“I would say our best performance of the season”

“How is the team we beat today second in the league? looks bang average, nothing special about this team. Choked on my coffee when they brought on Sharp (they are seriously desperate), we should have brought on Shearer.
All we need a plan and and a team who’s willing to fight for one another to beat this lot. Overrated bunch. Glad to send them packing.”

“Considering the thrashing received at their place where didn’t muster a shot on goal and rarely got out of our half that was a huge psychological boost for the fa cup tie.”

“Great performance today, thought we were really up for it! Looks like we’ve got right and spirit back which is great! Great goal as well, thought we deserved to score another and thought we did well to keep them at bay. we seems to have clicked really well as a side with the football JDT wants to play. Much better transitioning from defence through midfield now.
Sheff Utd a bunch of dirty c***s, ref was poor letting them away with a lot. Couldn’t believe the one on Pickering didn’t even get a booking. Was right Infront of me, he went studs up straight down Pickering’s shin.”

“They’ve been a dirty side for a few years now and that manifested itself again today when they knew the game was up.”

“What a detestable team SU are. Thugs. I will leave it at that but I so want them to miss out on promotion, In the hope that it will mess them up big time including financially.”

“not just a Thoroughly Complete Performance.
It was in the face of A lot of Sh*thousery !
Especially the Rough house, aptly named ‘ Basham ‘”

“They really lost their cool as the game went on. “

“For me, Sheffield United ARE the dirtiest team in this league bar none. I agree 2 should have been sent off today(and at least one in the home tie with Spurs which I watched on t.v.). “

“Says a lot about a team when their managers needs to stand in the stands for 3 games.”

“Sheff Utd bottling promotion again. Great performance. Like watching a different team. Tank them in the cup also.”

“If we take it a game at a time there’s no reason we can’t secure a play-off place, and if we can beat Sheff Utd again in the cup that could be a huge psychological bonus if they end up getting caught by Boro who are a different beast at the moment.”

“Well, well, well… Six points off Sheffield United who were out of sight not that long ago. They’ll be getting the jitters, now!”

“SU have Reading next week, then a few tough games coming up. Luton (h), Sunderland (a), Norwich (a)… And erm Wigan… But then Burnley (a). On paper they have easier final games than us.
Looking at the fixtures for us, SU and Boro I can’t see us challenging for the automatics, but play offs are looking good if JDT and the team can keep it up.”

“Make no mistake Sheffield United are right up there for a reason – a very good side with aggression and a touch of nastiness (ridiculous they finished up with 11 still on the field). “

“Sheffield weren’t dirty, they got stuck in which is what you’d expect them to in a promotion clash. This isn’t a league for fancy dans. They’re a good footballing team and had an excellent spell in the first half and looked a very good side. We could easily have conceded at least 2. The cup tie will be tough and they’ll be out for revenge but today was a day to celebrate a great win not whinge about the opposition “

“cracking game that,both sides getting stuck in and giving it to each other,extremely pleased that jdt has ditched the walking football and got us playing with passion,got to admit from those stinking performances earlier in the season,i did`nt think we were going to get any better and i had wrote the season off”

“It’s astonishing that anyone could say Sheffield were poor. They played us off the park for 30 minutes and we could not have complained if we’d been trailing at half time. We deserved the win but let’s not dismiss a quality side that is in the top 2 for a reason “

“They showed why they are top two in the first half, but they also showed why it isn’t done and dusted in the second half. “

“Sheff Utd could be 9 points ahead of us if they win their game in hand. Boro don’t look like slowing down either.
I am still smarting over the disasters that were Wigan and Cardiff away. Those games should have both been wins”

By Roy

2 thoughts on “View From Blackburn”
  1. I thought it was a poor performance from us today and I think the lack of attacking options is hurting us. McAtee and Doyle have to start as bringing them on to chase a game is pointless given they could be getting us into a better position by starting. Blackburn did what they had to today, no complaints about the result as they got themselves in front and made sure they stayed in front. My only gripe is the amount of time wasting that went on, frustrating to say the least.

    1. Their lad layed out near touchline on 86 nowt happens , emergency in crowd , waiting for game to re start then 4th official says 5 mins Et 🙄 first time I’ve ever witnessed that ffs

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