“The season is back!!!”

“Do we have to?”

“Can’t say I’ve missed it if I’m being honest.!”

“Me neither. I’m much happier watching at home these days which is sad really”

“After watching us against Olympiacos,I was hoping the season wouldn’t resume”

“Why do they have to spoil it and bring Town games back?”

“Town are back? How depressing”

“The World Cup been such a nice distraction from the sinking mess that is town. Now it’s back it’s like we have to crash back to reality and wade through the shit again. At least we have the transfer window to look forward to. No wait, we’re going to trim again our severely depleted wage budget. Yay”

“All the joy taken out of supporting town this season it’s like the mid 70s pre Mick Buxton and the Wadsworth season”

“Can’t wait for Saturday. UTT”

“have missed it badly… yes even where we are – but we need to stick by the boss and the team… 
Aye ok – we’re certainly not in a great place right now…but ya just never know with the footy – 
Keep the faith – and – COME ON YE TERRIERS !!!! “

“I think we’re in big trouble and 2 really tough games to come back to doesn’t help our cause.”

“A really tough game to come back to followed by another. One win out of the 2 games would be a terrific return.”

“Hard to know what to expect given we’ve had about a month without a game, but if you offered me a point I’d take it”

“everything points to a loss, so hopefully typical Town fashion of days gone by, we can squeak a win (well, snap your arm off for a draw to be fair……….)”

“Can’t see Foderingham having much to do to be honest, but I’m going for a suprise draw anyway. So, Fotheringham’s hard work on the training pitch will pay dividends and Town’s improving trend to continue.”

“Birmingham, Blackpool & Rotherham have come away with points at Bramall lane this season. Infact half the teams that have played there have got something.
It’s going to be tough but they’re far from invincible at home.”

“Only trouble is,all the teams you mention are better than us”

“Yep, they’ve all beaten us this season too.”

“That’s been one of our huge problems this season teams like that taking points from teams like The Blades – It didn’t seem to happen quite so much in seasons gone by… 
Looks like the old adage of “YER ON YOUR OWN” is gonna have to be drilled into the players from Saturday onwards ! “

“A shithouse win like last season please…”

“A slightly later winner though please, perhaps the very last kick”

“Could also be doing without our relegation rivals beating superior opponents like The Blades in a shithousery manner or otherwise – and also teams like The Blunts not shithousing their way to defeat v the same said relegation rivals… 
Cos if not then we could be in the dreaded old… Soapy Bubble Trouble !” 

“Nothing but a mauling here I’m afraid. “

“Fozzy will play ten at the back no shots on target end up losing two or three nil”

“Proper football is back
None of this International nonsense
Six pints beforehand
A ropey pie at half time
And a 3-0 defeat
Bring it on “

By Roy

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