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“Utterly awful game”

“That was a relegation performance. Thought Puscas was great, majority of the others piss poor. No shape, no urgency, no tactics. Swift worse game for weeks”

“Well that was awful. What has happened to our midfield? Feels like Ejaria and Swift have been completely neutralised. “

an example of really poor management this evening, arguably a sackable offence. To not change systems or personnel until the 90 minute mark when we have been completely anonymous up front is largely unforgivable.”

“To be honest, that was a fair result, we played better in the 2nd half, but yet again the subs were too late.”

“The team looks absolutely clueless. It’s pass pass pass trick hope something might miraculously just happen for us.
At least it was just amusingly dire.”

“We’re down for sure, who motivated them tonight? They were just walking around as Utd ran everywhere and pressed hard”

“Look at how Sheffield Utd play it out from the back compared to us lol.
What we need is to play ourselves every week”.

“Now that’s a game I would definitely not pay to see”

“Sheff United had it so so easy at the back. No pressure at all. Walking their way to the half way line every time. “

“Very disappointing to end up losing out and not even getting a point against a very average Sheffield United side in a scrappy nothing game”

“Sheffield United were fine, but Reading spent 90 minutes doing just about nothing. No ideas or invention, no real chances…and no goals.”

“Unimpressed with Sheffield United”

“we’ve just lost to the worst Sheff Utd team in years…”

“Not a lot in tonight’s game and we’re just edged out. Most importantly we send our best wishes to John Fleck and pray for a very speedy recovery”

“Never looked like we were going to score at any point. Sheffield United not too much better but did enough to get all three points.
All thoughts with John Fleck too”

“Sheff Utd were dull and solid and that’s all they needed to be. Thoughts with John Fleck – one of the scarier things I’ve seen at a football match.”

“Most importantly Fleck is ok as far as we can tell for now – thoughts and prayers with him for his ongoing recovery and career.”

“Result aside i hope Fleck makes a full recovery”

“I hope Fleck is ok”

“Must say fair play to the ref for spotting it immediately and getting the right team over straight away”

“Good work from the Sheff U player getting straight in and restraining him and making sure he was in recovery position too.”

By Roy

6 thoughts on “View From Reading”
  1. Great respect shown from the Reading fans….top supporters and wishing them all the best for the rest of the season

  2. Don’t worry, Reading won’t be going down. Tactical mistakes surely won’t be repeated. Two sides who’ll be meeting next season. Average level at best. Thanks for Fleck concern.

  3. Thanks for your support of John Fleck.
    You will turn your season around as I think we will.
    I Actually had a great night out …apart from the JF incident.
    Great chat after with a few Reading supporters who were kind (got the beers in) and talked good footie talk

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