“I honestly cant put into words how angry I am”

“well played Sheff U, wanted it all game long, desire gets you a long way in football”

“Best team won. “

“The players should be ashamed of that shambolic performance . I don’t normally get angry after a game , but trust me , I’m fuming . Another fantastic opportunity meekly given away”

“Much deserved result”

“I don’t recall us having a decent chance.”

“We didn’t deserve to win. Absolutely pathetic. Here goes another trophyless season with the scum in first place”

“4th season running out in 5th round to Norwich, Everton, Boro and Sheff Utd”

“What a pathetic performance. They should be fed on bread and water for a week”

“This isn’t an upset, no matter how the commentators try and spin it as a giant killing, this is exactly what I was expecting from tonight, honestly I can’t even get mad about it, I just laughed at their goal and every pathetic attempt we made to equalise thereafter. “

“Prolly the worst performance I’ve ever seen from Spurs. Sheffield were begging to be beaten yet somehow Spurs spluttered through the game.”

“Lost to a team who didn’t even want to go through”

“Words fail me after that. Only 2 or 3 players at most can say they actually tried. Everyone else was utter dog shit. It also appeared there wasn’t even a plan on how to win the game against Sheff Utds reserves.”

“Spurs B team (Golden boot winner, Brazilian #9, best young RWB in Europe yadda yadda yadda) couldn’t beat Sheff U B team..”

“Sheffield was able to rotate players to save for their promotion battle…….against us.”

“Just another year with no trophy, going out to a Championship “B” team, when only the Manchester teams are left in the competition.”

“They made 8 changes! We had players worth millions on the pitch plus a strong bench. We created nothing all game. So angry just look at that QF line up.”

“Sheffield United aren’t a bad side. They’ll be in the Premier League again next season. We showed them a lack of respect and ended up paying for it.
That being said, we should have won that game with the players who were on the pitch. They’re as guilty as anyone.”

” Sheffield United would’ve thrashed cheslea tonight”

“Sheffield United are a decent team, destined for the PL and deserve respect” .

“I genuinely believe the back 3 Sheffield United put out tonight is better than ours. I really, really do. Good chance their keeper is better than Forster too.
I also believe it could be argued their midfield 3 had better technical ability than Hojbjerg and Sarr.
Add all of the above together and it’s not a massive shock they beat us. They are key positions on the football pitch.”

“Sheffield united second string defence is better than Sanchez and Dier.”

“Swap the back 3 tonight with Sheff Utd’s and we win that game.”

“Dier couldn’t block a toilet “

“sickening that even after bringing all the big guns on Sheffield United are still streets ahead of us.”

“I was worried after Man City and Chelsea that our team was half decent. Thanks to Sheffield Utd for making me realise that yes, we are shit”

“Sheffield won that because they wanted it more. They wanted to win. They defended with their lives. Ours were a disgrace.”

“Best chance to win the fa cup this season and we put in a meek performance against a team we should be smashing to bits
Just top to bottom, board to players, we are losers to a man”

“At no point did we ever look like winning that game.”

“How was their player allowed to dance through our team to score.
Pathetic team pathetic club,”

“Tonight was like being back in the nineties when we were shite and a soft touch for anyone with a bit of fight. To top it all, we play slow, dull, unattractive football; can’t think of too many time we opened up Sheffield Utd tonight.”

“They looked like they thought they’d just show up and win because it was Sheffield. They never learn.”

“Wrexham gave them a fair sterner test in the last round than we did tonight. F*cking Wrexham.”

“Sheffield is a ground we have a poor record at, and a team flying high in the Championship on a wet Wednesday night in front of a vocal crowd.
We never learn and got what we deserved tonight.”

“Ndiaying… Ndiaying… Ndead.”

“There is no point in this club existing, my dad’s been supporting this club donkeys years he’s just said that’s the straw that broke the camel’s back.absolutely livid”

” watched that with my 9yo. I said to her “I really don’t mind if you decide to not support Spurs anymore you know” I wouldn’t blame her. What is the point? What is the actual point of that club? Pathetic”

“Thats me done for the season,
Totally unacceptable. A great chance blown. AGAIN!”

