“That was frustrating. 6 points lost to them this season despite us being the better team in both games.
We need a player or two that is able to create a bit of magic in games like tonight cos that’s all that was missing. It’s what won Sheffield Utd the game tonight. We need to be trying to get players like that on loan.”

“we created zero chances, managed to restrict/contain SU for most of the game, although in the second half they stepped it up and should have scored twice. “

“Always the same. Outplay teams and get fucked over as we can’t take chances”

“Undeserved …they’ve been shite”

“Same old tbh and it’s becoming quite frustrating. Played well with the vast majority of play yet I don’t remember us working the keeper once and we lost again! “

“So frustrating watching us dominate game and lose. “

“They have taken six points playing carp in both games. “

“Frustrating performance. We barely created anything. Sheff Utd were very average but had more quality in the final third. Sheff Utd rode their luck, but when they got the chance it was composed and accurate and played with precision. “

“On what I’ve seen of SU this season they will need almost a completely new team. With this team they could probably break the lowest points total.”

“Was about to say much the same. Whilst I hate the result, I think we showed in the 1st half that we would be better suited to the Prem than SU. Even when we faded they could barely string 3 passes together. If you can’t pass well in the Prem you have no chance.”

“on this performance Sheffield will need to spend big otherwise they coming straight back down again… “

“I think they could be as bad as that Derby team that finished on a record low number of points. “

“AgriculturalSheffield United. Straight back down if go up.”

“I mean, we have to be fair, I assume there is some reason they are top two? Four wins in their last five, only exception the defeat to Burnley, concede less than a goal a game. McAtee made a difference when he came on and one real chance and a decent finish, with the type of run where we keep getting done offside or the pass is not quite on the money. We held them to the last 15. “

“Solid win for Sheff Utd there. Bided their time in the first half as we wasted our good play, then took control in the second and their final third quality sealed it.
That’s full game management that we saw tonight imo. “

“People asked how this Sheff United team are second in the division and heading for promotion”
This is why – they find a way to get a result in games like this.”

“They dominated the 2nd half. “

“Teams like Sheff Utd win those sorts of games for fun, we don’t do it often enough”

“We literally did nothing. First half we played ok but only one team in it 2nd half. “

“We have been passive this half, largely as a result of SU raising their game a bit.”

” it’s no fluke , good teams even when not playing well , don’t concede and usually nick one”

“Other teams always score when they are on top
We dont”

“That Ndiaye never stops running does he? Bloke`s a machine. “

“how did Jebbison miss that chance?”

“I really hate how we are treated so differently by referees when we play against the “bigger” clubs. The way in which the time wasting was officiated was a * disgrace. “

“We were punished harshly with the booking for Cornick, they got away with about 5 worse instances of it and he only booked the most blatant booting of the ball away.
Same with the foul by Pring and the foul on Wells. If ones a booking then they both are. Got no problem with us being punished in whatever way a referee sees fit, just want the same to be applied to the opposition. “

” don’t have a problem with Sheff United players doing all they could to get a result. Its just another example of the worst kind of officiating.
I want us to have a few seasons in the prem so that when we come back down we are treated like royalty in comparison to other clubs. It’s a joke..”

By Roy

5 thoughts on “View From Bristol City”
  1. Lot of rose tinted glasses on here .Once we got to grips with there hoof ball and ten men behind the ball in second half only one winner , thought Bristol were poor time wasting and just lumping it down field ,typical Pearson side . I know we were poor but Bristol tactics caused that ,can’t think of one Bristol player who would make our squad as for that Scott lad we have several under 23s better can’t pass or control the ball .

  2. Probably our worst first half of the season against a side that wastes time for fun, Bristol should have had an official on every turnstile giving the United fans £5.00 back at the end for the 30 minutes of football we missed with the time wasting.

  3. Thought we were poor all night, didn’t really get into the game at all. Second half was much better with jimmy Mac on the field created more & made better use of our possession, could have had 2 /3. I thought Brizzle were getting the better of the referee decisions and should have been pulled more, their fans feel hard done to but overall we’re p**s poor & deserved nowt.

  4. Sheffield United time wasting, don’t think so, ok first half we was shite when hecky changed it only one team going to win UTB

  5. The difference in the clubs is the transition from the prem to the champ and back , we can’t change too much to suit the champ having nailed Promotion on or in our hands , completely different style of play in the champ and space is limited even with this team yes we look shit but the games are well managed we slow the game to suit our pace and speed it up when it suits us , and nick the win I suppose it’s the way to get promoted from this league with a full squad managing injury’s , stamina etc we seam to frustrate a lot of teams in this league and yes we don’t look pretty doing it but we know we can turn it on when we want too maybe that’s the key to get out of this league or top 6 at the least ! Best of luck next season to the robins ⚔️

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