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A Sky Sports Friday Night Football special is next up, at rustic Bramall Lane,“If Sheffield United were a beer they would be…Stones Bitter. Old, long established and bitter. You can’t quite believe it’s still around as you thought it was retired long ago. Yet, there it is.”

“This game is quite frankly enormous.”

“We’re about one win more than the other teams up there away from being right in the mix. We may as well make it this one.
We have to go into these no marks like caged tigers and tear them to pieces”

“I agree-we should approach this as if we are going to win 4:0.
Might as well start getting our one off game face on because this is exactly the sort of team we will face in the plays offs if we make it so it might as well start now!”

“T’Blades are a decent enough side but when I look through their team there’s not a single player I’d want to swap for our starting XI.”

“Forest to crush the Forest rejects”

“Sheffield Wotsit haven’t conceded for 5 games at Bumhole Lane, they’ll concede against Forest “

“Think they’re a bit flattered by their recent results, no reason we can’t go and win.”

“Saw them play Blackburn the other week and they should’ve lost tbh. The thing that worries me is that they are one of those teams that like a tackle and are in your face.
If we are allowed to play with a strong ref I fancy our chances. That’s a big if mind. I think we’ll be done by the pulls and snide fouls that go unpunished.
On the other hand, we have Cooper and I trust him to tweak us enough to combat this. “

“Get the mentality right and we can definitely win this one. It will be very tough, and it is crucial that we get at least parity in the middle of the park.”

“No doubting this is going to be a tough one.
A point would not be the end of the world but I fancy we can nick all three.”

“This will be a hard game, but Forest can win it.
It will likely be scrappy early doors in midfield, but getting the ball wide and stretching their defence with pace should yield results.”

“Bramall Lane tends to be a graveyard for Forest-I’ve visited many times and only seen Forest win
once(2-1 in 2004).
A draw would be a good result here.”

“Will be happy with a point “

“I’d take a draw here. As long as we keep winning at home, and turn over the bottom half teams away, we’ll keep rising up the table.
I expect to see Blades in the top 6 come May, so any points off them is a bonus for me. “

“You’d have to take a draw beforehand, but if we could win it would massively increase our playoff chances. If we’re up for it, it should at least be a good game.”

“Would 100% take a point here”

“They rested a few players at Millwall with matches against us and Boro in mind. Backfired a bit.
They haven’t conceded at home for a ridiculous amount of time. 7 matches now I think. I’m going with a bore draw.”

“Not a ‘must win’ but feels very much like a ‘must not lose’.”

“I have faith in our winnable run in matches, but we still cannot afford to lose this. If we approach with the same mentality as at Preston, and we will lose.”

“They were clever against us in our home match with them, played a deep defensive and wide line, completely killed the Johnson/Spence threat.
Playing at home they might be more expansive which could open up potential counter opportunities for us.
Still, would take a draw.”

“Anyone hoping for a point. Needs to go and drink a cup of Steve Coopers courage brew.
Two nil to the famous team. “

“They’ll be as worried about the result as much as we are as will most likely be looking to nullify Spence and Johnson down our right side by doubling up, with this in mind if he’s fit, it might be an idea to bring Mighty Mighten on early second half if it’s still level to give them something else to worry about down the other side, if anything, it may free up Johnson?”

“One thing you can etch in stone.
This will be 10x tougher than Bristol titty.”

“I flip between quite liking these and really hating them.
Love Billy Sharp- he’s a proper footballer and a great bloke (and he hates Derby).
My first live match was a drab nil nil between Spurs (my uncle is a fan) and these in the away end at Bramhall Lane- my vivid memories were the volume of the blades fans, the Spurs love for Erik the Viking Thorsvedt and being surrounded by beer and piss rolling down the terraces (no seats in those days)
Anyway- enough unsolicited opinions and memories- we’ll win this by the odd goal and continue our March to the playoffs.”

“Not one mention of Sheffield United‘s (possibly) only celebrity-fan, Sean Bean?
Forest to kill-off his team, just like he seems to get killed off in everything he’s ever been in (apart from Ronin, but I was in that, so there’s some balance)”

By Roy

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  1. Are these Forest fans or pigs from Swillsborough? Hard to tell, both think they are massive and equally aa delusional 🤣🤣

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