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“A new low.”

“Hahaha we actually lost”

“Totally deserved”

“Sheffield United deserved winners.”

“We got exactly what we deserved from that game”

“Comprehensively and thoroughly outplayed by a team without a win to their name in 19 games. Atrocious.”

“Completely outplayed by the worst team in Prem history.”

“We got taught a football lesson by the worst team in Premier League history.”

“Absolutely pathetic performance. Again. But this was even worse, and against the worst team in the league.”

“It’s ok, we’re still better than sheff United. Oh, wait..”

“Played lads, nobody predicted that. Nobody.”

“Its not even an exaggeration, that’s the worst Newcastle have performed in years, even before McClaren.”

“That’s up there with the worst display I’ve ever seen.”

“We play against a team that hasn’t won a single game this season. Yet we play 5 at the back and has no interest of attack or even try to score a goal. Just try to get the opposition not to score a goal and be happy with a point.”

“I listened to this on the radio and it was still painful to watch. “

“The reason sheff United were much the better team was because of how s**** we are. Nothing to do with them being amazing.”

“Sheff Utd made hard work of that”

“It’s like I’m angry but I don’t care at the same time. The Championship should be fun.. our only saving grace is West Brom & Sheffield United look worse than us”

“I don’t give a **** about the red, we were horrifc even before it.
I won’t let that maggot hide behind a red card”

“Fernandez is clearly swiping it. It’s harsh but consistent with the current rules.”

“I agree that Fernandez clearly swiped it. My contention would be that Fernandez had his shoulder in front of their player the whole time and prior to him moving his arm towards the ball their player clearly pulled at his shirt. If it was the other way (Fernandez was the attacking player) they could well have reviewed it and declared it a penalty in his favour. “

“Sharp fouled him for about 10 yards man, he was dragging his shirt all over.”

“Annoying that a second rate referee can’t see Schar was fouled (shirt pulled) before the handball especially as he reviewed it and therefore not a penalty. And Sharp should have been off for a studs tackle on Schar. Lucky we have VAR to make sure these decisions are the right ones.”

“Can’t wait to hear Bruce throw out the “no excuses, terrible performance, brush ourselves down and have to do better” s**** before he then says it was never a penalty and Sharp should have been sent off to try and brush his absolute ineptitude under the rug for another week. He is getting the biggest free ride with no fans in attendance. He would be getting mauled as much as our players do every game.
It wasn’t the pathetic play, the demoralised players, the ultra defensive set up with no interest in attacking the 2nd worst team in the league. It wasn’t the fact the mental advantage was given to them by building them up as Man City ahead of the game. It simply Bruce and Ashley again for hiring him. Will he pay compensation, bother at all if he thinks the takeover might happen or maybe he can cotton on to the fact hiring someone new might kick up enough commotion so we don’t spend another penny in the transfer market this month. Either way we got beat by the 2nd worst team in the league because Bruce makes us play like the worst team in the league. If there isn’t a manager change we will soon be the worst team not in the premier league.”

“The tactic of allowing Sheffield United to play their way into form is an intriguing one”

“Happier for Sheff United to get their win, than disappointed in us losing.
Actually laughed when they scored. Just completely numb of any anger with this stinking streak of detritus in charge.”

“Sheffield United have just won their first game in 18 attempts tonight and I’d swap managers with them in a heartbeat. That’s how turboshit this obese cockend is”

“The truth is that far from the sending off being an excuse for Bruce, it was partly his fault. If we hadn’t came and set up so negatively it’s likely we wouldn’t have needed to be so desperately chasing the bottom team around the pitch giving away free kicks, yellow cards and red cards.”

“Steve bruce wearing a top with fun on is the most inappropriate thing since Fred west submitted an application to the council for a patio extension”

“I am currently writing to my local MP”

“i’d honestly take a punt on joey barton.
if for no other reason than he might put some cigars out in ashley’s eyes.”

“Steve: “How’s the bacon did ya say?”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Newcastle”
  1. Brilliant! Some very funny comments from the Toon lot. Specially like the one about Fred West!
    Thanks for your efforts Andrew

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