“I almost had a heart attack watching that. One of the most entertaining games of football I’ve ever seen.”

“Devastated. “

“I know some people aren’t into the stats, but we had an XG of 3.45 and they had 0.91. Incredible for the difference in levels.
Shouldn’t feel like this, but devastated. Had em on the ropes.
Jurgen Klopp got criticised for questioning replays the other week and he’s right. Our chance to beat them was tonight now in 10 days at their place when they know what they’re coming up against”

“i cant spake i cant spake. voice totally gone. unbelievable performance. some special players here.”

“Who cares about the money made, just enjoyable we are competing again against the big boys”

“Wow what a performance from
the team, just goes to show we can perform with the bigger teams”

“What a team we have. To come up against a team pushing for promotion to the Premiership and be gutted to come away with a draw, says a hell of a lot.”

“Been a long time since I have felt this good about being a Wrexham fan regardless of the disappointment today”

“Never been more proud of a Wrexham side in over 40 years of watching”

“Should have won it though – clear penalty for me and an unfortunate miss from Dalby.”

“I didn’t think I’d say this before the game but “we was robbed!””

“We totally battered them all second half. Some side.”

“making a top tier championship side look like a bang average national league team. The better team got robbed. Multiple penalty shoutouts missed but still confused about that red.”

“We just battered and played off the park SheffieldUnited who will be a prem side next year”

“The 2 things we didn’t want to happen did happen – a draw and injuries to key players. “

“What a game, fantastic effort from the lads and one of the best atmospheres for a long time it’s just a shame it was the worst possible result.”

“Amazing performance, gutted we got a replay though. “

“We competed and were the better side in large parts. Gutted about the late equaliser but every player on the pitch were outstanding. I feared the worst after the early goal and then losing two players.
Looking forward to visiting Bramell Lane for the replay!”

“Incredible performance, incredible team. Incredible performance from Mullin.. I fear we may well be receiving bids before the window is done.
We were so unlucky, we really should have seen that game out. Worst possible outcome is a replay, another game to play. A game where we’ll have to put so much in to. I never want us to lose but I’d rather of lost than took a replay where the chances of winning there will be extremely slim. In to the hat anyhow & unreal proud of how far we have come. “

“That felt like a loss leaving the ground. Support tremendous, team performance brilliant. Sheff Utd looked a poor team and their support were very quiet. No extra time or pegs in the replay please”

“Might have to go on twitter and read fans of other teams fuming about Ryan Reynolds getting too much screen time just to cheer myself up.”

By Roy

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