“Sheffield Utd. Just lost three in a row?
Who you gonna call?
Never fear, Watford are here to bring any such run to an end.”

“Shows why they are going up and we won’t.”

“And that’s the difference. I don’t think they are otherwise any better than us. In fact, in all other regards, we are better. But if we can’t put the ball in the net… Ultimately, that’s all that matters.”

“Dreadful game of football between two average sides. Winner coming due to a typical Watfordy moment involving an unmarked corner kick and some comedy from Bachmann and Porteous. Sheff Utd just about deserved it, we offered next to little and still contrived to miss ANOTHER OPEN GOAL right at the death. I know this was a tough game today, but Sheff Utd were hardly all that for most of the game. We gave our usual present of handing a struggling side three points.”

“I’m sure any Sheffield fans are wondering how we are not near the bottom. No shots on target no threat from us and very passive approach to the game, an easy win for them in the end”

“I’ve officially given up with this season, we’re just an uninspiring side. Don’t really create much, pretty boring to watch, a few players giving less than 100%. Bored and tired of it now. Boro lose, we have a chance to beat someone else above us and we fumble it again, just can’t string any wins together and now we don’t even have the excuse of injuries any more. I give up with the optimism.”

“Defensively, teams cut through us with ease.
In attack, we’re ponderous, don’t have a plan and rarely create clever overloads or guilt edge opportunities that don’t come through a lucky bounce or defensive mistake.
Bilic is trash and needs to go.
Maybe we’re not a good enough side to get promoted, but we’re a far better side than we’re seeing, and with a full strength side the excuses have run out.
We look lost. “

“Bilic out and let’s rebuild for next season.”

“Bilic has to go surely?”

“A very narrow 1-0 defeat away at the side 2nd in the table is surely not what’s going to be final nail in the coffin for Bilic?!
If we fail to win one of our next two it could well be a different matter though.”

“I thought we were ‘ok’ . Probably one of our better performances this season in all honesty, considering the opposition . We moved the ball a bit quicker in the first half and had a few decent chances . Louza made a difference but clearly needs to get himself back to fitness . Didn’t really create anything second half. Our final ball wasn’t good enough”.

“I get that people react emotionally to a defeat, but I’m finding it hard to be annoyed after that. We lost a very even game by a scrappy and unlucky own goal, and how we didn’t score at least once I’ll never know, especially in that scramble at the end, the ball would just not fall our way.”

“Overall not too disappointed about today as it was always going to be one of the tougher fixtures this season, we created chances again and were on top until Louzas sub.”

“That was a pretty even game overall and a fairly decent away performance.
But we lack a decent striker who can finish, and they had a bit more threat from set-pieces.
Porteous has been excellent since joining, but that was bloomin 5hite for their goal – Bachmann was about to collect the ball and he rushes across to scuff what should be a simple clearance behind him to put it in the net. Still, can’t only blame him as the whole team for whatever reason repeatedly left them with a free man at the back post from set-pieces.
We created a fair few chances, but still lack the players to finish them off. This should have been solved in January.”

“The putting of the ball in the net, I don’t have that much of a problem with, but the uncontested far-post header, and not the first, was appalling. Whoever was supposed to be on McBirnie left him totally untracked and nobody went to sort it out, the ball was put in a very dangerous area, and it was put over the line in confused efforts to defend. But should never have been allowed to get the ball in there. It really was shocking.
They had a lot of joy playing to the far post, something that must be worked on at London Colney. “

“That’s our most difficult remaining game of the season – I don’t think we were that bad overall and if we keep playing like that we still have a good chance for the playoffs.”

“Enjoyable game even though we lost. The scrattiest of scratty goals too.
I thought we played pretty well although neither Ken nor Pedro contributed that much this week.
I had the Sheffield United commentary watching and every time a decision went against them or they misplaced a pass, there was a big explosion of disappointed air from them. Pffffffffff! Probably the best one was when that free kick of theirs got smacked straight into the wall. PFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!
I was really hoping we’d score after a series of catastrophic errors from their defence so I could hear the explosions reach their crescendo.”

“we had about four opportunities from that last minute corner and fluffed every one of them”

“Commentators waffling on about how much pace we have – hasn’t been too noticeable today “

“Bilic going for the clear penalty excuse. I didn’t think it warranted a pen in real time, Davis should have been stronger”

“Was never a penalty in a million years.”

“I didn’t even know about this supposed penalty until my dad mentioned it when I called him on the way away from Brammal Lane. Complete non-event in the away end and would be hard pressed to even guess when it happened.”

“I caught 11 pigeons on the pitch today who probably would’ve done better than our lot managed”

“Next week’s Brammal Lane burgers…”

“Wouldn’t be the first winger on the pitch to have died today”

By Roy

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