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“They are very decent for a promoted club especially with their squad. No danger of relegation at all. with some luck results and a win they could go 4th this weekend. I guess they are living the dream and they didnt expect at all that after Christmas they will be closer to 2nd place than 18th place.
The games I seen from them, quick, in your face type of attacks, lots of clever crosses, big danger from corners, freekicks, solid defence given their lack of quality names, well everything is given for them to catch us unless we are aware and showing some urgency.
This Wolves/Sheffield looked a tricky set of games couple weeks ago just after Boxing Day, lets hope at least 3 points will be made now.
We play away to them already on 21st of January. I am pretty sure we wont take all 6 points off of them. They are certainly much more solid than the shit Norwich who beat us.”

“Just what we need after an energy sapping match with 10 men.
Sheff utd are a great team, they are loving playing the big boys, they just seem to be stuttering against the so called lesser teams.
If we get something against these with the predicament we find ourselves in currently then I’ll be chuffed
Should be a cracker of a game, tv companies might have dropped a bollock not putting this on”

“If we don’t win the game within the first half hour we will lose this. That took a lot out of the players tonight and many of them will have to play again on Sunday so the longer the game remains a contest the more disadvantaged we are.”

“After last nights poor showing this is exactly the sort of team we don’t want to play. They will fancy their chances against our weak defence”

“It’s going to be a very tough game this. They are a good side”

“A young, hungry team with an extra day’s rest. Can’t think of many teams I’d rather not face than the Blades tomorrow. We were so poor defensively against Wolves I can see us being turned over again”.

“SU will employ same tactics as Wolves. As much as people think we will win, they’re where they are because they’re not shit. If we don’t sort this comedy out we will be freefalling down the table. We seem unable to keep or pass the ball to each other, Mahrez needs dropping, bring in Foden for some energy. As much as I’d like us to win 3-0 I can’t see it, it will more than likely be 1-2 SU, unless we can actually play football instead thinking we can just turn up and expect to win. Teams are now wise to how we play and set up accordingly.
If they attack and shoot, they’ll score, I’ve seen a pub team defend better than us at the moment”.

“Going to be difficult to lift ourselves from tonight, with the players knackered and our first choice keeper suspended. The title is long gone so hopefully Guardiola will mix it up a bit.”

“This game has banana ski written all over it , i could never bet against our club but 14/1 is worth a punt , Sheff Utd are high energy , pressing team and are tireless , they have played at least ten less games than us this season and have had more rest from their last fixture”

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“going to be the third team we’d play in this busy who will give everything they’ve got against us and then go on to play the scousers next with a day less rest when playing them … and yes while they play us they’ve had one day more recovery time than us (while we were also down to 10 most of it) …
It’s either going to be City 5 – 0 Sheff Utd OR City 1 – 2 Sheff Utd”

“They’ve gone almost a full year without losing away – longer run than Liverpool even – so it won’t be easy.”

“This is going to another slog. Sheff utd are organized and dogged. They love the wings which should help us more as our weakness is right through the middle.
Not confident. I think we’ll draw.”

“Atmosphere could be a strange one.
If we don’t break them down in the first half it could be a frustrating evening. From what I’ve seen of them this season they defend really, really well in numbers and they could really frustrate us.
Stick your mortgage on McGoldrick ending his goal scoring drought. When was the last time he scored a goal?
I wanna say 4-0 and a solid response from tonight.
But if we defend anything like we have been doing this season we won’t keep a clean sheet against a pretty physical side in Sheffield United.”

“it’s gonna be tough, they haven’t lost away from home yet either. At least aguero and Jesus will be rested and foden could come in to add a bit of energy to the midfield.”

“I can see us really struggling in this one. They have an excellent away record, a good system and are in great form. We’re going to be exhausted having played almost 80 mins with 10 men and our confidence will be shot having blown a 2-0 lead plus we have less than 48 hours between matches. Finally our reserve keeper will play who has conceded 6 in his only 2 league appearances this season”.

“Anything is possible with Bravo in Net.
Teams know if they attack us there is a high possibility they will score.That is the sad reality these days.”

“Clownio will concede at least 2 against these. If they shoot, they’ll score.
As long as we score 1 more than they do, it will have to suffice. We are absolutely comical in defence at the moment.”

“We could play as we did against Burnley and Leicester, and smash them. Or we could lose abjectly, as we did against the rags and last night. Or we could draw. We’re inconsistent, like everyone else, except for one team, which is going to win the league at a canter.”

“We are at a point where I just haven’t a clue how a game will unfold. It might be that Sheff Utd think they can go toe to toe with our present crisis. I don’t think we will replicate the couple of brainfarts that gifted Wolves a couple of goals, but, there again, yer never know!”

“Im sick of hearing about our players being tierd because they have just played a gamr,poor little things !
They are top proffesional footballers who get the very best pre and post medical treatment.
The more they are told they are tired the more they believe it.”

“I think we will smash them tbh . We will have one big point to prove and dismantle them with ease”

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