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Bournemouth Fans

“I think they will go up. 2nd place”

“If Mousset stays fit he will score 25 at this level”

“it actually looks like Berge might stay at Sheff U. Imo he’s an even better player than Buendia and it would be an absolute travesty if he is to grace a championship pitch. With him in the side and the general quality of the rest of their team, I can’t see past Sheff U walking the league tbh.”

“Lol he wouldn’t lace Buendia’s boots!…… he’s a different type of player anyway …. he’s not going to win games on his own like Buendia did last season…… having Berge is no different to us having Lerma last season……like Lerma I don’t think he’ll be as effective in the Championship.”

“I didn’t find Sheffield united’s style of play attractive under Wilder. Effective but ugly. Thankfully for Eddie, makes the signing of Solanke look like a bargain vs Brewster!
Think jokanovic creates exciting teams and deservedly got plaudits. Fulham in prem under him were awful. Watford happy not to have him in prem! Went to Qatar rather than looking for a top league?”

“it’s slightly funny considering all last year people were banging on about how Wilder was better than Howe. Wilder wasted nearly as much money in 2 years in that league as Howe did in 5. That’s not to discredit Wilder, but just to say it’s a lot harder than it looks up there!”

Barnsley Fans

“Despite last year’s dismal Prem showing I think the Blunts still have a strong squad and a good man in Jokanovic to take the club forward. Their youth and U-23 setup is reported to be a strong one.”

“Of the teams who’ve gone down you can see the blunts want to go up again. “

“I think Jokanovic will have the blades well up for it given his record in this division”

“I do fancy Sheff Utd to win the league. I think a lot of nonsense has been wrote about 2nd season syndrome with them last season but they pretty much lost 4 of their best players for almost the full season – O’Connell, Egan, Fleck & Berge who I think will be the best or very close to been the best player in the league this season. On top of that they’ve got quality full / wing backs & several quality championship strikers to share the work load. Jokanovic seems a good appointment as well.”

“They were undoubtedly out of their depth last season, and I expect a few more departures including some of their big earners from the PL. I always thought under Wilder they were a midtable championship side that he’d managed to get into the Country’s top 10, and I think that will show this season.”

Birmingham Fans

“the last time we played Sheff Utd on the 1st game of the season we went up!!”

“Dont think they need many additions to be up there”

“They will win the league”

“Damn tough opening game”

Blackburn Fans

“Sheff Utd or West Brom will win it”

“Sheffield United for me”

“PL last season, parachute excuse and have appointed a top manager”

“Could go either way that. Big change from Wilder to as foreign coach.”

Blackpool Fans

“When you look at the line up of teams in The Championship there look to be some big hitters with WBA, Sheffield Unitrd and Fulham all having the benefit of parachute payments”

“1st: Sheffield United”

“Sheff Utd play offs for me”

“Birmingham, Derby, Sheffield utd all in the bottom six at least two of them relegated.”

“terrible season last year, for me odds on to go down again”

“Both Sheffield clubs think they are big but actually arent”

Bristol City Fans

“Sheffield United my tip to win it”

“Top two: Predicable but West Brom & Sheff Utd”

“Baggies and Sheff U or Bomo being the top 3”

“3 teams relegated this season were awful, could see it months ago. Now a large budget as a reward for failure for next season in the championship.”

“unlike last year’s lot, their squad isn’t really good enough on paper to go up automatically. Top 6 would be a decent season for Slav but can see them being more around mid table”

“reckon Sheff U might struggle again”

Cardiff Fans

“play offs for Sheff Utd”

“So, Fulham dropped down from the Premier League and their first year of parachute payments from the top flight will see them net upwards of £40m. The same goes for West Brom and Sheffield United.”

“The three teams coming down from the Premier League are supercharged more than any other year in comparison to other teams.”

Coventry Fans

“I expect Sheffield United and West Brom to bounce straight back up”

“while Sheff U are likeliest to fall backwards its still hard to not see them being in the top 6.”

“I just feel that sheffield United, west brom and Fulham will be weaker than Norwich, Watford and Brentford have been this season”

“Sheffield United still confound me how they managed to get promoted, but hats off to them.”

