracles.”

“Massive respect to them. Any other team today and the score line would have been humiliating.
Defensively very very solid. Hopefully they can take points of our title rivals.”

“Chris Wilder is a breath of fresh air. I think he realised we’re the only side this season his team could not out-work. They’ve won a lot of points on grafting alone.”

” Dean Henderson is future star. Pitty, he is owned by the manure”

“Their fans were reasonably funny at times, our champion of Europe, champions of the world etc. was meet with, champions of league 1 , you’ll never sing that.
Robbo walking past them when he was subbed they started chanting, England, England, England. Even Robbo laughed.
Probably the easiest game we have had effort wise I guess, just totally dominated them. They had a couple of chances late on but it was a stroll really. “

“All the best to them for the rest of the season”

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By Roy

One thought on “View From Liverpool”
  1. Truely the best side iv’e seen in a long time.all the best for the rest of the season.utb onwards & upwards.

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