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“Proud to be a Gashead after that performance”

“Proud of that performance, went toe to toe with a Premier League side and nearly got something out of it, an entertaining game to watch.”

“Thought it was a great game of Cup Football.
No shame in losing by the odd goal against a full strength Premier League side, even if they are a useless one, while we were without our best players.”

“What a fantastic game and experience, it deserved fans! It was always going to be tough against a Premier League side”

“It doesn’t matter what Sheffield United”s form was like we gave a premier League team a good game.”

“We’ve given a pretty much full strength premiership side a really good game”

“We’ve done very well for a team at the ass end of league 1 against a premier league side.”

“I guess it’s just our luck Sheff Utd put out a full strength side, I doubt there’s any other Premierside doing that this weekend against lower league opposition?”

“The Prem quality shone through in the end but it was a cracking effort from us!”

“decent showing today against higher class opponents.”

“At times Sheffield Utd looked way way better than us… at other times we competed well.”

“A battling performance but the better side won and should have done by more than they did.”

“Good shift from the boys today. Most can be proud of their contribution in a game few expected a result.
Sheffield Utd deserved the win of course but Tis will be frustrated that a team with zero pace got in behind us and that we conceded so soon after scoring. I don’t think we gave ourselves much chance going behind with 20mins left.
Sheffield Utd are not a prem team and certainly won’t be come the end of the season.”

“If it wasn’t for Ollie Burke coming on I really don’t think they would of won tbh!! Can see why theyre bottom!”

“Decent performance that, though can’t piss about at the back against a Prem, even one as shit as Sheffield Utd.”

“The difference between us and a Premier League team was 2 awful referee decisions and an international footballer coming on as a sub.”

“Sheff U deserved the win but with a half balanced referee we may have got a draw there. I thought when the ref holds both hands in front of him it means advantage. Is not an advantage when the opponent is running through on goal. Blades surely going down, a back three who can’t stay on their feet can only get you so far”

“No shame in that performance today.
A number of dodgy/iffy Ref decision in that second half – the free kick we didn’t get before they broke away, throw ins, corners, free kicks that should have been in our favour. It seemed like the Ref decided not to keep up with play second half.”

“Yeah I enjoyed the game, I thought we gave a pretty decent account of ourselves and we were beaten by a better side. :and that cant of a ref of course”

” Their last two goals were both free kicks to us.”

“Good honest game apart from last 5 minutes time wasting”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Bristol Rovers”
  1. We are low on confidence and it showed yesterday. That being said, great game to watch as a neutral. Bristol Rovers can rightly be proud of their performance and are a credit to their division and more importantly themselves. Classic cup tie that swung one way then the other. We deserved to win but were pushed all the way. Despite what som Rovers fans are saying, that isn’t our full strength team as we have shed loads of injuries but we did enough to get through.

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