Derby Fans

“ Go on then…
1. Fulham
2. Bournemouth
3. West Brom
4. QPR
5. Cardiff
6. Sheff Utd “

“I think Sheff United & Jokanovic may take time to gel & what looks a good match up may actually end up backfiring. He’s inherited a squad familiar with one manager & his style of play. The likes of Brewster may thrive under the new boss, but the Blades are unsettled (Berge). I think Wilder’s reputation took a massive knock after the owner revealed his side of the story. He basically said that he’d back him if they got relegated but asked questions about why some of the signings, like Brewster, were not working out. That seems a fair criticism. Wilder came across as a bit of a Billy Davies, pursuing his own agenda, agitating to leave a lot earlier than he did and clearly something must be amiss if WBA were divided about appointing him.”

“agree on Sheffield United. They may take a while to find their footing, similar to Fulham under Jokanovic’s first season. “

Fulham Fans

“It’s going to be interesting to see how Shefield United start the season.
It might take Jokanovic until November to settle the team he wants before they kick on and see them make a challenge.
Wonder if he will try to get any of his ex-Fulham team, he’s already got Norwood, so he will be Jokanovic’s captain material.”

“Hope it works out with marco. Will be interesting to see how they all do head to head in the same league. Slavisa is a better manager than Parker.. Where’s marco fit? Is it fair to say we have a better all round squad than Bournemouth and Sheffield utd? “

“Sheff U have Slav and will be strong.”

“I think you need a bit of edge as a manager like Slav did but you also need that respect of people”

“It is incredible in retrospect how Slav got our squad promoted”

Huddersfield Fans

“.expect WBA, Fulham and Sheff Utd will occupy the top 3 places next season”

“Sheff U 2nd”

“Liverpool always seem to get inflated fees for their players. Rhian Brewster, Victims to Sheffield United: £23.5m for 27 appearances and 0 goals. “

Hull Fans

“I am thinking a season of nothing, then they’ll have a proper go in the second season once they settle with his squad.
Unless Slav flops. He’s not a guaranteed success.”

“A horrible greasy football club, I hate Sheffield United. “

“The wealthy owner believes the cub can do better than Porky Wilder but it’s hard to see how, given the fact he appears to know nowt about football but plenty about accumulating wealth..
All being well, this will fracture the unity at the club and set fans against owners, a bit like a club closer to home, and the newly appointed manager will fail to match Wilder’s efforts. This in turn will lead to stagnation or straightforward deterioration for this mini massive outfit. So good times ahead all being well, and we’ll be beating them again soon in the league.
I expect their ****ty fanbase to mark today’s events in proper blades fashion…… smashing windows of families living nearby or attacking kids or lone teenagers…”

Forest Fans

“Will still be hard for United to mess it up next year with the parachute payments but without Wilder it makes it abit less likely bouncing back”

“I think Slav will need to make big changes to the squad as it isn’t set up to play his brand of football but that’s a brilliant appointment for them that and I think they will be right up there now. “

“I doubt there will be too many surprises at the top end of the table but it’s anyone’s guess as to who goes down.”

“The league is as uncompetitive as I’ve ever remembered. It’s going to be a miserable predictable grim season with money being king as always. The exception being D*rby going down at last hopefully. Top 3 will be those who came down”

Luton Fans

“Sheffield U on Sky 5 times , us 0. I know generally we’re not good on live matches, but I really hope sky wished they had included us”

“Can see us beating Sheff Utd later this month”

“Five years ago we finished 11th in League 2. We’ve risen to 12th in the Championship. A rise of 48 places. No other EFL club has enjoyed such a rise. Sheffield Utd achieved a rise of 47 places in four years from 2016”

Middlesbrough Fans

“Could Jokanavic doing well at Sheffield United with a bit of time. “

“bizarre fit given their squad, they’d need a total overhaul unless Jokanovic is moving away from his usual style. “

“I’m not so sure it’s a bizzare fit in my opinion. A lot of their squad is the same as the team that got them up and staying up playing a pretty good brand of football. I think there is at times a bit of a misconception that they don’t get the ball down and play, when it’s the opposite at times. The year they went up, only Swansea, Brentford, Norwich, Leeds and Derby* played more passes over the season than them (They actually had a slightly lower long ball % than Derby). Looking at this season in isolation and they do look pretty poor. But surprisingly they are still looking at a long ball % of only 15%. The reason I’m mentioning this is the year Jokanovic got Fulham up they averaged around 11% long balls over the season. Funnily enough that season (17/18) Fulham topped the charts with passes made, Sheffield sat in 7th. Very obviously this is not the only stat or team trait that will mean the transition from Wilder to Jokanovic will be successful, or that the players will adapt to Jokanovic’s style. But the foundations are there and they’ve not been far off playing something similar under Wilder. “

