“The top two teams….Burnley and Blades…are breaking away (points and GD) from the pack. The bottom team…Town…is falling away.”

“In our last 3 games we’ve had
39% possession
25% possession
29% possession
Which would be fine if we played on the counter with a threat but we play like the Red Lion”

“Are we going to sit off every single team we play and when we inevitably concede then start putting an effort in? It’s like we stick 11 behind the ball and then try and get something in the second half. The Sheffield United commentator described it as damage limitation, he was right, but it’s the same for every single game.”

“Very very poor. A 10 man defence most of the time and absolutely totally clueless once we went behind. Totally. “

“a team only needs to score once against us, we’re not getting hammered every week and if we didnt have a powder puff attack things would be better, its an old adage i know but we couldnt score in a fkn brothel.”

“Thought second half we were half decent, but I’m
Positive that sheff u realised it was basically game over once they scored”

“We could barely string two passes together, relied on deep defence and long hoofs, and hardly created a chance worthy of the name.
Sheff Utd are better than us, but that does not excuse our extremely poor performance.”

“The only positive is preserving goal difference against a top team.
Today probably wasn’t going to make a huge difference to n our survival but would have been nice to see some glimmers of hope.”

“awful first half and then bossed it second half admittedly without creating enough. If Helik had got that at the end they couldn’t have had any complaints.
Frustrating not to get at least a point against a team at the top.”

“Decent performance given the difference in class. Thought we defended well for the most part against a side with better players all over the field. The players gave everything and that’s all we can ask for, we just don’t have the quality to cause teams problems unfortunately. “

“They weren’t much better if any better than us…”

“They got 3 points we got 0.
Doesn’t matter on ‘didn’t play much better’.”

“For all the crap being spouted Nichols never made a save, the sad thing about this division is that Sheff U are joint top.”

“A draw would have been a fair reflection and no way did we deserve to win it, but can’t say sheff utd deserved to win either.”

“You knew what to expect yesterday, Town playing with 7 defenders, not being able to string 3 passes together in the 1st half, leaving massive gaps between defence & “attack”. Noone can be surprised about our lack of possession, our terrible passing success rate & our 1 shot on target all game. This isn’t a one-off game, it’s how we currently play. I’m not sure if whoever went yesterday deserves a medal or a spell in the loony bin.”

“Disappointment of another defeat aside I can’t believe no one has mentioned how embarrassing their fans were. In 50 years and probably over 1000 games I don’t think I’ve ever come across a worse set of ‘fans’. Over 25,000 of them and they didn’t make any attempt to get behind their side, not a sound from them all game apart from when they scored but silence again straight after.
I know we weren’t much better with ‘we’ve had a shot, we’ve had a shot…’ and ‘how shit must you be…’ and ‘the Town are going down with a fiver in the bank’ etc but we’re bottom of the league, not top and going for the PL. I pity anyone going up this season, the standard is shocking in the Championship.
Absolutely pathetic set of home fans today.”

“only time they made any sound was to sing at the start but we drowned them out and they seemed to stop , made a bit of noise when they scored but beside that if we stopped singing you could of heard a pin drop very poor support for a team up there pushing for promotion. Also for a team up there thought they were pretty poor especially 2nd half.”

“Their support was pathetic. Were you there? We’re bottom of the league and I’d say 80% certain to be relegated. It’s 2 weeks to Christmas and there’s an economic crisis going on. 33 quid a ticket, well over 100 quid for a family. Hoyle, Bromby, Fotheringham and co are lucky there were more than 250 Town fans there. At least those that were there attempted to make some noise. They had their 25000 there and it was as though you were at a funeral.
Forgot to mention they are the latest club to try and manufacture themselves an anthem. ‘You fill up my senses ‘ I think it was that they now play seconds before kick off to try and generate themselves an atmosphere. It failed, miserably. At least we have Smile Awhile which we sing spontaneously, not have it played over the tannoy (which the Town fans did to drown out that drivel on kick off). And we had something along the lines of ‘the world famous Bramhall Lane’ from the announcer as well. Not quite but almost as tin pot as Notts Forest.
If you think that’s the way football should be going then crack on but it’s not for me. “

“I hate all that shit.
Any club song should be spontaneous by the fans not manufactured by the club.”

“atmosphere was strangely subdued for a team at the top of the league. Think they’ve been singing the chip butty song since the 80’s though?”

“I didn’t notice the atmosphere on TV but would imagine that a lot of it was down to what they were watching. It was a dire game which was in the bag for them after 15 minutes. They were probably as bored as I was. Chuck in the cold weather and price charged and I reckon at least 23k of them were wishing they were elsewhere.”

“Fair play to the 1,000 who went. We are rock bottom of the league and dreadful to watch. We have less shots and less of the ball every single game.”

“Yesterday was the second time I’ve boycotted sheff u in recent times. I refuse to pay over £30. It would have been £21 for my student daughter as well.”

“I like Sheff U fans.
Down to earth unlike the blue half of the city.”

By Roy

4 thoughts on “View From Huddersfield”
  1. Well, I’m sorry you paid over £30. New owners I’m afraid. Hopefully all will revert to normal soon. Yes, the atmosphere was dead. It’s been like that only for the last two games, Rotherham and Town. Like me, most Blades don’t want them to go down. You should have been to Burnley, Norwich and Blackpool games – bedlam!! I hope the lad who ran on and prayed will be leniently dealt with. At least he provided some entertainment! The song is always played, we don’t need encouraging honestly.

  2. Fair comments. We made hard work of it. Yes our home support is really poor noise wise and been like it years. Hope Huddersfield stay up.

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