“Bold attempt and plenty of character from Swansea throughout but Sheff Utd the superior side.
It’s quite apparent this Swans side have hit a ceiling in what they can produce at this level, with clear limitations.”

“We had a go in fairness”

“Beaten by a much better side again.”

“men against boys since 10 mins.”

“I better not hear from RM that this wasn’t a 3-0 game because it absolutely has been, we have only looked dangerous outside of the first 5-10 mins when Sheff Utd took their foot off the gas.!”

“The fact Sheff Uyd just strolled to a 3-0 win without breaking a sweat says it all. They could have won 5/6-0 if they really wanted to. Was men against boys”

“we probably deserved to lose 4-0 if they hadn’t sat back and taken their foot off the gas and let us have 58% possession where we couldn’t hurt them.”

“I would not have felt hard done by if we had lost by 5 or 6.”

“Same league but absolute worlds apart from teams like that. We’re an utter shambles.”

“Worrying difference in us and prem teams that have come down”

“i knew from the start that this match would end in defeat but I didn’t expect to lose this much”

“You’ll find better defences in Sunday League than ours”

“No words how do we get outplayed in the midfield like that”

“difference between investment is the only reason. if you say otherwise you are lost”

“We are an awful side”

“Wrexham managed to do quite well against these over 2 games”

“Sheffield Utd could have probably scored more than three if they had wanted to. But what gets me is that they don’t look like a Premier league side in waiting although them & Burnley are pretty much nailed on to go up, which speaks volumes of how bad we really are. For god’s sake, Wrexham gave them a tougher game in midweek.”

“Appalling! We can’t compete at all. Absolutely no chance of making the play offs.”

“It’s what we all expected isn’t it. No real point getting excited. This is what happens when you play as an over inflated ego-driven narcssistic novice manager demands.
Today I expected a full misery day.”

“Someone talk me through the benefits of this high risk football we play.
I could understand if we drew players towards us exposing their midfield and allowing us to attack with pace. But we don’t (can’t) do that so it’s pointless but it’s the same every week.”

“Well we are the bestest team because we had more of the ball so there”

“Better team for the first ten minutes innit”

“If you can’t pass don’t try to play a passing game”

“What’s this jerk of a manager got to do, to get the sack??”

“Billy sharp, this man seems to be around since football started”

“18 million for McBurnie, a player with 19 goals in 118 appearances for Sheffield still laughing. nearly a million for every goal but definitely worth now he’s scored against the swans”

“Mccunting socks”

“He’d still be in a swans shirt if the owners had some ambition, investment is everything in this league. Feel sorry for the players and russ you can tell they’re trying”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Swansea”
  1. Great passing team Swansea, but no end product. Look at your Stats, 65% to them, but not in our 18yd box. Just goes to show, Stats don’t win games, goals do. We were far superior team in & around your 18yd box.

  2. At last a team with no sour comments.the ref spoiling the game today.plus your nu.ber 3 rolling about like he had run into Gemma Collins every tackle lol .

  3. Hello and welcome to Jazz Club… Niiiice, and… Great!
    Tonight, Jeffery James Jefferson on the troubador. Upping the ante, Upping The Blades!
    From the top!

  4. Actually thought you looked a nice footballing side,passed the ball about really well which shows with your possession just lacking cutting edge in final 3rd,not many teams come to the lane and get anything.

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