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“Remember when we went to Sheffield last season and got dicked 4-1. Dark days they were. A reminder for us all to enjoy the ride.”

“Sheff Utd have a great support time to step up I feel we can batter this lot on our day but they won’t roll over like Norwich.”

“Sheff United lost to Newcastle and only got a narrow win against Norwich. We shouldn’t fear them.”

“I watched their recent game against the mighty Newcastle and at times they were made to look like a pub side. Brucie played his usual 5-4-1 and Sheffield didnt have a clue how to break it down.”

“Sheffield are doing what many Automatically Promoted Clubs do ( and well done to them) and starting well. One out of the 2 was bound to. And they will do what virtually all of the Clubs that do that, do, which is drop off. There are still 12 Clubs fighting the drop and they are one.”

“I think we will finish above Sheffield United this season”

“Yeah I was thinking Sheffield United were on about 25 points. Don’t think it’s beyond the realms we could be above Sheffield by middle of Jan although need to make sure we don’t lose there”.

“Chris Wilder’s done a great job but the wheels look to be falling off a bit in their last couple of performances. Lucky against united, lost to Newcastle, had to come from behind to win tightly against Norwich. We can and should get something from this.”

“Palace & sheff utd are both 7 points better off than us, we have scored 4 more than Sheffield & incredibly 9 more than palace have managed”

“This is a really interesting game on many levels. On one hand United are flying, so they’ll be tough. But on the other hand, we’re both promoted sides so it’ll be very interesting to see how we both match up and how we’ve both progressed from this time last year. Both sides will look at it as a decent opportunity to get points. We’ve shown we match up very well against bottom half sides, and while they’re not currently a bottom half side, I would regard them in any statistical model as being one that’s punching above its weight (to their infinite credit, so take nothing away). “

“Our squad is no worse than Sheffield united, it’s just they are drilled much much better, you can tell from there manages persona, he takes no shit. Smith on the other hand couldn’t even get Mings off the pitch when he did his hamstring??”

“the arrogance of us Villans thinking all our players are better than Sheffield Utd
Don’t get me wrong I think the same our players are better than theirs but Wilder wouldn’t want them as they are fairies compared to his team.
He said last season John Mcginn was the best midfielder in the championship next to Oli Norwood, None of us would rate Norwood but Wilder rates him better than Super John Mcginn.
The keeper is good albeit on loan, the fullbacks are better than ours and they have CB’s their fans think are better than Mings
Not my personal views but what Wilder and Their fans think.
They see this as an easy game, just like we do
I actually see their strikers as their weak link”

“Theyve had an incredible start to the season, I really like their refreshing approach and I think Wilder is top class. Ever since Snoddy bent that one in in the last minute and he had nothing but kind words toward us. Very similar to Deano in being a down to earth, honest manager. Probably because both love their clubs and wouldnt bullshit their own fans. The game itself is a test of character. You know you have to match them for fight and tactical discipline; then hope your quality will shine through. This could be season changing for us if we could do it. “

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“I bet Chris Wilder is seeing 3 points here and us as an easier team, just like some Villa fans think this is an easier game.
Wilder would take Mcginn and Grealish but he’d not see the rest as an improvement on what he has and that is the harsh truth.
We don’t see it like that but in Wilders world, he certainly would, there isn’t a pussy in his side and we have several when the going gets tough they aren’t up to a battle and a battle it is going to be first and foremost.
Wilder has 5 strikers (not any good)he interchanges when they run out of steam we have Wesley who doesn’t ever get up to steam,
Strangely we think we are the more attack-minded side They signed 3 strikers in the summer we signed one
Deano must know this and know what’s coming but can he swallow his pride and change tactics to counter it of does he give it the big I’ll do it my way?
There are a lot of similarities between Deano and Wilder both have don’t it the hard way and both are managing “their “clubs, both are loved by the fans but Wilder gets more out of his players than Dean does which is why they are above us”

“It’s a tough game, no under estimating it. Coming into this season I thought Sheff Utd were going to get found out at the back but they’ve improved immensely and don’t look like they’ll be in any danger as it stands. I do think they’ll slow down as the season continues but they have form and momentum. A lot we can learn from them tactically.”

“Very difficult game this. They come flying out of the blocks at home and their work rate is manic. Can play a bit too.”

“I think this will be amongst the tough ones we have just had.
I look how they play and I look how we play and I think, we will be in trouble if we play as we have been.
Newcastle came and did a job, we are not capable of doing….and further more a job the fan base don’t want us to do.
I would take the draw now, but I think Sheff Utd’s effervescence and intensity, will be too much for us…..we have too many players struggling.”

“I’m fearing the worst for this one.”

“when the Sheffield centre halves come bombing forward (lets face they won’t need to mark Wesley) we are going to be all over the shop”

“Sheffield Utd have a unique style of play with the over lapping centre backs. They aren’t the long ball team some people label them as. With the wing backs pushing up we will likely get outnumbered in the middle again, so I’m hoping we have a plan to counter that”

“Honestly, I am not bothered about the outcome of these matches against teams that are clearly better than ours. The real test is against those that are looking likely to go down.”

“This is just about the last game I want us to play right now”

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By Roy

One thought on “Pre-Match View From Aston Villa”
  1. Very fair assessment of tomorrows game..
    May the best team win UTB …I just hope I’m in the pub at 5 o’clock discussing the game and not bloody VAR

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