“Wrexham looked Sheffield dead in the eyes and went to war. A soon to be Premier League club had to take the lads to extra time in a replay to be victorious. Damn proud”

“I’m so proud of the lads tonight. We put in a performance tonight and we took a top championship to the last minute. Every single player put in a performance tonight.”

“Excellent effort against a Championship team.”

“To take a team of Sheff Utds quality all the way to end is a credit to them.”

“Done in by two fast counter attacks in the dying embers. We made a great account for ourselves, I thought before the first game I’d just be happy if we didn’t embarrass ourselves but I didn’t expect performances like those against a top two Chmapionship side.”

“Great performance after looking like we might be embarrassed after 20 mins. My head’s in a spin now and there is no way I’ll get to sleep tonight. Well done lads.”

“We made 7 changes and nearly beat them. If we don’t lose our 2 main defender’s 1st leg they would be out of the cup”

“The fact our 2nd string were holding the strongest side Sheff Utd, a side who will be in the PL next season, could have put out is utterly insane”

“how SU are where they are in the championship I’ve no idea, seemed completely bang average.”

.”3-1 flatters them.”

“Sheffield United fans celebrating like they’ve won the league against a 5 division clu
Absolutely rattled them tonight. Proud”

“I got the impression that the Manager and Stuart McColl were highly charged towards the end. Strange that they could be so rattled.”

“How have a team 2nd in the championship flying high, probably playing PL football next season been rattled so much by a non league team so much”

“Hope spurs absolutely spit roast them.”

“Wrexham is what’s trending not Sheffield United… hollow but yet a great showing”

“Can’t wait to get to The Racecourse now on Saturday, something very special is happening at this football club, no question we were the better team in the second half
Thought everyone played a blinder, you can’t really legislate for individual errors, Mendy I thought was particularly outstanding tonight
Proud is very much the byword after the two performances against a team way above our current standing, their post match reaction especially Sharpe simply smacks of relief”

” I am fuming with that a—hole Billy Sharp’s and his comments at the end of what was a great advert for the National League and the FA Cup hopefully the FA will look at it and and fine him for bringing the game into disrepute

“Billy Sharp bitter as flip it’s taken a team 180 minutes to beat a side 3 leagues below them hahaha”

“He’s been a massive tosser his whole career.”

“Oh dear what loser of a person he is.”

“Him and the Nigerian con artist will be perfect for each other”.

“Didnt like it up em did they and Billy Sharp proved it with that daft interview”

“shows just how much they feared us and how we rattled them.”

“In a way it’s a mark of respect how rattled he was.”

“Someone nicked the jam out of his donut. What a scunthorpe.”

“Billy Sharp has done nothing his career apart from a few good seasons”

“I’ve suddenly become a Middlesbrough and Luton fan in minutes. Classless interview”

By Roy

17 thoughts on “View From Wrexham”
  1. Pathetic comments from a lot of bad losers. Do you have anything apart from a long throw? Apparently not. Look at the match stats and then look how many players we had missing including first choice keeper. You’re only in the news because of your ‘famous’ owner but what happens when he gets bored in a year or two, which he undoubtedly will. You’re a non-league team, deal with it

  2. Who do they think they are , really hope NOTTS COUNTY finish above them , Hollywood my feckin arse , bring on the Spurs ….

  3. all you are is a mickey mouse club on the back of ryan reynolds yes you play well but sour losers we dominated the game from start to finish youve only one player mullen soon as he went off well what can i say and the team went out to you wasnt our first team as some as youre fans thought

  4. Well done Wrexham, best away support at the lane for years, pity it was spoiled by the odd idiots who threw the flares and those who kept the ball from being thrown back.

  5. Poor ref gives a bad decision. Never a penalty and without that we would have been away and gone. Manager and Tozer need to look in the mirror but a good side and I wish them well for the rest of the season.

  6. I think you lot ought to look up the word “rattled” in a dictionary. We won with ease with a bench full of academy graduates on less money that your clubs lowest earner. There’s a reason we’re 2nd in championship, and that’s because we want promotion, who really cares about conference league Wrexham- the none league Man City, buying their success. Take it back a few years when you had less fans at a home match than you took tonight, all for the glory. If it wasn’t for the blatant cheating, and simply the disinterest in facing fairy tale Wrexham, you’d not have even got this far. Pay for promotion and you might get some recognition in a few years. Paul million is just a shit Billy sharp. He will continue living rent free in your heads. Otherwise, enjoy your documentary, and enjoy your journey home sheep shaggers x

  7. Haha sore losers , how can you nearly win ? Billy Sharp spoke the absolute truth , Wrexham were so up their own arses they deserved all they got , wanted to wish them well but reading the bitter comments they can jog on , don’t get too big for your own boots , doesn’t suit you 😂

  8. I can’t stop laughing at this! 😂😂
    How’s a 3-1 defeat nearly beating United? 😂😂😂
    Lost 3-1. Even the ref on your side didn’t help your case did it? 2 penalties out of the job and you still didn’t do it. Embarrassing really. Not to mention the blatant hand ball penalty the blades were denied.

    I would have actually praised Wrexham for their successful cup run and their decent defending and the support from their fans. I love to see little clubs doing well…but….
    After the disrespect and unprofessionalism show towards United, I don’t think I’ll bother.

    Players shouting things in the tunnel 😂 it just proves what an unprofessional level the club is all round really doesn’t it.

  9. With a decent ref and better finishing on our part we would have walked that game 5-0. They need to come down to earth hump it and lump it side . Parkinson no idea how to get teams playing decent football . Feel sorry for Wrexham fans having to watch that every week . Probably ok in pub league it works for Wednesday .

  10. Maybe the money that Ryan Reynolds bribed the ref with ran out at the 90th minute because as soon as he stopped cheating the Blades started playing football could have been 10-0 without the corruption.

  11. I thought Wrexham played really well, should have won the first game and could have won the second if the penalty had gone in. We have shown we don’t give up and that’s a good sign. We played well first half but Mullin,Tozer long throws and the other tall forward that came on gave us a lot of problems. We need to finish better and shoot more!

  12. Billy Sharp has done nothing his whole career😂😂😂😂😂🙈 the most stupid comment I’ve EVER read in one of these posts. Have a look in the record books mate. Couldn’t beat 10 men first time round on an allotment of a pitch. We beat 12 last night. The worst referee at Bramall Lane in many a year. Saying that,good luck for the rest of the season,can see you in leg one in 2 seasons

  13. Not getting into slagging match with Wrexham fans and this handbag war of words is pathetic and unprofessional. Billy should have just talked about the game and Wrexham players should not have sent messages to Spurs, that’s it. Wrexham SHOULD be proud, the two games were very entertaining and it doesn’t matter about the positions of the clubs, that’s what it does and is a brilliant advert for the F.A.cup. Good luck for the rest of the season.

  14. The person that said they had seven players out and beat our strongest side should get their facts right we had nowhere near our strongest side out foderiingham,bogle , fleck, mcburnie,baldock just to name a few were all missing.

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