Note: Jake Eastwood (Ross County) and Kyron Gordon (Boreham Wood) haven’t started a league game for their clubs at the time of writing. I also struggled to find much of note about Joe Starbuck (Kidderminster Harriers) , Callum Hiddleston (Guiseley), Miguel Freckletonn Wealdstone), Tom Angell (Bradford Park Avenue), George Broadbent (Boreham Wood) and Zak Brunt (Boreham Wood) , though there is a fairly detailed analysis of the latter here:

Derby Fans Views On Will Osula

“Will Osula’s pace is seriously electric.”

“Can we just take a minute to appreciate the footwork, twist and turns of Didzy and Osula please”

“Osula is so sharp.”

“He don’t half hit the target a lot, does that Will Osula”

“Love Osula. “

“Osula is a proper player, so much potential”

“I am really enjoying watching Osula play football. “

“Love Osula’s enthusiasm, celebrates every goal like its the world cup final”

“Osula is our best player”

“Bring Osula back next season no matter the league”

Forest Green Fans Views On Harry Boyes

“Boyes my man of the match – shame we missed him for so long”

“Boyes in particular was lively”

“He had a decent game at Oxford last weekend too. Hopefully, he can prove that he’s good enough for the level, before 2 weeks I wouldn’t have said so”

“offered nothing”

“How Boyes managed to hit the post rather than the back of the net from 2-3 yards only he will know.”

“I suspect Boyes needs to learn how to fall to the ground more like a sack of spuds and less like Tom Daley !!”

Barrow Fans Views On Harrison Neal

“Harrison Neal man of the match “

“I can’t for the life of me understand why he took off Neal who, for my money, was close to being our best player and is certainly the only midfield player, other than the missing Foley, who tackles properly “

“I thought Neal was wonderful last night too. How many attacks did he break up just by sticking his foot in and coming away with the ball?”

“Harrison Neal is an absolute workhorse making things look easy for his age”

“white is better than foley and neal”

“Tom White is not as good as foley or neal, yes works hard but you need more than that! Different types of midfielders imo. Tom White does the ratting in midfield and keeps it simple where as Foley and Neal can play defence splitting passes”

“neal and foley absolutely boss the midfield”

“Foley must have been some player if he’s still that good in his mid 30s – and credit to Neal who looks every bit as experienced.”

“Harrison Neal had a off night but was probually his first poor game, but worth a starting spot on Saturday even the best don`t always play well”

“Harrison Neal had a bit of a mare really – nearly giving away a goal and a number of misplaced passes”

“Foley, Neal and Gotts are all good midfield players but none of them can control a football or pass it like Rooney.”

Rochdale Fans Views On Femi Seriki

“Was in League Two Team of the Day!”

“Keen on Femi Seriki.”

“Seriki looks good.”

“Bringing Tulloch and Seriki on together just after going 0-1 down has to be the most uninspiring double subtitution in the history of the club “

“Bringing Odoh on for Seriki didn’t really change our shape but it did get us further up the pitch & into dangerous areas”

“we aren’t getting Seriki on the ball enough”

“We need to find a way to get Seriki further forward”

“needs to be returned if we are not playing a wingback formation”

“Not getting in the side so should be sent back”

“Been a 4/10 this season”

“I’ve got a song for you, “One F in Femi, There’s only one F in Femi…….”

Oldham Fans Views On Sydie Peck

“Peck & Chapman was good when we did push further forward. “

“Peck and Chapman are really exciting to watch“

“Peck looks good.”

“solid game in the middle, first half was particularly good”

“did nothing at all”

“close on useless yesterday, making his debut so has excuses”

“was way off the pace.”

“Dont tell them your name, Peck”

Boston Fans Views On Seri Jéan Leroy-Belehouan

“Belehouan was impressive on his full debut”

“Best players we have are Long and Belehouan.”

“Brown x Belehouan = disaster”

“Too lightweight”

“Hope he is back soon”

“Was dreading seeing Denton and Rhead against Ben Pollock and Belehouan. “

Scunthorpe Fans Views On Marcus Dewhurst

“Pulled off some superb saves”

“Dewhurst absolutely shocking!! One cracking save doesn’t make up for the goals he lets in”

“Dewhurst distribution, different class.”

“Brilliant at finding a man”

“not been impressed”

“Don’t want him back next season”

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