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“No wins in 7 games now. Great momentum to take into the Sheffield United game.”

“You just know they’ll get their first win against us. Defo putting some money on that.”

“i’m very tempted to have a daft £20 on them breaking their duck on the 12th. writings on the wall!” “Most of Sheffield United’s defeats have been by the odd goal, I’m expecting a close game”

“Sheffield United are down barring a miracle but even then they’re probably a better side than us. We’re arguably the worst team in the league.”!

“This is nonsense. Sheffield United have 2 points from 17 games. West Brom are a Championship side and are frankly doomed. There’s other sides down there you could make arguments for, but we are by no means the worst team in the league.”

“Sheffield Utd are not going to get to double figures this season.”

“We create less than anyone else in the league and concede more shots than nearly everyone. We might not be the worst in terms of results but along with West Brom, we’re probably one of the few teams that neutrals watch and have no idea what we’re doing.”

“We may have had some good luck, but its through more than bad luck that clubs finds themselves in the positions they’re in.”

“The good luck seems to have ran out and it’s hard to see where our next win comes from.”

“We’re longer odds to win then Sheffield United (who haven’t won a league game this season). Says it all about our club right now. Fully expect a below par performance from Bruce’s men.”

“if we lose Tuesday night to Sheffield United then Bruce has to go it’s that simple”

“No way do we lose here. The football gods love Bruce too much to put him under the sort of pressure that does”

“He’ll fluke a draw and see it as a massive achievement”

“Losing against Sheffield, or even just playing the way we have been, is unforgiveable”

“If we lose to Sheffield we won’t be that safe in the league though and we’ll be on a hell of a downward trajectory.”

“It’ll be interesting to see if there is actually any pressure on Bruce after the Sheffield game. We look likely to crash out of the cup at the first hurdle and then give the Blades their first win of the season by next Tuesday night. Should that happen, for any sane person his position would have to finally become untenable.”

“I think the majority of us want Bruce out.. and if he can’t beat a Sheffield United side bottom of the table with 2 points and very low on confidence then he has to go”

“Steve Bruce after Sheffield United loss: We played well, unfortunately we didn’t have that bit of luck today, but were a work in progress. Sheffield united are a good side, but I think the boys struggled especially as they had to play 120 minutes on Saturday. ”

“Easy Newcastle win for me. People overstating how bad we are again.”

By Roy

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