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“We were playing well with Moore as a focal point and 3 very good midfielders – Ampadu, Morrell, Joniesta”

“Ampadu 9/10”

“Ampadu played well. “

“Really like ampadu”

“I rate Ampadu as a future DM considering his age and experience”

“Man I love Ampadu”

“When Ampadu went off Grealish + co had run of midfield”

“Ampadu kicking Grealish off the park tonight. Respect: “

“Ampadu clattering grealish is absolutely brilliant viewing”

“Ampadu living out something most people can only dream of – twatting Jack Grealish”

“Ampadu flattening Grealish love to see it”

“I wish Ampadu would have given Grealish something to go down about! Diving all over the place”

“Grealish has skinned that bum Ampadu for 60 minutes straight ffs”

“Ampadu as a DM just ain’t doing it for me…”

“Ampadu who is apparently premiership class was given the run around all night!”

“Ampadu looking rather average”

“Didn’t even realise ampadu was playing ffs”

“Extremely poor tonight”

“I don’t get the hype on ampadu. Two loans now and barely played. Can’t all get wrong”

“Looks like Wales have picked Kwame Ampadu instead of Ethan tonight.”

“Ampadu is criminally overrated”

“It’s really not been his game”

“ampadu is terrible”

“Doesn’t look good at offering himself for the pass. Could be a CB”

“surely Ampadu has to start in cb instead of Mepham on sunday”

By Roy

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