Here I take a look at how some of players and staff who helped The Blades to 9th place in the 2019/20 Premier League season are faring today…

Coventry Fans Views On Simon Moore

“Robins may well tell Moore he’s free to find a new club.”

“Simon Moore will never play for us again after that and I’m glad.”

“Really is a pity that Moore has turned into the goalkeeping version of a cat that pisses on the floor”

“I’m still astonished as to Moore’s decline since last season, he was one of the outstanding performers in 21/22.”

“You could also argue Simon Moore cost us 7 points in those first 4 games”

“Moore let some soft goals in at the end of last season which was glossed over but his errors against Sunderland, Millwall and Hull probably cost us 7 points.”

“The fine margins against Millwall and Hull was Simon Moore playing like a pitch invader.”

“Simon Moore shoulders a lot of blame for those early results”

“No way we’d be in the position we are in if Moore continued starting.”

“Not a ba player, but we need better than those him if we are to progress.”

Portsmouth Fans Views On Kieron Freeman

“last season when played, Freeman never let us down”

“Obviously not match fit”

“injury prone”

“Been frozen out for months.”

“Swanson is still raw, but a better option than Freeman.”

“anyone who thinks that we have had a ready made right back sat there and not being used in Freeman needs to watch last nights game. He was mediocre at centre back, went to right back and was just plain sh!te”

“Freeman as sub must be scraping the barrel.”

“Happy to let him go”

Stoke Fans Views On Phil Jagielka

“Player of the season”

“for a 40yr old to still be playing regularly at this level, ultimate respect to him. a good all round central defender for us and I believe its his calmness and captainship that has helped bring out the best of Wilmot & Fox in the process.
A true professional who whilst not necessarily being the best player we’ve had this season, or the leading scorer, or anything fancy like that, he has been a model of consistency & the genuine leader we’ve been lacking since Relegation. Jagielka has been that good all round player who quietly gets on with his job and has never let us down. ”

“Keep Jags next season”

“I don’t see why we wouldn’t re-sign Jagielka, Featuring regularly. Decent as squad players. Jagielka isn’t injury prone. He wont do better than us and can offer something to the squad.

“Stoke should give Jagielka managers job so he can get prepared for when he leads us in a few years time to top 6 in PL”

“Jagielka has been excellent”

“He would have been a hell of a player in his pomp, and you can see how MON and Neil talk about him that he’s about as good as you’ll get as a pro. “

“He’s decent at worst in this league. Shouldn’t feature more than once a week but is typically solid when he plays. All squads need experienced players and if we got rid, we’d only go and replace him with someone like Flint.”

“Should be captain”

“Who needs a Rolls when you have a Jag?”

“Jagielka is a car crash.”

Luton Fans Views On Luke Freeman

“Not going to lie though, whilst I’d obviously never wish injury on a Luton player, I don’t think Freeman will be that much of a miss, certainly not compared to other players”

“He gives us a different option but he doesn’t get in our starting 11.”

“Think he was brought in to replace Snodgrass but it hasn’t quite worked out for me. Doesn’t have the leadership ability of Snodgrass, nor the dead ball expertise”

“Dont think Freeman works in our side”

“He’s got great skills & he’s a valued part of our squad, in my opinion.”

“he’s been great from what i’ve seen of him, great agility and vision. moves the play forward for us very well”

“No deny he has quality but don’t think he fits into our current system”

Rangers Fans Views On John Lundstram

“Lundstram has played over 90 games for Rangers. Truth is, he was great for no more than 10…..which granted were very important. Took a bit of stick for that opinion last season. He is absolutely honking.”

“When Lundstram first signed for Rangers he was utter pish for months, he’s been utter pish this whole season. For the wages he’s on that’s simply not good enough”

“Is there a player to have dropped off so much ever at Rangers than John Lundstram? Unrecognisable compared to what we seen last year”

“That 4/5 month spell Lundstram had last season really sold us all a fake reality cos my god he’s getting worse every time he plays. If anyone wants him in the summer, that should be the quickest n easiest yes we have”

“Lundstram scored that goal against Leipzig and basically retired”

“he’s absolutely torturous to watch these days. “

“Swear he awful In almost every single away game in the League”

“How painful is it watching Lundstram ”

“John Lundstram has become the Joey Barton tribute act we never wanted. Sloppy touches, failed attempts to out muscle opponents, wild self-protective tackles… stinking.”

“Everything breaks down at Lundstram. “

“I don’t think he is that bad, I think he’s just not what we need right now. He is incredibly defensively minded which is exactly what we needed on last years UEFA League run against team if that standard, break up play and recycle but just now we need first thought to be attack.”

Derby Fans Views On David McGoldrick

“McGoldrick is simply superb. So pleased that he is here for us”

“There have been games of football played this season but at times DM seems to have been playing something quite different. 
A joy to watch.”

“Akin to Paul McGrath – we may not have him for long but we’re loving it while we do and we’re watching someone who is consistently delivering wow performances .. with a ram on his chest!!! “

“Got to be our player if the year this season, he’s been on another level.”

“what a signing he’s been. “

“We’ve had some great (consistent) performances in the side but he’s the stand out.  If we hadn’t had him….. “

“He’s an absolute joke at this level”

“He’s two moves ahead of everyone else. I bet he’s brilliant at chess. “

“He is our talisman, the match winner. Easily the most experienced and skilful player we have. I am glad he came to us.”

“ If Rooney had even played to half the level McGoldrick currently is when we resumed after the covid break, we would never have been close to relegation. 
Never expected this much quality from McGoldrick though. Ridiculous.”

“if Hourihane is a cheat code McGoldrick is a Game Genie. “

Watford Fans Views On Chris Wilder

“I’ve always thought Wilder was a bit of a pr*ck in the way he comes across.
He went up in my estimation for his honesty and candidness about the players at Luton, then right back down when he put his name to that stupid rallying call email the club put out.
Bin him in the summer and let’s see what woefully inexperienced/ill-fitting/uninspiring/overrated coach we get next time. “

“It’s hard to judge Wilder. But if you are to be fair, he has to be judged under the same terms as Bilic and Edwards. If those are the rules to judge him by, then he’s clearly failing. But the problems are the players have pretty much downed tools since he’s arrived. “

“I think he was brought in as the Board were concerned that we might miss the POs if Bilic remained. Wilder has achieved that with 5 games still to go. I expect the Board regret replacing Bilic with Wilder, and regret replacing Edwards with Bilic. We’ve had 2 manager splats rather than 2 manager bounces. “

“He has done nothing but fail to impress since he got here. Absolutely no reason to lengthen the relationship. Every reason to curtail it. “

“it’s clear that Wilder is a busted flush at this level.”

“He’s just Aidy Boothroyd but from Sheffield. Had one club where it worked out for him, not a fluke but good circumstances, right place, right time. He won’t be able to repeat it, Boro fans hate for him is a massive indicator.”

“It’s hardly surprising our prima donnas are not going to respect some uncouth, uncultured, fat northerner who looks at deaths door clearly due to poor lifestyle choices. I would have no respect for such a shambolic figure either.
As ever the answer is simple. A stern, suave besuited Italian with buckets of the one thing all Brits lack: panache. “

“There’s really no point in Wilder staying to the bitter end of the season. He’s having no impact and he’s harming his CV. Reach a compromise and let one of the coaches eg Johnson cover til Manga gets his man in the summer.”

“I feel like Wilder is in Hodgson territory. Season over so will see it out miserably, however u desperately want to see a 4th coach this season, just to confirm the absolute madness of the club’s leadership beyond any microbe of doubt. “

By Roy

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