“FA Cup and we’re playing Sheffield, Wednesday.
Not Sheffield Wednesday, we’re playing Sheffield ON Wednesday. macarons…”

“And here endeth our cup run. “

“Won’t be easy but we should have enough to win with resting a few key players as well”

“Still don’t think we should take this one for granted. They’re 2nd in the Championship and we’ve seen what happens when we take these games for granted.”

“Be interesting to see the team Sheffield United put out – currently 2nd in Championship and getting promotion to PL would be massive, more so than progress in FA Cup – next natch away to 4th placed Blackburn, and although they have a bit of a points lead they certainly wouldn’t want to lose.”

“This will be really tough, we cannot afford to rotate too many players”

“Very important match and we must put out a strong team. There will be some rested but it should not be many as we need to not have a team not used to playing together.”

“just rotate a few players that need a rest and make sure we get through.”

“Keep the strong back line. Introduce Porro with the support of Romero, as we are going to need him. Davies, not Perisic, Jayden Bogle will smoke Perisic, he’s probably their best player.”

“They will be a bigger threat than Preston but a whole load of changes were made for that game.”

“I thought we took a chance with the team vs Preston. We need to be just about full strength against this lot.”

“Total change and Sheff sends us out, this is why we never won trophies last decade.”

“Don’t people ever learn?
No changes.”

“Do you lot not remember Boro away last season? Sheffield United is a competitive side.. There’s no reason we should drop Kane for this unless he’s not fit.With the clubs left in the competition, this is arguably Spurs best chance of winning silverware in a long time. I’d be going full strength for this (barring maybe rotating the wingbacks). We can retire important players like Kane early once we take control of the match. This match will be more important in the scope of our season than Wolves this weekend imo. “

“Yeah these are just a bunch of tossers, they will lay down and let us tickle their belly, put the U18’s team out, it’s always worked out well for us in the past. “

“Strongest team possible, same attitude as the Chelsea game. I want us to win this trophy and show no mercy.”

“Any chance we could start with the same team. Blast them out of sight in the first half and then make 5 subs? For once!”

“They will go for this, I’m sure. They have a good enough lead over Boro and silverware + promotion is an historical event, as they aren’t winning that league this season.

We have to treat them with respect, but I’m confident we’ll get a win.”

“They are a confident, progressive team”

“Sheff Utd are well capable of beating us or 0-0 and pens.”

”Keep an eye on Anel Ahmedzovic on Wednesday. 6’5 23 yr old CB. Been great for Sheffield in the Championship this season”

“Norwood is the star man, runs midfield
Ahmedhodzic is a brilliant young CB (perhaps one for us?).
Ndiaye at #10 is their main creative outlet, though McAtee from City looks exciting from the bench too.
A bit like Chelsea, they struggle up front though. Brewster seems to have flopped, McBurnie is their best but not great, and they still wheel out Billy Sharp.”

”Brewster nailed on for a hat trick then?”

“He’s been out injured since October, Wouldn’t rule it out still!”

“In Billy Sharp and Ollie Mcburnie they have two of the most loathsome players in the EFL.
Smash them.”

“Best things to come out of Sheffield in my view…
Arctic Monkeys
Jessica Ennis
Kyle Walker
The snooker
Been there a few times and it’s a bit shit. “

“I’d throw in Heaven 17, The Human League, ABC, Thompson Twins and Cabaret Voltaire in there too, among others.
All the above notwithstanding, I agree with your last comment”.

“Sheffield has millions of Jewelry shops. My ex made me walk round them all, before buying a ring in the first one she went in.”

“I’ve not booked time off work, so will be ‘working’ on the train. Obviously I’ve slotted a few non-existent meetings into my calendar so no one tries to arrange an actual meeting with me.”

“Gutted I can’t get to this. Love Sheffield. Went to the league cup semi a few years back and it was a quality away”

“Isn’t the area from the city centre to Bramall Lane still a bit stabby?”

By Roy

9 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Spurs”
  1. It’s way better than the shit hole you live in muppets .Also some one posted your playing Wendy’s londoners thick as bricks

  2. I think our cup run will end on Wednesday night. Obviously their fans are all upbeat and confident (maybe a touch of arrogance?) I hope we manage to put up a good show and make the game worth watching for the unbiased TV viewers. Let’s not forget, it is the FA Cup and the form book often goes out of the window.

  3. A Londoner calling anywhere “shit”.
    That from a fan who’s team come from a absolute hovel of knife crime an expensive beer that tastes like piss.

  4. Can’t believe you southerners not giving us Blades some respect, calling us belly ticklers. Show some respect you pricks, get up to Yorkshire and see what happens !!! Proper ale up here not wank piss in plastic glasses like your shite !!!! UTFB !!!!

  5. Personally I want to see a medium-strong squad out on the night. Rest the weary. Be formidable regardless.
    Take a cup defeat in our stride and concentrate on Blackburn away – the main event this week in my eyes.
    Billy Sharp will want Spurs dusted down and defeated, and that’s why he’s The Captain, although I doubt he picks the match day eleven 😉 Back in the badly rushed old days of July 2020 United bashed out a 3-1 win at home (I looked it up) versus Tottenham Hotspur, so let’s see something like that 🙂 Up the Blades! Enjoy yourselves 🙂

  6. Wish we were playing the bigger club Arsenal, standby Sheffield for moaning Cockneys who’ve never seen the Peak District, Kelham Island, Dore etc. Hope we send em packing back to South London lol

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