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“what a dire spectacle that was”

“I have never seen such uninspiring anti-football in my life.It is absolutely dire to watch.No wonder people would like to see us go down.It is a bad advert for the PL.”

“Genuine question, does anyone actually like watching us play?
It’s painfully boring”

“The team looks a bit stale
Just like the manager”

“I up front against Sheff Utd is just pathetic. The basics are all wrong and as mentioned above the mentality.”

“we made sheffield look like Barcelona”

“Another shocking performance against the worst team in the league.”

“Only surprise was it was only 1-0. That shows how poor they really are.”

“We were absolutely dire against the worst team in the league”

“We should have had a penalty but we deserved nothing from this game. Woeful from start to finish. An absolute shocker”

“A ghastly performance amongst many ghastly performances in a ghastly season”

“The main positive is I don’t have to watch us play for a few months.
Horrendous season”

“The opposition were not of the same quality. If Ben is playing today they don’t score. You can argue the toss about the other games but we played better in both and got stuffed by good teams. Today reminded me of one of our don’t give a monkeys cup type performances against a lower league team with nobody wanting to get injured.”

“Well disappointing to say the least against statistically the worst side in premier lge history. Genuinely fear for us next year”

“It’s disappointing to say the least, but Sheff Utd are nowhere near the worst team in PL history.
Remember Derby’s 11 points, or Huddersfield’s 17 point haul, there maybe others that have fared worst then Sheff Utd’s final tally of 23, but I can’t bring them to mind off the top of my head.”

“if sheff Utd lost today it would be the first time a side has lost 30 games in a premier lge season
Also the Mcgoldrick goal that got them to 20 goals saved them from being the first side since 1888 to not score 20 goals in a season since Loughborough .
So statistically they are pretty bad””

“Mc Goldrick has more of a football brain than our entire team”

“I’ve seen enough after watching a 17 year old humiliate Dunne and Taylor”

“Jebbison is lively, where is our 17 year old livewire forward? getting splinters on the bench”

“That guy Robinson would be someone to look at from today’s game for sure.”

“Get Robinson signed!”

“He was the best player on the pitch”

“Man of the match was the plastic bag”

“to be fair, it showed more movement in the attacking third than any of our players”

“I have been told that the plastic bag is out of our range as a summer target”

“I could have probably looked good playing against us today!”

“watching Norris playing for BFC is an embarrassment for him and the club. He literally cannot even punch the ball”

“I’d say Ramsdale in the opposite goal has been much worse than Norris.”

“They outplayed us at the Turf for long periods of the game, we have been so fortunate to have a brilliant keeper and defence take weaken that and we certainly are relegation fodder.”

“They certainly showed more pride than we did”

“Thank goodness that season is over. I’ve hated most of it.
I’ll give football a month at the start of next season and if the ills aren’t improved I’m giving up to it.
Corrupt VAR decisions
Squealing and acting by players
Time wasting. From keepers holding the ball forever to refusing to take GKs, players standing on the ball at FKs, kicking the ball away from FKs, etc.,
Arguing with refs when they know he was correct.
It’s not the game I grew up loving.”

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By Roy

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