“our record at Bramall Lane like many away grounds is poor. If we set up not to lose we will probably get hammered like last season but as we seem to be stronger away from the defence might we set up to attack them and perhaps get a shock result…it does happen but will RM have the bottle to do something different? We are not going to win games by defending in depth with this team as we will concede silly goals…have the courage to attack and score goals…perhaps they will have a player sent off early doors giving us an advantage such as that at Sunderland…
Not confident,,,could be a three or four nil defeat here..”

“Sheffield United will be a big threat from corners , they play good football , are very good on the break “

“They have firm no nonsense play our defenders could learn a lot from
We could do with players like Egan and Basham
As a team they will put a foot in but also play a lot of possession football”

“We’ll give Sharp chances, he’s a clever player and a fox in the box, worrying.”

“Brewster and McBurnie amongst the goals.
It could be our biggest defeat since we lost 5-1 when Dave Bassett was manager and Deane and Agana were among the goals.”

“will be supporting the lads but can only see 1 winner satureday they are on a roll we are degected and low on morale”

“Watching them play against Wrexham their fast attacks down the wings are likely to tear our defense to pieces.
They also do not give up attacking until the last whistle has blown which is another area our weakness could be exploited.
This game is going to need some major improvements in our defense to take advantage of our own attacking ability when we go forward with pace.
It could be a high scoring game.”

“Opposition lose the ball and Blades go fast and direct
Hope we are prepared for this come Saturday “

“What angers me on the insistence of playing the possession game no matter what.
All teams have to do is wait and pounce .
Sheffield Utd will.”

“They won’t allow us to play a possession game so have to attack when we can and defend like Trojans”

“They did in first game allowed us possession and waited for a breakaway in the 90 minute to score with only their 3rd shot on target.”

“Teams that don’t obsess with possession ,wait for mistake and then strike fast “

“Could be a hammering or a great response.”

“Judging by some of the reports on the Wrexham game, it sounds like Sheffield have a few short-fuse players. Be worth getting in their faces”

“Didn’t really see that there appears some resentment from the Sheffield players about what was said by Wrexham players and management they were also very disappointed with the ref and his decisions ,
For me they look a pretty decent down to earth set of players”

“I don’t think our defence will keep a clean sheet.
So I’m going 1 – 5 to the swans”

By Roy

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