“with injured players seemingly returning, coupled with a new centre back partnership that appears to be more solid, there is renewed hope of a play-off push. Nevertheless, Sheffiled United away will be a tough nut to crack.”

“Can go to Sheffield confident we can get something. No reason at all we can’t go on a run now”

“can’t be a better time to be playing Sheff U, who are going through a blip at the moment.”

“Sheffield United away will be an interesting test for Slaven Bilic, because Rob Edwards beat them easily.”

“Some of our worst performances have been against sides we (on paper) are expected to beat. Mentality is key, not only for Saturday but March for me anyway, will probably determine if we finish sixth or above, or top half afloat of the playoffs. Nobody really “fears” playing us, because Bilic has no system. He’s running out of time to find one, and the players’ themselves are running out of games to prevent costly errors that have happened far to often this season.”

“People were saying a month ago about us about to have a really tough run of games, but looking back, thats not really true.?
Our bunch have proven for years now that we ay our best against “decent footballing teams” but we tend to crash and burn against the (technically) poorer teams. Millwall did the double on us, we nearly did the double on Burnley.
This is the watford way. It also proves that one of our biggest faults is “we don’t like it up us Mr Mainwaring.!”
We just don’t do “battle” or tough stuff…
Wouldn’t surprise me if we got a draw on Saturday….. 0-3 at HT, 4-4.
Oh OK, so 0-0…”

“A draw here would be good…and clearly achievable……no defensive cock ups please……”

“As much as I would love us to continue Sheff Utd’s blip in form right now, I cannot see it. We are still making silly mistakes in games and throwing silly goals, and we would have to play a defensive master class to keep them out. Sure, they are not playing well but they are still a very good side this season. We know how Watford end a side’s poor run, so it could be a very bad afternoon in that respect.I think we can nick a point and a welcome clean sheet.”

“Think we’ll struggle”

“Hope we lose.”

“Must win game. Real 9 pointer.”

“Now that we have reached the magical 50 points, the players can fully relax. Maybe time to experiment with youth and play some tunes with the formation”

“I don’t know why but whenever I see Enda Stevens name I read it is Edna Stevens.
Anyway, unsure which way this will go but Billy Sharp is bound to score against us.”

“Ref is the Luton supporter from Bournemouth!
We have had him before this season and won though”

“My wife and I lived in Sheffield for four years (1974 – 1978) and thought it was a great place – friendly people, good pubs (especially the Springvale Tavern) and lovely countryside all around,
We used to go to Watford away matches at placed like Halifax and Barnsley. Sometimes we would meet up with Johnny Todd Sings. Nothing but good memories, but I still hope we hammer them.”

“LovedDarius Henderson when he was here. Good player and scored a few goals.
Robert Page was a good captain and a solid defender. Cannot take away his love for the club.
Steve Kabba was beyond levels of bad, thankfully wasn’t here very long.
Danny Webber, one of the few ex-players I managed to actually speak to once. He was one of those loanes from Man Utd when we seemed to be a club to develop their youngsters (RIP Davies). Solid, scored a few and quite liked. I remember when he scored one goal at the Vic he went straight to the disabled section of the fans and celebrated with them – heart warming to see that.”

“I get annoyed when people call Sheffield United just Sheffield, I can only imagine how annoying Blades fans find it!”

By Roy

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