Millwall Fans

“Sheffield United – from a football mad city. Very rich and full history. A regional following. Able to get 25,000 plus in L1. “

“Charlton think they are a bigger club than them. Deluded. Prove me wrong Charlton….when things hopefully go back to normal and if Danish David Brent buys Charlton, they start averaging 20,000 in League One and then selling 25,000 home tickets in the Championship without free or cheap tickets… because the likes of Nottingham Forest, Sheffield Wednesday and Sheffield United have done that; Sunderland and Leeds even more so. “

“Despite being one of the best supported, most loyal fan bases in the country & a sleeping giant – they never bothered to turn up in the kind of numbers that Sunderland, Nottingham Forest, Southampton, Leeds United, Ipswich Town, Leicester City, Portsmouth, Sheffield United and Sheffield Wednesday fans did in just League One alone! Even when having some the cheapest tickets around.
Deluded beyond belief. “

Peterborough Fans

“With the parachute payments like Tomohawk says there’s a gulf of difference & if things aren’t going well they can always dip into the coffers in January .
1) Fulham
2) West Brom
3) Middlesbrough
4) Bournemouth
5) Sheff Utd “

“I’m really looking forward to some great away days at Fulham, Birmingham, Sheffield United, hopefully Brentford, Bournemouth and Oxford.
I’m cautiously optimistic that we might stay up. “

Preston Fans

“It’ll be interesting to see if Sheffield United come out of the experience any better off in the long run! “

“If nothing else they will come out of it with the experience of being in the top league, with more money to buy decent players at this level and their fans will have a renewed enthusiasm too, what’s not to like? A club like ours has been in the doldrums for six decades “

“I’m sure they had a great promotion and first year but if things went belly up from here they wouldn’t be the first. Getting out of a slump can be very difficult at times as the likes of Stoke, Wigan, Sunderland have shown amongst others. West Brom and Watford are very good at yo-yo-ing, Burnley perhaps too but they’ve bucked the trend by doing a bit better than that, Palace perhaps, Norwich but getting money in the account is no guarantee if you have morons in charge of spending it!
That all being said, as I said above, I’d take the rush of that first promotion any day!”

“this is how it’s shaping up…. 4 clubs with quality squads. WBA Sheffield Utd Fulham Bournemouth”

QPR Fans

“ is Jokanovic likely to overcome the hangover of relegation in time for August? He certainly seems a better bet to me than the usual suspects that the media put forward.”

“The three of them coming down are all going to challenge next season; would not be at all surprised to see all three go straight back up. The Premier League finances are coming home to roost.
Hopefully I am wrong, but none of them seem to be in free fall – Sheff U possibly the worst of the three as they have been over-achieving for the last 4-5 years, but I’d still fancy them to finish top three…”

“I’m not sure the 3 relegated sides will be as strong as some think. Of course, parachute payments give them a huge advantage, but it isn’t the be all and end all.
Sheffield United may well have gone up 2 seasons ago on the back of it being Chris Wilder’s home town club. They were v poor in the PL and Jokanovic will have a job to get rid of that losing mentality”

“I am not sure the ‘losing mentality’ is such an important factor. Can’t remember the exact figures. but Norwich lost their last 12 PL games or something like that, but it didn’t affect them last season at all. Covid has widened the gap between the Prem and those below it and that will certainly be a factor next season. I would expect all three relegated clubs to be there or thereabouts (certainly all in the top six), just like this year. “

“I think Sheff Utd will be strong”

“Blades need the least work done but I don’t think any of the relegated sides are conclusive shoo-ins at this early stage, there’s definite potential for a poor summer’s recruitment tanking them if they’re not careful. “

Reading Fans

“Jokanovic is a Good Champ manager, two promotions in only 3 and a bit seasons
Some of his signings were a bit dodgy at Fulham (Anguissa, Seri, Fonte etc) – although you wonder how much of those were his input. Think he’ll do well there”

“Fulham and Sheffield Utd may struggle to impose themselves. “

“Not sure what has happened to McBurnie. He looked like a decent striker a couple of years ago.”

