“A brilliant advert for Championship football.”

“Just got home, cracking game of football, we really put it to them. 3-2 flatters them massively as we were all over them for large parts of the game”

“A cracking game of football which we edged at the death.”

“It seemed to me that a few of their players thought they just had to turn up, showboat and take the 3 points home. So many good performances from Wall today.”

“They are dogshit, second in the table, laughable. “

“They’ll probably go up, pass and move from box to box very quickly. They’re far from dogshit.”

“Burke looked quality and caused Sheffield a whole lot of grief.”

“Best I’ve seen us play in ages. Great to shut the sheff utd fans up, who was quite loud when they got singing in all honesty. Few of theirs had some fisticuffs with the stewerds, no idea what started it but it was swiftly dealt with.”

“They were quiet until the equalised each time. Think there arsehole has gone a bit after recent results. Losing to little od Millwall won’t fix that.”

“their players looked crestfallen at full time and another visiting manager not giving us any credit.”

” another moan from Heckingbottom:“We’d shown everything we said we’re about – the character, determination and drive. We were on the front foot and that’s how we want to play.
Well it just wasnt good enogh was it? And you were not in the game in the first half mate”

“I’ve always hated Sheffields 2nd team. And their poxy little fireworks display was all in vein.. wankers.”

“Made the Nigels pathetic effort look good. They;ve changed as a fanbase, used to always turn out and carried few divs with them. They;d be well suited to the premier.”

“The ref was a joke, before our first goal, Fleming turned his man in the box and was hauled down, a 100% penalty and the clown waved play on, there were two other good shouts for penalties both involving Cooper, i am sure the Refs have been told not to award a penalty for Cooper because inthe last three games we should have had four.”

By Roy

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