“We can catch these. I know they are smashing everyone at the moment but our away form is outrageous”

“We’re the only club bar Burnley and Sheff Utd unbeaten in the last 5… SO YEAH We’re going the fk up!”

“difficult game this but I fancy a 2-1 win”

“Kind of game where we could defy the odds, we’ve done it before.”

“Away form excellent…. overall form 7/10…. lets spoil their weekend…”

“We’re controlling games and once we can turn that into better chances we’re in good stead imo.”

“Just imagine a 5-3 though.”

“Free hit almost at a very good Sheffield United side then its consecutive home games and we’ve got to get a win then. Oscar on fire, 6 unbeaten. We’ve definitely improved”

“Tough game, but fancy we might get a point, playing away seems to suit us better, so here hoping for a good result.”

“Toughest game of the season, no doubt. Will need to be at our best and them to have an off day if we’re to get anything. Their forum (hiya over there by the way, we know you’re watching to see if we’re saying any nasty things) weren’t happy with their second half display against Stoke so it’s possible”

“Never known city tickets to be in demand as much as sheff united away on friday “

“Not looked forward to an away game as much for ages. Think every man and his dog seem to be going”

“At 9.45pm on Friday Twitter could be a whole different place. If it goes all Pete Tong we’ll have fans demanding a refund”

“Hate everything about these skanky ****s.”

“They’re worse than TWS
Horrible club with horrible fans.
Hope we **** their weekend up”

“Ironically I live in Sheffield now. Even the Wednesday fans think the same. Ah well we all need someone to look down on.”

“Play your strongest 11 Liam from the start. Let the ****s know they’re in a game. 2 things I remember about these ****ers…seeing a young City lad take a smack in the face on Bramhall Lane at the cup game when the bogs were flooded. And me aged about 10 getting my head nearly ripped off by a **** reaching over the plywood fence between Bunkers and the East stand away end.
1-2. Pigs slaughtered by Tigers.”

“Probably toughest away game for a while, big crowd, good atmosphere and plenty from city there. I’ve a personal vendetta against these, when I was 11 years old my dad got me the brand new city scarf, I wore it with pride got bus from Bransholme, a massive gang of Sheffield Utd fans walking past the bus stop as I got off with my mates, one grabbed my scarf from around my neck said I’ll have that and off it went into the distance. I’ve looked for him ever since and I will be doing the same again on Friday. I still remember his ugly face so I’m hoping he hasn’t changed, mind you it was 47 years ago however if he’s reading this I am still looking and eventually I will find him. Come on City.”

“Do you have a ‘particular set of skills’? “

“The same thing happened to me jb in 1975 or 76..and i have hated them ****s ever since…..so come on city do it for me and jb !!!! And not forgetting Norman b!!!!!”

“Always remember been jumped by about 10 of them near Calvert lane after we had beaten them think 3-1 approx 1980. Ended up hit with a rock or something. They where flat track bullies for too long until city’s lads got wise and all met in New York Bar to walk down together. Different that day for sure. Not really involved in aggro as such but was pleased to see the bastards get a bit back that day. Not encouraging violence at football.”

“Unbelievable! Same thing happened to me around 1987-8, gang of blunts fans knicked my scarf leaving Bramall Lane after a dull 0:0 draw. The gang offered very bravely to fight me for it, there being 5 of them and one of me. I told them if they wanted it that much they could have it. I can only presume that there are hundreds of city scarfs somewhere in South Yorkshire. “

“First team in the early 80s I came across whose crew attacked pensioners and children. I was one of them outside the North stand. Hated the scum ever since.”

“Early 80’s, City v Sheff U at home, walking towards Boothferry Park, from Cod, near the roundabout. We ( mate and me) saw a couple of Sheff Utd nick a scarf off a couple of young kids and slap them across the head, a few yards in front of us. We chased after them and they both ran in to a little sweetshop just past the roundabout and slammed the door shut. We managed to get the door open eventually and the sweetshop owner said they’d both jumped over the counter, ran through the back and out of the back door, leaving the City scarf on the floor. Even recently outside Bramall Lane near the away turnstiles I witnessed a bloke, must have been 40’s, offering a young City fan out, guess he was about 16 and calling him all kinds of a Hull c***t etc, I don’t wear colours, and stepped in ‘I’m from Hull, pick on me’ and this fella looked at me startled , turned, and scarped. I kid you not.”

“Well hard mate”

“I’m not your mate.”

“Not particularly bothered about them. Can understand the older lot (which is most on here tbf) not liking them very much due to clashes on and off the pitch in the 70s and 80s though. “

By Roy

5 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Hull”
  1. Those old boys really should have been talking about Keith Edwards, & those games he featured in.. Tbf, the football back then was more of a tag team, mixed martial arts game with the football dropping out of orbit sometimes.. Thatcher was driving wrecking balls through the social fabric of the country..most people felt cheated, but they remembered some petty scarf snatching between gangs of kids?..40yrs of Hell. 😉

  2. its strange how you hull supporters forget that your sick supporters threw bottles at our disabled supporters yet you ack and speak like your little angels.

  3. Unbelievable comments from a few on here. That happened to us all at one point at some away game everywhere back then. Very bitter. Anyway,as it’s a football site,let’s talk about football. In theory we should beat you easily,as we have the last few games. We aren’t at our best so you have a chance. If we hit form again tonight,you don’t. I wouldn’t be shocked with a draw though,doing well away it seems. Difference with us these days is we can grind a result out,which is what you have to do if you’re going for promotion and not playing well. We miss McBurnie and Sharpy isn’t what he once was for 90 minutes,but Jebbinson looks more mature these days and I’m backing him to score a brace. 3-1, but could be wrong. Anyway to finish,if you want your scarf back I’m outside the cricketers at 7:30 😂😂😂

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