“not sure Sheffield was a great career choice for him – even with their highly successful season last year, they don’t create tons of chances for their forwards. Could be a similar vein to Gayle, Murray, Sharp etc in that he’s a decent Champ forward but can’t make the step up
Don’t think his attitude is great either – been in trouble a few times now”

“It’s the attitude thing that’s surprised me. Question marks over his commitment. Agree the move to Sheffield United wasn’t a good one.Certainly very decent at Championship level. “

Stoke Fans

“Good appointment. You’d think he’d get them in the top 6 minimum. “

“No Gary rowett style appointment for them, straight into a manager who knows how to get promoted.
Sound decision making”

“Is he that good or is it because he’s foreign?
His win percentage at Fulham is 44% – which isn’t shabby, but he spunked £100m up the wall turning them into an awful Premiership team.
If he carried on a 44% win ratio, that would be 20 victories in the season, if you added in 17 draws ( and therefore only 9 defeats) he’d garner as many points as the 6th placed team this year.
He might be the Bee’s Knees, but I would not think he guarantees anything.”

“When he got Watford promoted he inherited a team in 3rd place with 20 points from the first 10 games and a forward line of Deeney, Vydra and Ighalo.
He got Fulham promoted in his 2nd full season with a very strong squad after a ridiculous run at the end of the season saw them go from mid table to 3rd, in the Premier League he didn’t last long.
I like him don’t get me wrong but I think he has a massive job on his hands, I think they’ll make the play offs though.. “

“Good manager who knows what’s needed. I don’t think he’s God’s gift, but he should make a strong Sheff Utd side competitive. They were found out this season, but they do have some good, young players that may well excel with the ease of the league. “

“he’ll likely find it tougher at Sheffield United, but if I was one of their supporters I’d feel a bit better about everything with that appointment.”

Swansea Fans

“ As we know many clubs wait for Swansea to select their targets then make a swoop themselves. Cardiff City are one, Sheffield United another. Both unsuccessful clubs at their level. “

“Not Chris Wilder for us, please not Chris Wilder, did you not see how shit his Sheffield United team were this last season??He has a system that to be fair works but it’s not that pretty to watch and has well and truly been worked out (and that’s because it’s not sustainable).I appreciate they were in the Premier League these past two seasons and that’s clearly a difficult league (we as Swansea supporters are all too aware of that fact) but they scored 39 goals in their first season (granted they only conceded 39) and they scored 20 goals last season, that’s right 20 goals and failed to score in 21 games!!They won 7 games all season (3 of which came after they were relegated and Wilder was long gone by then).The worst ever start by a team in the premier league (2 points in 17 games).Spent big money on strikers in past few years for example Rhian Brewster (20M and 30 appearances with 0 goals)Is that what you want?”

“Sheffield United were relegated last season because of a few different reasons ,They were beset with injuries from the start of the season , the back 3 who were brilliant the previous season hardly played together , Dean Henderson who was outstanding left to play for Man Utd .Their other big problem they had they couldn’t score goals , Mcburnie and Brewster were a disaster , you could question the recruitment of Brewster , who did very well for the Swans , the step up to the premier league was to much.The previous season they won many games by the odd goal and did very well , I enjoyed watching them on match of the day , last season they lost those games by the odd goal , don’t remember any teams giving them a hammering .”

“West Brom, Fulham and Sheffield United have all appointed new bosses after relegation. Yes, parachute payments will help. But none convince me entirely. I think Sheffield United have made the best man “

West Brom Fans

“Jokanovic is a good appointment, great track record in the championship. They will be up there next season. “

“I too was keen for us to appoint Jokanovic “

“The absolute best report I have seen behind a paywall so I only saw the headline from the Times is “Blades reject revised Ramsdale bid, looking for £32m”
We are talking arguably the worst keeper in the League for the last two seasons Sheffield United paid £18m for him and all involved in that purchase should be a laughing stock forever, but wait.
Arsenal “hold my beer, £30m for your boy Ramsdale”
I’d like to think that Prince Abdullah took the call on a Gold plated phone handed to him by a servant and said “It’s Arsenal they are dumber than the average camel tell them £32m and I’m letting them off lightly”

“Not remotely true, he’s just won back to back player of the seasons. “

“Maybe he will find a better keeping coach who sort out his shortcomings. “

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