“Can’t wait for Saturday if we  perform like we did on Tuesday”

“Can’t wait for the Sheff Utd game next and I’d wager that is exactly how the players feel too”

“they will not want to play us.”

“Bring that to Ewood against Sheffield United and the impossible may start to look possible!”

“We should not fear Sheffield U on Saturday…go in with confidence!!”

“Beat Sheffield on Saturday to close the gap on 2nd place, and beat them again in a few weeks time to get to Wembley”

“Sheffield will drop out the top two and be replaced with Middlesbrough and Blackburn to beat Sheffield United in the final”

“I’ll only start being positive if we get three points and outplay Sheff United.”

“Sheffield Utd will be the real test to see how much we have really improved. “

“We owe them for the defeat in the first half of the season”

“Sheffield United absolutely battered us at Bramall Lane – one of the few teams that have looked a different class to us this year (the other, realistically, being Burnley). I’d be very surprised if we got anything out of the return fixture, although they are having a little wobble.”

“Beat Sheffield and then maybe we can dream. But I do fear recent exertions with a thread bare squad may be exposed against a physical team like them.”

“Slightly irritated that Sheffield United played the kids against Spurs . Made 8 changes. Maybe they’re scared of us.”

“To me fielding a weakened side is a sign of a worried team. Let’s compound that worry on Saturday”

“It’s no coincidence that the only genuine nailed on starter that Sheffield United had playing  on Wednesday just so happens to be suspended on Saturday. Virus my arse”

By Roy

11 thoughts on “Pre-Match View From Blackburn”
  1. Still moaning about Ahmedhodzic choosing the far bigger club! Why would he want to play infront of 13/14/15 thousand when he can play infront of a full house every home game? Yet another early ko on sky,still bring 4000.Don’t know about resting 8 means we’re worried,just shows our strength in depth. Cup is an afterthought tbf. And to the one numpty it’s SHEFFIELD UNITED NOT SHEFFIELD. Hate these 12:30 ko btw,still that’s the problem with being successful in this division,and the premier league,which I hated on our last visit. Can see a 1-1 tomorrow,not ideal for either I suppose. Btw,Ahmedhodzic is suspended at Reading on Tuesday night too.

    1. Ahmedhodzic could do with a rest – he’s already got us so far.
      Maybe he’ll put a Warnock mask on like Huddersfield fans, and ‘come out of retirement’ 😀
      Basham to cover – who else??? MIGHTY BASH!

  2. I love it when these teams start shouting their mouths off, win or lose we will still be in front of you.Karma is a strange thing

    1. My liege, it is good to hear your royalty words, can you fix the FA Cup final so that the so-called “United Heathens” can prove they are inferior to The Original United – S h e f f i e l d U n i t e d ! Cheers, nice one. Much love, bigups.

  3. Some realistic comments but the Sheff Utd fear us comment must of been wrote by an u9s grassroots footballer , played a weakened side to retain strength and ability to extend the gap on Saturday and kick on the rest of the season not to mention an illness on camp that has forced changes , Blackburn rovers are certainly not a team that the blades fear I would say one of our less worrying games we have got over the hump and the road is looking good infront I would say the changes may have to stay changed on the weekend due to as mentioned the illness ! 2 wins in a row watford and spurs if we play half as good as we did against Tottenham we should win this by a couple of goals ⚔️

  4. Sheffield United? Scared? Of Blackburn? Hahahaha. Our ‘blip’ lasted 2 games, yours has lasted 1/4 a season. You lot are possibly the worst team I’ve seen at bramall lane this season, we won comfortably against Watford, then we spanked spurs without any interest of even going to the QF, with 8 players resting and our manager in the stands. How can we go from beating spurs, to being scared of a team we’ve already beaten easily that are much lower in the table? Give your heads a wobble

  5. Welcome Back John Fleck!
    And Keep Ye Uppie, yound Lion, Skilliman Ndaiye. We are blessed and so are they.
    Up the Blades!
    Captain Blade have a word wi yerself, ont’ ale too much – reyt belly on ‘im 😉

  6. I am a blade now for 67 years and think this will be tough game. Blackburn will be pumped from the cup win over Leicester.
    Blackburn will start well and might lead but the Blades will wear them down in the second half

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