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“This game is exactly why I don’t bother with friendlies. It will be different next week.”

“Quite a few players out and playing against a team of players that were very recently prem players. Friendlies mean nothing, just about fitness and shape work to prepare for the 7th”

“It was a friendly, we had half a team available, it was pretty shit. Not much more to add really. “

“Might only be a friendly but less said the better”

“Well that was far worse than I hoped for. We were pretty poor overall. Yes, I’ve watched Rovers long enough to realise pre season games mean nothing but there looks to be vast room for improvement in even the contracted players.”

“Write that one off quickly”

“there won’t be a team in L1 that is anywhere near as good as Sheff Utd.”

“I know it’s Sheff Utd but jeez.”

“I hope that this is one in a blue moon. We looked really good against Newcastle but nothing tonight has clicked at all”

“Lost 3.2 to a prem and lose 4.0 to a championship”

“Not impressed with that result, I know its just a friendly but that is poor”

“To be fair we have done well to keep it down to four.”

“fairly bad to be honest. Especially up front. Not a lot to trouble their defence. Only a friendly I guess.”

“Gave them far too much room”

“It might be because the blunts are creating so much room because they are so much better than us.
A bit like when we played Rossington.”

“They’re only a division above us, the gap shouldn’t be anything like the same as when we play Rosso.
That said I never read too much into friendlies so hopefully doesn’t mean a lot!”

“Blades passing it about like a training exercise, going back to front at will. I know it’s only pre season, but we’re, er, not very good.”

“Come on lads, we have to be realistic here.
Sheff Utd were Street ahead of us in quality.”

“1st half was pretty much the Blades XI to be fair. We are playing a decent side but have zero fluidity or shape.”

“Berge is absolute class”

“Do NOT give Sander Berge that much space FFS.”

“wednesday never loan players to Rovers (can anyone remember any)
sheff united have been very good to rovers loaning players over the years
so maybe they might loan one of their youngsters
the list of players that started at united and went on to play in the premiership is ridiculous”

By Roy

One thought on “View From Doncaster Rovers”
  1. I know its only a friendly & I’m sure Donny can play alot better tha that,But 2cnd half we played all our youngsters & still won 1.0…….UTB..

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