“2-1 loss against a team with some premier league quality while being down to 10. If the red never happens we get a result. We will be fine”

“They are a good side and I’m not despondent losing there tonight”

“thought sheffield pretty much controlled the game well, it would have been easy for them to go ‘gung ho’ and feck it up but they passed the ball around well and made good use of the extra man, that said we defended well after that second goal but still no taking away they were two ‘easy’ goals that could/should have been defended better”

“Be amazed if Berge is still there by the end of the window”

” Ahmehodzic Should be in the Prem right now. Will be for sure next year”

” He never stopped all game up and down. Seemed decent in possession, too. “

“He was the best I’ve seen this season by some distance “

“A little mention for McAtee. I thought he was different class, tbh. They’ve got some player there mind. “

“I thought Sheff Utd were really good. Berge is great, of course, but they have a number of players who can really make a difference from midfield. Norwood was good, as usual.
I think that someone will get at them in defence and I would have to say that c.£24m for Rhiann Brewster has got to win the Griggy Award for Pissing It Up a Wall.”

“They’re a very good side at this division and we held our own away from home down to ten men for 50 minutes. We’ve got nothing to worry about. Again proud as punch”

“They played us with ten players for most of it but we still competed and made it hard for them. They’ll be top 6 so with a couple of decent signings I don’t see why we can’t aim high this season.”

“We have held our own against the so called better teams in this league. I’m confident that we’ll be absolutely fine. What I didn’t expect are the absolute garbage officials.”

“Ref was a total homer for me. 5 bookings and sending off (deserved) versus 1 booking?”

“We played an hour with 10 men, away at a top 6 side, and we lost by 1 goal. We were the better side 11 v 11.”

“11 against 11 different game , but happy with commitment from the 10 who finished the game .”

“We looked the better team tonight before the sending off and Sheff Utd couldn’t break us down with 10 men”.

“Sheffield were decent but nothing more and us being down to 10 flattered them as when it was 11 v 11 they couldn’t handle us. “

“Sheff Utd were average, never threatened till we had 10 men. I spoke to a United fan after who thinks they deserved 5 or 6 and another who thought we were a good team and thinks we are one of the better sides in the league”

“I’d be worried if I was a Sheff Utd fan when they could barely beat a newly promoted side when we had 10 men and 2 key players were out. For all Sky fawned over them we made a lot of blocks from chances outside the box and their best chance aside front the goal was a deflection.”

“Balls to Sheff Utd, they were nothing great and won by default.
I’d rather have our team than theirs. “

“If we had had 11 men on the pitch in confident we would have won this.
Sheffield Utd are nothing special.”

“Unlucky but their star wankothon man of the match should have been booked.
That’s if he was the one that shoulder charged our players spine out of play late on.”

“Tbf I think tonight shows we aren’t too far away from the standard. “

“Its not a poor league mind. Full of recent PL sides. We’ve done well though.”

“Another tight game and night in the championship bar the leaders getting scudded 3-0 at reading
there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in this league , with a first choice 11 out there for safc”

“We more than matched them before the red and arguments can be made that we were the better side.
After the red they had more ball and still didn’t create an awful loads of clear cut chances. The attitude was superb as the second half went on, no one was a passenger at all and they were delighted to hear the final whistle which is testament to the lads.”

“Think we’ve genuinely looked better than all the 4 teams we’ve played against so far. Good omen and when it all shakes out come the end of the season we’ll be top half.”

“I reckon top 6 is well within our capability, we will get better and better as the season progresses.”

“Was the final score 5-0 ? Sky making it out like was a one sided slaughter Sheff Utd player this and that”

“Heckinbottom is a knob. Can’t stand his face. “

” 2nd time this season onien could have been sent off already. “

“Looked worse every time I seen it . Love a good hard tackle me and often thought cats got booked for fair but hard tackles . O Nien’s though are often no where near the ball and dangerous/high .”

By Roy

7 thoughts on “View From Sunderland”
  1. Fantastic support for two very good teams. Three well taken goals. Both teams could be up there at the end of the season

  2. Impressed with the Sunderland team and fans, was a much closer first half than the pundits were saying, the sending off was 💯 and sparked us to actually use the ball. Sunderland defended and caused problems for the whole 97 minutes, they will surprise a lot of teams and will finish the season top half comfortably

  3. Some of the usual comical comments from so called fans, get over it, you lost, 10 men or 12 you wouldn’t have won. Watch it back and see if your of the same opinion. I still think you’ll do well, but not promotion this year.

  4. Confusion and delusion seemed abundant amongst this lot. The odd recognition that Berge is quality, and one or two other obvious positive comments couldn’t disguise their opinion that they are entitled to win points simply by being Sunderland. At least we are grounded and know what we are and what we’re capable of. We currently have a half decent squad that could, if we apply ourselves, make a real effort of achieving automatic promotion. We now have pace and variety, so few excuses for not having a good to great season.
    All round, good recruitment this season, and the buzz around the supporters is completely justified. Let’s hope we can continue in the same vein. UTMB!!!

  5. Won by default , my arse we did , big fish , big crowds means fuckall are you Wendy in disguise deluded twats

  6. I’d said before that he’d get sent off, He’s a liability, Leaving you with 10 men…..Whilst youve got players like that Keep Shut!

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