“Just the glory of top four trophy to play for now”

“Now wecan all to the Beyonce concert instead of watching the FA Cup final”

By Roy

16 thoughts on “View From Spurs”
  1. As a blade, I feared the worst when I saw our starting 11, 8 changes and a youth team player starting and the way you beat Chelsea. Didn’t expect your England center half to be bossed by a 37 yr old who doesn’t play every game. Never felt as if you were going to score at any time though. Big shout out to your support though, brilliant following for a midweek game up here.

  2. At least for once there’s honest comments …we did deserve to win where not a side of prima donna’s where a side who never know when to give up….UTB.

    1. Always liked Spurs from the days of Ricky Villa Waddle and Ozzie Ardilles. Love the new White Hart but they need Pochettino back and give him a long time to get it right.
      My Spurs mate is truly gutted knowing he will never live the Blades win down. UTB

  3. Two very vocal sets of fans gave this game a fantastic atmosphere which lifted us to a strong performance . Felt like we wanted it more. Very enjoyable.

  4. After their pre match slagging of the Blades and Sheffield in particular,they were sent packing back to the knife capital of Europe under Khan .

  5. Sheffield is a non league club, the oldest club in the world.
    It’s Wednesday or United FFS.
    Show some respect.

  6. Always Had Respect for Spurs, But Some of the Comments on Here Disgust me.
    I’ve been Supporting the Blades 67yrs & Never Seen them Win a Trophy, But We Still Support the Blades MORE than we Did 60 yrs Ago….COYRAWW!

  7. I’m a tottenham fan for 60 years and I’ve witnessed some rubbish performances but last night was disturbing levy is only interested in top 4 spot that’s were the money is he’s not interested in Fa cups and this runs through to the manager and players how else can you the difference between the chelsea and Sheffield games the player’s were there to collect their money they put no effort into winning and showed total disrespect to the fans who travelled in support of their team on a miserable winter’s night not to mention the cost Spurs are not a football club anymore their a money making business who spend valuable money on player’s like Richcarlson who’s only shot went closer to a throw in than a goal this says it all

    1. The money men aren’t interested in the FA cup,neither are some players,including by the look of it,90% of the spurs team. I read it’s £800,000 to get to the FA cup QF,and €2.8m if you beat AC Milan. No doubt bonuses related to players. There’s the problem

  8. Chelpping about not winning anything. I’ve watBlades all my life an they’ve never looked like winning a trophy but like the rest, I’m still here watching em.

  9. This View From The Opposition is Golden Gold – One of the best! I’ve never heard “So-and-so couldn’t block a toilet” before so I’m laughing my f*cking ar*e off, what a load of cr*p HAHAHA.
    I really should have gone to the game but me mate supports Spurs so we watched it at a good pub, united again, and we spoke of love and loss, and we did the pub quiz, and he ordered no less than eight jagerbombs after the match, on a school night. He’s a really good guy but going through some tough times with depression following the death of a mutual best friend, and so am I if I’m honest. He’ll be given many chances as he works for the same legendary employers as I do, but this morning I was on time, whereas I’m concerned for my friend’s wellbeing as he didn’t come in on time today. Either way, this lad’s got a good support network of friends with him all the way, but I feel partly responsible for accompanying him through the drinking session.
    Anyway, dem Blades with dat Iliman Ndiaye and Scotty John Fleck are fantastic and surprising a few people ALL the TIME! I’m very proud of this football club. SUFC is a template for healthier football. Up The Blades!

  10. Well done our BLADES, but can’t afford to go to Wembley!!!!🤣🤣🤣 I’m a poor nurse ( well a good nurse on poor wages) please try to lose to Blackburn as my nephews a Rovers fan!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 kidding. COYRAWW!!!!!!!❤️⚔️❤️⚔️❤️⚔️❤️

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