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“Good luck to him.”

“Hope he does well.. “

“Will do well. A shame we lost him. “

“Good luck to him, for a brief period we were owned by one of our own and managed by one of our own, that end of the season run and play-offs will live long in the memory. In hindsight we had a better team in League one that year then we do now in the Championship, so it wasn’t really an overachievement to get promoted. He’s struggled since then, and the way he left wasn’t exactly great but I wish him well.”

“I rate him as a coach and I think he has the potential to do well there, if given a chance.
The problem is that, as with the Leeds job, he’s unlikely to be accepted by many of the fans, particularly with the length of contract he’s been given, which many will see as a lack of ambition.
He’s been involved in the coaching set up there already, so it’s clearly a decision based on what they’ve seen from him while working there, which is similar to his appointment at Barnsley.
It will be interesting to see how he gets on. “

“It’s no more a gamble than we have made with our appointment I suppose.”

“I said on here weeks ago we should’ve gone for him, got dismissive comments then, watch him galvanise them and start moving up the league. Sensible appointment, not a gamble by any stretch whereas we are praying the spreadsheet works again.”

“I like the bloke as a person & the 2016 promotion season was superb & he was inspirational at times. I’m just stunned they’ve given him the job. He did play for Wednesday as well….”

“Manager, not head coach.That’s what I find most bizarre about this. He’s never been a manager, always a head coach. It’s a jump in responsibility for him. “

“Surprised at the length of the deal but fair play to him, he must have impressed . Can’t see them getting anywhere near the Prem but probably will stay in championship. “

“They sacked Jokanovic for HIM??? “

“His record post the 2016 season is truly awful. I hope he does well but it is hard to see what owners look at before making an appointment. “

“He’s done awful in his last 2 managerial roles. “

“Made some money out of management since taking over Johnsons side that was already in the jpt final and on a great run and in the top 10 of league one with a very strong squad.
Paid off by Leeds and hibs landed the youth job at blades now landed a long contract as manager. Fair play to the bloke but he’s dining out on that 2016 season still. Got a decent squad at Bramhall Lane should be above where they are. Will he go back to his famous 451 which he played at oakwell when conor left Leeds and hibs.”

“That’s them down then”

“I suspect this will be his last job in the championship and he won’t last the season.”


“Delighted for him. Didn’t work out up here but had a chance to chat with him once and he was a very clever chap, fantastic football knowledge and spoke well of the club.
Hope he does well. “

“Good luck to them.”

“Had Doidge not missed about 20 chances in Heckys time he’d prob still be here. Now we have Nisbet missing so it will be JR that’s punted next. Small margins is the saying I believe. “

“Pleased for him. Never worked out at Hibs but as said if Doidge had his shooting boots on could have been different. He also had Boyle out for pretty much his whole time at Hibs and we know what a difference that makes to us. I think he was very unlucky to get his jotters”

“I was fortunate along with some others to visit the training centre when sponsorship funded the gps stuff. He was not much longer in charge and you got a bit of a sense of defensiveness but to be fair he fielded and handled the questions well and in details.
what I took from that was – he was intense, a deep thinker of the game. He talked about the importance of fitness and sports science – you’re not an athlete you just won’t be considered down South – so if we want to sell there essential. He also acknowledged it needed to be more that fitness and that psychology has a part to play. He didn’t come out and say a lot of the challengers were in the players heads but I think that’s what he was hinting at”

“Good luck to him.
He had the right ideas but needs to improve his motivational skills. Hopefully the time out has helped”

“We’ve had worse. I think he had a lot of good ideas, I don’t think you take the lead that often without some idea of how to set up a team. Injuries to key players hurt him a lot.”

“Marvin Bartley (who didn’t really get
Much game time with him) says that Hecky was the best coach he’s ever worked with”

“Best coach is a lot different from being a decent Manager. His first signing was Josh Vela (who?) who’s found his level playing for Shrewsbury. He’ll get a good pay off when he’s sacked as he’s got a 4 1/2 year deal! Poor Blades fans.”

“I personally don’t think he’s head coach material and results at Hibs show that. If he’s led Sheffield Utd back to the greed is good league by the end of season 22/23 I’ll happily admit I was wrong.”

“Gutted (as I used to watch The Blades when I was at college there in the early 90s). Given his track record, it’s a poor appointment and definitely a downgrade on Chris Wilder”

“Ask him if we can have a loan of McBurnie “

“Hecky has been given a FOUR and a half year deal. That is crazy in this day and age in that league. Wow.”


“They have sacked double promotion winning, multiple league title winning Slavisa Jokanović’ and appointed a bloke whose best work has done on the back of other managers.
Neil Lennon, Lee Johnson.
And once he gets more influence on a squad it gets worse”

“Can’t imagine their fans are overjoyed. A no ambition appointment for sure.”

“the worst manager in our history”

“Hecky is an appalling manager as his career shows.
He is used to taking clubs backwards (Barnsley were in good form when he arrived and Lee Johnson left to go to Bristol City).
Hibs were in decent form when Neil Lennon left to go to Celtic.
And we hadnt had that bad a season when he arrived either.
The man is a crap manager and all clubs suffered far worse form under him than they had before him.”

“He is statistically one of the worst managers in our history and the fact MB is still using players Hecky couldn’t get a tune out of says it all.
Hate is to strong a word for football but ive never disliked a manager of ours more.
Total fraud.”

“I would take the lemon sucker Wilder over Hecky every day of the year.
Blunts must be on crack”

“What a stupid appointment honestly wtf
There’s some good young managers looking around
Like me.”

“It’ll be like Kes on a crack pipe”

“27% win rate when Heck took over the blunts after Wilder’s dismissal.”

“The Blunts are 16th on 23 points, they certainly could go into free-fall & join their neighbours in League One, although there are probably three teams worse than Heck’s mob”

“.I don’t doubt Heck is a s**t manager but you cannot judge him from his time here, he got a team with Klich banished to Holland, Saiz playing angry and suspended, a team so unfit it was dead by half time, attitude stank, and it seemed everyone had given up. He had no pre season, no chance to bring on his own players, no time to establish any youth and he probably knew he’d be gone in 3 months …I know I couldn’t work under those circumstances but he at least got us fitter and a touch more cohesive… That post Christmas LUFC was probably the lowest point for the club since relegation to Lg 1 …”

“Surprised Man U didn’t look to snap him up.”

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