“This has the makings of a cracker.
Our unreal home form v their very impressive away record. Both teams put their bodies on the line defensively and have serious goal threats.
A proper blood & thunder cup tie and the Racecourse will be bouncing for this one. Can’t wait.”

“It’s a great draw. Big club, a proper club, brilliant away support and they gave us one of the best players I’ve ever seen play for Wrexham in the majestic Mike Lake.”

“The Blades are a fantastic club, bags of history and massive support this is an excellent draw for us.”

“If you don’t get a top 4 then this is as good as it gets, Sheffield United at home in the 4th round”

“Fantastic draw with a great chance of getting through.”

“struggling to see how you can’t excited about this. Been playing the likes of Wealdstone, Maidstone and Woking at home for years and now we get someone like Sheffield United? Sign me up.
Always be nice to get one of the big boys but as said, this is next best for me. They seem excited about it, should be a good atmosphere in town, can’t wait.
Who knows, maybe another upset, could end up with a trip to Bramall Lane.”

“Id rather them than a smaller Prem team like Brentford or Fulham”

“They are essentially a Prem team in my mind anyway, they are bigger than quite a few teams in there at the moment.”

“It’s a home draw & they’re a big club. Yes a big 6 side would be better but I’d rather have these than 70% of the other teams in the draw.”

“Bizarrely they seem more excited about this tie than we are.A few doing their homework already realising we aren’t just another NL team.
It’s a bit of a shame the cat is out of the bag and they are likely to show us much more respect than Coventry did. (They were warned).Then again, they are from Yorkshire so they ain’t the brightest.
We will give them a game regardless how they approach the tie”

“These will be a different animal to Coventry, one glance at their squad tells me that they can rest a lot of first teamers and still field a top side. Sander Berge didn’t even start for them in the last ronund and has been linked to a litter of big clubs.
It’s the FA Cup though, if we make the game as physical as possible and try to disrupt them getting into a rhythm we can nick it off a set piece. Much stranger things have happened in this competition. As I said before too, the Fifth Round is on a midweek so we wouldn’t be moving yet another league game.”

“Good team Sheffield United seen them play a few times on tv be very tough, at least it’s at home so always a chance.”

“it’ll be great to play a class side which the Blades clearly are.”

“Think they will have a bit too much quality for us but it should be a good game.”

“I think their quality will shine late on in the game, but we’ll go toe to toe with them for the majority of it”

“If they defend our set pieces properly then they’ll beat us, if they don’t prepare and just assume their football will beat us then we’ve every chance. We’ve been nigh on unbeatable at home for a year now.”

“they’ll be concentrating on their own league to ensure promotion back to the Premier League – the FA cup will be a free hit for them too – however they don’t score much, don’t concede much either, but it is a cup game and one live on telly, they’ve got nothing to gain we’ve got nothing to lose – so I’m going for a ridiculous 2-1 Wrecsam, why not, its the FA Cup – anything can happen, and we’re not the average non-league minnows!”

“Utd will be told to keep the ball on the pitch in their own half. Anything to avoid giving Tozer the opportunity. Forde has been a real attacking threat in the last two games winning throws high up the pitch. Shame that Mendy won’t be doing the same but McFadz had a much better game going forwards last night.
Expect them to focus on stopping Hayden through fair means or foul. He’ll be blocked, pulled, double marked, tugged, stepped on, farted on…basically anything to stop him getting on the end of those Tozer throws. It will take a brave ref to give a penalty but don’t be surprised if we are awarded one.”

“I cannot see us losing at home.”

“if the team want extra motivation they should visit their message board, more arrogance than even Coventry.
Sheffield United are doing the same as Coventry in underestimating us and disrespecting our history as probably the greatest giant killers of the FA Cup.”

“Pretty underwhelming draw. If you get to the fourth round you want one of the big guns really. First 3rd round appearance in 8 years and first 4th round appearance in 23 years and we’ve had Coventry followed by Sheffield Utd. I can’t be alone in having hoped for more. “

“Haven’t we come a long way when fans are disappointed with us drawing Sheffield United in the FA Cup”

“Not the best draw we could of got tbf, the smaller club in Steeltown , for huge city their support is only good if doing okay, which they are at mo otherwise bang average, squad depth not great, if they rest 5 players we will do em at home..horrible club whose Risk supporters don’t like us either it seems after being humiliated in Portugal according to a few fans chat columns !!”

“Sheffield Utd placed under a transfer embargo whilst Wigan have been asked to deposit a bond with the EFL as they cannot be trusted to pay player wages. Two of the countless clubs spending more then they can afford.”

“Absolutely shocking that clubs can just decide not to pay what they owe to another member club. A transfer embargo is not punishment enough”

“should have the book thrown at them”

“Who is the club who Sheffield United owe the transfer fee to ?
Absolutely shocking that clubs can just decide not to pay what they owe to another member club. A transfer embargo is not punishment enough”

“Don’t know why their fans are complaining about tickets. If the tie was at Bramall Lane they would all stay at home to watch it on TV “because its only Wrexham” while we take 5,000 across the Pennines”

“Seem to remember their fans were very loud in the away end back in 2004 so be nice to outsing them this time”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Wrexham”
  1. Complaining about not getting a big 6 club. You can only sell the tickets you are allocated , we’ve sold out the allocation. Would a top 6 club have been allocated more tickets ? NO ! Take the money and suck it !

  2. Unbelievable! 2 Bob non league club saying they are disappointed in drawing us!! Smaller club in steel city!! 28/29/3k every home game,sell out every away game whilst the blue lot are 20 odd yrs out of the premier league!! The arrogance of having a Hollywood owner speaks volumes. Was cheering em on at Coventry,now hope we batter em. Had some horrible trips there in the past,dark dingy town. Except em to kick lumps out of Ndiaye and Jebbinson. Wasn’t bothered if we’d lost at millwall last time out,this time I want to win,distraction though it is to bigger goal. And as for Portugal!! 😂😂😂 what a load of xxxx,Welsh fairy tales,they wish 😂😂😂

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