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“Why do we always sell our best players?”

“If Bogle adapts straight away to the Premier then in one year he will be £25 million.”

“I think he’ll have a top career and even a big move after Sheffield, it’s a shame England have so many good young right backs. He will achieve more than Cash does in his career for sure!”

“Bogle is up there as the best RB in the league with plenty more potential.”

“He’s our most saleable asset”

“Tell you what, it’s an excellent move for Jayden”

“Bogle would thrive in Sheffield United fluid set up I think, where offensive skills in defenders are key, so a sell on clause is important”

“Bogle is clearly a very good player and will suit the wing back role very well. He was always going to make the step up at some point. “

“bogle is a clsss player at 20”

“Bogle is 20, got 17 assists and 3 goals in 2 seasons which aren’t bad for a winger, let alone a fullback. Let’s not forget he was injured for a portion of last season which certainly had an impact on his form.”

“At least as good as Cash”

“Really did enjoy watching Bogle on his day.”

“8 million for Bogle? Matty Cash probably is a better player but not by much and he’s 3 years older and he’s gone for 15, there’s no way a 20 year old English right back who’s as good as he is is worth 8 million”

“in today’s market Bogle is a 12 million all day long, Brentford, Southampton or even Forest would be getting 15 million for him all day long.
15 million is the absolute minimum they should be going for. “

“Twenty-three year-old Cash went for £14,000,000, rising to £16,000,000 after one good first season at right-back. Twenty year-old Jayden Bogle has 17 assists and three goals in two seasons as an attacking right-back. “

“An insult how little he has gone for”

“Not bothered about max Lowe going just Bogle”

“he had a fairly indifferent season last year so they’re paying for potential.”

“Bogle has potential. But he was slated so many times last season”

“This time last year Bogle was one of our best assets. In Lampard’s year he came from nowhere (well Swindon via the under 23s) to be our first choice right back. Lampard’s team and tactic played to his strengths. Breaking forward a lot, providing an outlet. Driving from right back into the box and providing crosses. He was excellant. He’s had a poor season. It feels like he’s been asked to defend more and his headers seem to be into the middle of the park to a waiting opponent (should someone tell him to head it back where it came from?). Managing that kind of thing can be taught. For me Bogle as still a class act. His brilliant debut season makes him a premier league quality full back and in the right forward thinking team mid table team (sheff u, wolves Leicester etc), he would be a great asset”

“Bogle good breakthrough season but inconsistent and frustrating of late”

“Bogle is a good player, with potential of course to improve greatly at his age – but he’s rather been Cyrus Christie Mk. II for me last season – often wasteful in advanced positions and loose defensively, suspect positionally too often.”

“No doubt about it, going forward, Bogle is an asset. Young lad, plenty of potential. However, as a defender, he’s a liability.”

“Bogle as a player is a tough call. Suspect defensively which is going to cost us at times, although he will probably cancel that out with goals or assists. He will improve. Maybe not a lot or immediately but I can see him having a higher peak value than the lower of those figures.”

“Bogle needs to learn how to defend.”

“Think Bogle’s naivety may be exploited by Premier League forwards”

“Bogle at this moment in time with his defensive frailties would be found out big time in the Prem”

“he’s nowhere near as bad at defending as people make out. He’s no worse than the average championship fullback in defence, and he’s a lot better going forward.”

“Bogle was questionable defensively on occasions, but yeah used in the right formation and given more freedom to go forward he could be worth a lot more in years to come, it’s a tough one you’d hope they’d put some sell on clauses in.”

“I think both Bogle and Lowe would be found out in the Prem. Good luck to them both though… “

“Bogle had one good season under Lampard and has been average since.”

“So Sheffield United are possibly buying Bogle and Lowe for around 10 million. Sheffield United who were a league one team in 2016 and we seem to have made absolutely no progress whatsoever. Yes we keep saying we are a work in progress. What progress? The plan was to build using our youngsters. So we train them up and sell them. Then we train the next lot up and sell them and so it goes on. As somebody who was lucky enough to be there in the glory days of BC I get a bit tired of people saying we don’t have a God given right to be in the top flight. That’s where we should aim to be. If Sheffield United can do it why can’t we?!”

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One thought on “Derby Fans Views On Jayden Bogle”
  1. Only time will tell with Bogle & Lowe , a lot of Brentford fans said Egan & O’Connell weren’t upto it but boy how wrong were they proved , 3rd best defence in the Premier league last season they were immense so as I said only time will tell

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