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“Very, very annoying. Lost for words, actually. Selling young players on the cheap. We never learn.”

“This is the most Derby thing to do ever. Whats the point bringing through players if we are just sell them?”

“If i was Lowe id want to go. Last year of contract, chance to play in the prem.”


“Lowe is a genuinely excellent defender who will thrive in Sheffield United’s system. “

“I genuinely think he could be one of the best full backs in the league if given a regular starting berth.”

“I rate Lowe as the best LB in the division”

“A mid table club’s second choice left back is the best in the league. Mmmm interesting!”

“Lowe has the best anticipation of any defender in this league when the opponent has their back to goal. Lowe intentionally stands off his man, knows the pass is coming, anticipates not reacts, touches the ball before the opponent and we’ve just won possession. However he hasn’t quite got it right yet when the player is facing the goal. He likes to dive in, litterally and it’s usually 50/50 regarding him winning the ball. If he just stayed on his feet in these situations, he’d be one of the best LB’s in the league overall”
“I do think Lowe has the better potential but isn’t as good as Bogle yet. I think if there’s any manager to get the best out of players it’s Wilder, so I actually expect them to do well there.”

“Bogle is better, but I have a feeling they will peak at different ages. Don’t know why, I just think in 5 years time Lowe will be the better player. “

“A perfect wing back”

“it is a shame he’s off. Has great potential and could be a top left back at this level. He hasn’t held down a first team spot though, is weak in the air and switches off. Not kicked in as hoped. Good player but not irreplaceable”

“Lowe leaving for 5m is disappointing, but understandable. Bogle leaving for 5m is an absolute insult.”

“Lowe is in the last year of his contract. £2m seems reasonable for a top half championship left back who can leave for free next summer.”

“If I was Max Lowe I would be practising kicking a football with my right foot, but that’s just me. I could apply that to most modern day footballers to be fair.”

“Exactly why you’d jump at the chance to go up a league.. Might not get the chance again”

“I have always rated Lowe, but it seems like Cocu doesn’t and Lampard clearly didn’t so perhaps no great loss?”

“Cocu clearly rates Buchanan and based on what I’ve seen so far l think he has far more potential than Lowe. He put in the best crosses of the game today when he moved back to the left in the second half. Selling Lowe helps his development. “

“He’s not amazing but still ahead of Malone and Forsyth”

“Forsyth a much better defender than Lowe, in fact Lowe when played always made us weaker on the left, him and Bogle let to many crosses into our box, have we all forgotten this already.”

“People who think Forsyth is better than Lowe are clowns”

“Lowe wasn’t that good last season and struggles to defend crosses in to the box. “

“Lowe hasn’t exactly established himself.”

“lots of potential but nothing to prove he will make it just yet.”

“a bit lightweight – hope he proves me wrong and storms it.”

“He’s regressed”

“Lowe looks a very average Championship player to me. “

“Lowe nowhere near good enough for the Prem”

“why do you think all of our last 3 Managers didn’t play Lowe as our left back every game when fit and also how didn’t he get a regular game out on loan at Shrewsbury, couldn’t oust their first choice left back?”

“Lowe was shipped out on loan to Aberdeen not that long ago”

“had a successful loan spell at Aberdeen a year ago and has some of the best defensive numbers in the league (despite some people’s impressions). “

“I wanted to see Lowe make the left back position his but he hasn’t been able to hold it down. He has always been a bit lightweight and I’ll never forget that Leeds game at Elland Road where that winger Clarke ran rings around him. However he did well on loan at Aberdeen so may be a move away will be good for him.”

“The main reason Lowe didn’t make more appearances last season was simply that in some games we needed the extra height and strength of Forsyth against certain opposition. For all Lowe’s strengths (as backed up by the statistics) he’s susceptible in the air and not the best at tracking players running behind him (similar to Evans in that regard); with Bogle being our first choice for RB but them both having the same aerial weaknesses it could be a risk playing them together”

“My god how many times , he played more games at LB than ANY OTHER PLAYER THIS SEASON what is so hard to understand? If someone plays the most in that position then he is the first name on the team sheet? Come on now this is getting boring , take your forsyth personalised glasses off for crying out loud”

“I’d be surprised if bogle and Lowe are anything more than backup/ cover for Baldock and Stevens. Baldock and Stevens have been vital to the way Sheffield play over the past few years. “

“Never get a game there”

“I think Lowe is going as back up”

“Pretty sure they have Osborn as backup lwb, played there vs us as well so wouldnt shock me if he left”

“if we signed Bogle and Lowe for 10M I’d feel robbed”

“We conceded 64 goals in championship last season our highest in 6 seasons with them two as full backs, good luck in prem”

“If Matty Cash went for £15 million then £10 million for the pair someone has our pants down “

“Villa hugely overpaid for Cash if figures are true. “

“Mel if you sell Bogle and Lowe for a combined £10m then your off your nut minimum double for the pair”

“Curious Villa didn’t just come in for bogle and Lowe ,they are going dirt cheap and they are every bit the player cash is ? In fact they are the best in the division in they’re positions “

“Wish we valued our own players as much as we value our stadium.”

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