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“Too bad that Norway with such a beautiful generation arriving (Haaland, Sorloth, Berge, Ajjer,…) also play badly “

“Haaland, Odegaard, Sorloth, Berge are apparently not enough …”

“What the is Lars Lageback managing this team? He makes Haaland, Sørloth, Ødegaard, Sander Berge look like chinese farmers against Serbia. We’re losing against a team who’s best player is MITROVIC???”

“Berge is a good player”

“I really like Sander Berge. He organizes, marks the time of the game, usually improves the play when the ball passes his feet … His “problem” is that he is a classic midfielder. Far from what is demanded today.”

“Similar to Busquets. I still believe that this role in a 442 accompanied by a box to box still has its place”

“Berge has a lot of qualities. But he needs like all other good players around him.”

“Was good tho the whole team has been a bit shit today”

“Sander Berge. International average.”

“what the hell have Ødegaard, Berge and Ajer done today? Totally invisible and only support passes and Ajer wandering disaster behind.”

“Disappointing match by Berge. Goes terribly slow and fluent with mismatches.”

“I do not think I have ever seen Sander Berge play a good match.”

“Berge has had an absolute nightmare all game”

“Sorry but Sander Berge is very weak today”

“Berge is not quality”

“Never bought the Sander Berge hype. The impression solidly reinforced tonight.”

“Sander Berge a little too praised”

“could not show a presence”

“Sander Berge, you’re not good.”

“Sander Berge = Norwegian Obi Mikel”

“Berge 3/10”

“Berge does not work as glue.”

“Berge seems to have eaten 2 liters of ice cream a lot. Tough in the pedals”

“Not sure who I think has been the worst. Berge is not exactly on the hook”

“Can anyone tell me why Berge, as one of the team’s highest, on death and life should hit dead balls?”

“Berge is praised. I want absolutely everything Sheffield Utd hurts.”

By Roy

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